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Found 2 results

  1. The People of Alnya The Land of Alnya The expansive Isle of Alnya offers a variety of climates ranging from the friendly, lush forests of the native Dwelfs, to the foggy wetlands, and soaring cliffs along the coast where the Adventurers’ Guild is based. The two groups are generally on good terms with the other and usually stay in their respective areas of the isle. The large Adventurers’ guild offers an incredible range of services to the surrounding islands, and even distant lands when clients offer substantial rewards. Besides standard jobs like monster hunting, traveler protection, and mercenary work, the Guild also offers highly skilled herbalists, beast masters, and cartographers. Many come to the Guild looking to gain an apprenticeship and work their way up into the rank of full Adventurer, but this is no easy task and many fail in the attempt. Although, not all those who live near the Guild are constantly seeking blood-chilling adventure, as there is a small community of farmers and various craftsmen who keep the guild well stocked with food and other supplies. One of the biggest crops in the wetlands is rice, but the plentiful fish along the coast make their fisheries quite a lucrative market as well. Dwelfs on the other hand, are usually quite content to stay in their villages, living a simple (yet sometimes mischievous) life. Their favorite pastimes include raising their goats, chickens, dragons, bees and occasionally sheep, finding new uses for herbs, crafting beautiful cottages, and of course eating. Every once in a while they will dabble in the art of mining, but it is not one of their preferred industries. Those who do mine deep often return with peculiar tales of stout, reclusive creatures dwelling under the earth, but no one has been able to confirm these reports, leaving the strange tales shrouded in mystery. Despite these two groups making the Isle their home however, much of it is largely unexplored. There are numerous legends about the uncharted lands, many of which involve great beasts and sometimes even the mention of mysterious people who tower above all they come across. Little interest is expressed in these tales from the Dwelfs, who are quite content to stay in their peaceful villages. The Adventurers’ Guild on the other hand, is eager to scout out the lands, and would probably have done so quite thoroughly already, if there were not kept engaged in their numerous other occupations. As such, the island is not always a safe place: the formidable creatures sometimes venture from their homes in the coastal caves and deep forests of the island, and the strength of such beasts is not easily defeated. 1. Torrel the Beekeeper No one in all of Alnya is as adept at the art of beekeeping as Torrel is. He tends meticulously to his hives, and his honey is held in the highest regard by all the isle. A few have tried unsuccessfully to steal some of his bees, to try and match the quality of his honey and gain a small fortune, but none have succeeded. No one knows exactly what happens to those who try this, but whatever it is, it keeps them from trying twice. 2. Rydel the Hunter Rydel is a light-hearted hunter, who often will poke fun at his apprentices, (or anyone for that matter). However, although he has a healthy sense of humor, he is one of the finest shots in all of the Dwelf forests, and can track almost any animal. 3. Garrek the Goatsman At first sight, Garrek would seem a bit gruff to most people. Although he isn't a jokester like Rydel, the two are very close friends, and will often help each other with various tasks when they can. As Rydel will attest to, Garrek really has a soft heart, especially when it comes to his beloved goats. He has been a goatsman all of his life, and has extensive knowledge about what plants his animals thrive on, and what should be avoided at all costs. 4. Alenia the Dragon Master Alenia is one of the head Dragon Masters among Dwelfs, even though she is relatively young in experience compared to some of the others. An accident early in her dragon taming career left her with only one eye, but she doesn't let it get in her way of achieving her dreams. She loves working with the Nayvnai dragons, and has one she keeps as personal pet, named Frandri, besides the ones she trains for others. 5. Nym the Gardner Nym loves gardens, wild flowers, herbs, trees... anything that grows. He's always ready to explain to you how this plant likes sun with just a little bit of water, while this purple one over here grows best in the shade and with lots of water. Although he takes gardening seriously, that doesn't keep him from enjoying life, and he will often be humming a tune while weeding, or reply with a witty remark when the neighbors pick on his near addiction to gardening. 6. Nyna the Innkeeper "Fresh bread and milk for table 2!" Nyna always has a smile on her face, and is usually bustling around her inn cooking for the next meal, cleaning rooms, tending to customers, or doing whatever else needs to be done. While not the fanciest Inn on Alnya, it's well-known that The Green Goblet (her inn) is near spotless, and the excellent cooking and cheerful service bring a smile to the face of any customer. 7. Tanelia the Minstrel Tanelia is one of Nyna's closest friends, and will often drop in The Green Goblet for a few days, drawing many of the locals to hear the minstrel. There are few songs she doesn't know, and her skillful rendering of them impresses even the royal families. While the royal families have to tried to hire her as a personal minstrel, she prefers to wander Alnya freely, bringing music wherever she goes. 8. Rhalyf the Stable Boy "Rhalyf! Get those stalls mucked, we have more horses to lodge!" Fortunately Rhalyf's amiable disposition is not easily discouraged. Generally he is a very hard worker at the stables, though sometimes his mind does wander to more noble occupations: his dream is to become an Adventurer, Dragon Tamer, Knight, or whatever else enters his mind, really. 9. Goren the Miner Unlike many Dwelfs, Goren is extremely serious - to the point that he has many theories of Goblin invasions (not that he knows what a Goblin is), fire coming from the sky and destroying all of Alnya, and similar such things. However, his work underground provides plenty of metals and gems for which the Dwelfen craftsmen happily put up with his pessimistic attitude. 10. Faelar the Carpenter Wood is the most oft used building material of the dwelfs, and Faelar is a master of carpentry. His workshop is always kept busy making cabinets, furniture, or even shaping larger timbers for houses and barns. Faelar himself is a rather quiet Dwelf, but is never happier than when working on a new project. 11. Jastar the Fisherman It takes a great deal of food to keep the Adventurers' Guild fed, which keeps plenty of farmers and fishermen like Jastar prospering. His fishing boat was built by Faelar, and Jastar is quite proud of its maneuverable qualities. Few fishermen are as successful as Jastar, as his knowledge of the coast allows him to make large catches of fish consistently. 12. Reinhold the Adventurer Reinhold is one of the original members of the Adventurers' Guild, and has vast amounts of experience in many different areas. An expert huntsman and swordsman, he is one of the most respected fighters in the guild, but he is also quite astute and rarely loses his temper. Although it's rare for him to go on expeditions anymore, when Reinhold does leave his administrative position at guild headquarters on an especially challenging expedition, he is usually in charge of a party of Adventurers. 13. Tanja the Falconer While women are not as common as men in the Adventurers' guild, anyone proving their competence can become respected in the guild. Tanja has done just that, and her skills as a falconer are rivaled by very few. Her personal falcon, Bolt, is fierce and agile and can be a deadly force in battle, or as a scout. Tanja and Bolt have an incredible understanding of each other, and have developed their own way of communicating with each other. 14. Jorn the huntsman Jorn the Huntsman has been at the Adventurers' guild for a number of years now, and specializes in hunting dangerous predators. Always serious when on the job, Jorn surprises many with his sense of humor when he isn't on the hunt. Although he isn't one of the younger members of the guild, he can cover ground quickly when needed, and is extraordinarily stealthy. 15. Gurukk the Warrior "Gurukk did not mean to hit so hard." Orcs, like any other race, can enroll in the Adventurers' Guild. Gurukk is surprisingly tender-hearted, though also armed with brute strength and a love for a good fight. Thus practice bouts in the arena sometimes can get a little out of hand. He is still working his way up to attain the full Adventurer rank, but is not someone you want to cross swords with. 16. Okano the Rice Farmer The wetlands along the coast of Alnya where the Adventurers' Guild is located are ideal for growing rice, and as such, it is one of the staple foods of the guild. Okano runs a good sized rice farm, though he once was an apprentice Adventurer before realizing his love for agriculture. Now he is an experienced farmer, and has plenty of tips and techniques to share with anyone looking to improve their own rice fields. 17. Turgan the Guardian Turgan the Guardian is an Adventurer always willing to safeguard caravans, convoys, or even specific people. Fiercely protective, trying to harm any of his charges will likely be the last mistake you make. Any of his friends would gladly recommend his services, as they know his loyalty is unbreakable. 18. Thorsen the Cartographer With all the islands and unexplored lands around Alnya, the services of a cartographer are highly prized. Thorsen is a veteran of the trade, and his maps are worth quite a hefty stack of gold coins. Unlike some map-makers, he is also adept at surviving in the wilds which make his services even more valuable. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- More pictures on Brickbuilt. Whew, it's been too long since I posted something in the guilds! I have some builds already up on other places that I plan on posting here, I just haven't had time to do so recently. I had a lot of fun with these guys, and with developing the Isle of Alnya, though unfortunately I was only able to complete one actual build for it, which I'll be posting here soon. As always, C&C is very welcome
  2. My entry into Category A of the "A Safe Haven" challenge. Allanar Forest on the isle of Alnya is where many of the dwelfs have chosen to live. This is likely due to their love of nature, and the many animals who also make their home there. The dwelfs spend much of their time caring for animals, or training them; even such creatures as dragons are welcomed in their community. Many live in unpretentious cottages, but don’t be mistaken – they are excellent craftsmen, and their homes are held in high regard by even the most skilled architects. "Now don't be scaring my chickens when you feed them, boy!" "Don't worry, Garrek, I can handle throwing out some chicken feed." Rhalyf had been given some time off at the stables during a quiet spell, and Garrek was quick to put him to work feeding the flock of chickens he keeps in addition to his prized goats. Faelar has a simple task today: fixing a section of fence alongside the path. Some lovely mushrooms caught Nym's eye earlier in the week, and today he returned to harvest the ripe ones and dig up one to plant in his own garden. Alenia is working with Frandri in the forest today, and has brought along a treat to reward the young dragon with. Torrel keeps several hives in different places throughout the forest, and as usual is busy checking up on some of them now. Lots more pictures on Brickbuilt. Thanks for looking, comments and criticism welcome