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Found 3 results

  1. The first phase of Operation KMA was coming to an end, and it had been a complete success. Eslandolan forces had established a strong presence on Isla de Victoria, preventing Mardier from occupying the island first. The settlement of Fuerte Unido had settlers from all three trade companies and was already a sizable town. And now Capitan Alonzo could relax, if just for a moment, and recognize the job of his troops in finishing so quickly the construction of the actual fort that gives Fuerte Unido its name. They had started with the barracks, but were able to quickly build a fully enclosed compound, with a sizable blockhouse at one end and two small round bastions at the corners flanking the entrance to the fort. Yes, the fort was triangular, the three sides representing Eslandola's three trade companies. The men were already falling into the routine of life in the fort. Wall sentries watched intently for any Mardier incursion. Alonzo and Felipe, his second in command, reviewed one of the platoons. With the fort functional and the town protected, Operation KMA could now move on to its next phase. * * * Additional pics: As always, all C & C welcome!
  2. gedren_y

    Island Rose

    High Priestess Ylsbeth the Starcatcher has commissioned a ship built on behalf of the Crahiash neh Triuri. It was deemed that a fast explorer vessel was needed, so that those faithful to the Triuri could find and protect the Fountain of Youth. This is what the shipbuilders at New Terreli came up with. The flower motif was Ylsbeth's idea. She named her the Island Rose. Captained by Hammish Grei, and crewed only by worshipers of the Triuri, the Island Rose is now fully provisioned and ready to set sail tomorrow. Luca Damser, a recent convert to the Triuri faith, waits just below deck with his musket ready to fire at anyone who doesn't give the password. He pulled one of the short straws, and now must take first shift guarding the ship while the rest of the crew celebrate. The next two shifts have it worse, because they cannot drink at the celebration before coming on duty. When he is relieved, Luca intends to drink enough for all three of them at the celebration. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (Story update) Ever since the event of his ransom, Tolan duBroise is now the captain of the Island Rose. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Lots of detail shots. Just click the thumbnails. Deck and bow: Stern and sails: Dock and water: Hull shots out of the water. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This was an experiment in hull design. Some of the parts were old pieces in colors they never came in, so there's no building this in real bricks. Here's the LDD file, when brickshelf makes it public. The ship is something of a cross between an Italian lanteener, an Italian carrack, and an Arab dhow. She has no 'guns', and carries only provisions and crew.
  3. gedren_y


    Sailors can be a superstitious lot. Even though only a small percentage of them worship the Triuri, seeing that ships blessed in some way by the Crahaish neh Triuri have safer voyages can be convincing. Now one of the nine High Priestesses of the Crahaish neh Triuri. Ylsbeth the Starcatcher, is willing to bless outbound cargo, and the captains of many trade vessels are taking her up on the offer. Each has brought something bound for their final port of call. Ylsbeth makes her blessings on a small patio belonging to one of the more prominent shippers. Her Consort waits with a goblet of holy water, in case her throat becomes dry during the blessings. Each item gets blessed in turn. Captains and crew wait quietly at a distance, not wanting to interrupt the blessings, but ready to retrieve their cargo at a moment's notice. Ylsbeth is happy that so many are beginning to take an interest in the Triuri. She also notices a few of the captains and crew eying her with more physical interest. She doesn't discourage this, but will only be bedding her Consort tonight. Tomorrow, though, may find Ylsbeth dockside. ------------------------------------------------------ Just a quick vig I threw together yesterday.