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Found 5 results

  1. The Queen celebrates her birthday on the 25th of December, many guest come to celebrate with her, even the dwarven king of Tondelheim. On this bright moonlit night, many festivities are planned, however the queen isn't very impressed by the jester. Visit the Queen by moonlight by Ids, on Flickr For a better view of the King and Queen: The King of the Hill, over there, somewhere by Ids, on Flickr Some background info, the scene is lit using 6 old 12V train lights, this gives the needed warm light for the scene. For the moonlight I used an old phone as a flashlight (nice white LED light) and for the candle on the table to the right, with the King and Queen, I used an exo-force "Fiber Optics Cable Wide 20L" which runs through the candle, table, and wall behind the figs, there it is lit using another flashlight. The stained glass is build around an old Knights Kingdom panel, which was a bit difficult to incorporate because I did not want to use the piece that is normally used. I used a bunch of animals, can you spot them all. Thanks for looking and I am always happy to hear some comments.
  2. Bricksnaps

    Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

    Hi, I have been working on a few additions to my Fairytale world that I posted in January. One of them is this Cottage that belonged to the 7 dwarves in Snow White. This is my first effort at a 'house/cottage' building and provided a few challenges. I based it on the Disney artwork of the cottage. There is not an interior to it, but I may put a room in it in the back for my daughter to play with. Thanks for looking, there are so many amazing creators out there who build incredible buildings and provide great inspiration and as I started working on this little project, I appreciated their skill an awful lot more. Thanks for looking. martinharrisharrissw-1 by Martin Harris, on Flickr
  3. Hello I think you know it, at the moment is MocAthalon. For the Category Parody this! I took Leonardo da Vinci's painting of the Last Supper as an Archetype. Now it's not Jesus with his followers but Bilbo with Gandalf and the dwarfes: Don't miss all the details you can find on the big picture. You can also find one more picture on MOCpages. Hope you like it. Jonas
  4. The Adventure's of Bombur the dwarf Join Bombur and a group of various other dwarves on their mission to reclaim the Lonely pie. On his journey he will face many evil creatures such as orcs, goblins and giant spiders. Disclaimer: If you are a massive Tolkien fan you must be warned about the content of this comic. It does not fit into the Lord of the Rings timeline and is completely canon!
  5. kabel

    Hollow Lane

    In Southern Mitgardia the forests are lush and the soil is soft. So over the years roads have eaten into the ground creating some hollow lanes, hidden from the eyes of most everyone. They provide a perfect way to travel unseen, but a dumb place to be caught traveling! "Hey, there father Dwarf, where might you be traveling and what do I see in the back of your cart" asked the leader of the free roaming Varlyrian mercinaries as the dwarven ale traders stumble into an uncomfortalbe situation. "Well suh, dunno what you mean!" "Gee, I mean those lovely kegs there! Dwarven ale I assume correctly? I'm sure that I have a much better use of them then those fancy ladies and gentlemen in Mpya Stedor. So why wouldn't you be so kind as to hand them over to me and my friends!" The dwarfes were stunned. Normally humans didn't travel these old roads, and they had been sure not to be molested here on a road that was usually not known to many outsiders. The things weren't right in Mitgardia anymore after this Victor Revolword had started the whole thing. The dwarves looked at each other and were ready to hand over their kegs. They were trapped! Luckily Steen Larsson, on his way to Mpya Stedor, showed up behind them and taught those Varlyrians a bitter lesson: NEVER MESS WITH MITGARDIA!!