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Found 2 results

  1. Just another imagining of Emmett's house from after the events of The Lego Movie 2, in colors of set 70831, (Emmet's Dream House/Rescue Rocket!) but in the style of 10228. (Haunted House) The model opens up like a dollhouse, and lock shut on a technic pin. This flight of fancy is 100% build-able in real bricks, should I ever choose to do so. The black antenna you see on the roof is for the TV inside the house. You may ask: "Why does a Edwardian home have a vintage TV antenna?" Here is the answer: The home is based in the interior decorating styles of the 1950's, but was originally built in 1910's. It was bought as a gutted wreck by Emmet and Lucy a couple years back, and they restored it to it's former glory. (with some mid-'50's-esque additions, of course) On the side of the house is the kitchen door, which leads to the car in the driveway. On the opposite side of the home is the chimney flue, with TV antenna attached at the top. Inside the front door is the living room, with vintage rabbit-eared TV, Planty, a lamp, and Aqua-colored couch. Also on this floor we have the stove / oven unit. Upstairs is the rotary telephone and grandfather clock. The double bed, record player, and a display cabinet are also on this floor. The studs on the new fireplace should have number tiles reading 1914, as that's when the house was built.... and it's 100 years before the original LEGO Movie came out. (The two medium blue posters on the second level should have stickers depicting Emmett & Lucy both as pictures in frames.) The car is inspired by this recent @hachiroku Indiana Jones 4 build as seen here. This car fits in with Emmet's original smart car color-wise, but just a little older style-wise. (Most of the car model is already built from my last model of Emmett's house, but a few parts for the new lower side skirts are still needed.) The rear has a license plate and two (new!) coverings almost fully obscuring the rear wheels, in true early-'50's style. Six new brackets are missing from the car model on the rear bumper. (Two of these pieces in Light Bluish Gray, along with Four of this part in Black are required to finish the car.) The roof is held on by four studs, and is as such removable. I have also included light bluish gray upholstery for the back of the seat, which can fit two people next to each other. (Emmett and Lucy are the most likely occupants, obviously.) LDD file available for the complete house and car at Bricksafe here. Well, what do you think? Comments, questions, and complaints welcome!
  2. Kolonialbeamter

    [LDD Contest] Chateau 'Sans-Nuage-sur-Maine'

    A Dream Home A dream – maybe a bit of a weird dream... Imagine – What would you do if you were eccentric and rich? Maybe you would have an inflatable beverage-providing shark... next to a bar... inside a pool... inside an aquarium... inside a vintage french chateau. And more eccentric stuff. This is my entry for the Digital Design Contest 'Build your dream home'. Chateau 'Sans-Nuage-sur-Maine' is a model I constructed over the last two years, whenever I grew sick of ship building. It's loosely based on famous french chateaus 'Fontainebleau' and 'Vaux-le-Vicomte'. It has a long history and is strongly tied to a maritime tradition of previous generations, as you will see from some details on the inside. The new owner, however, is only partially respecting this heritage, and prefers to do things a little differently... As you will notice from the inside of the remaining (west)wing, the chateau is depicted as a construction site. This is simply to save bricks and be able to show some kind of detailing. Originally it had both wings intact, but no interior whatsoever. Tearing one wing down was a trick, giving me the opportunity to gain roughly 8000 pieces to invest in details. But they were quickly used up. So I made the rest look like a construction site, which makes sense, since a truly eccentric person would, well, screw convention and reside as he pleases But even with only one wing the chateau offers enough space for all kinds of personal projects. In it's current state, however, it hardly features any living facilities, but what the heck, it's already good enough to party! The scene shows the morning after a party, hence there are empty bottles everywhere, there's stuff thrown into the pool, for some reason a pizza on the roof, someone's clearly been messing with the statue... aaand the rider's golden grand sword went missing... I wanted to include minifigs, all hung over and the like, but unfortunately lacked the time to do so. Pictures (click for high resolution, or visit mybrickshelf): Front view, showing the main entrance. Back view, showing the large terrace and the entrance to the garden. Detailed view from behind the fountain (render took too long to be added to the contest post, so it'll be here only). Detailed shot of the pool/aquarium/party area. Detailed shot of the main entrance, including 'APPC' (tank tracks 'borrowed' from Sunder's 'Heavy Tank Centurion III'). View inside the dome. Some more screenshots: Another view into the dome (if built, the outer dome structure could be removed). Another shot of the eastwing, including a chillout area (someone forgot his/her pants...), and if you look closely you'll spot some fish inside the aquarium. Here's a random cut through the westwing, revealing... it's under contruction . Some highlights: model consists of almost 40 thousand bricks (can't open it any longer with 'outlines on bricks'), there's a huge garage with lots of space for dream cars and other vehicles, you definitely want to own an 'APPC': Armoured Party Personnel Carrier', equipped with... lots of fun (and fits into the garage), pool contains brick-built 'water' to place minifigs or other stuff in/on it for a decent pool party, chandelier is made of 300 parts, ship model is made of 270 parts, if you are familiar with 'Grand Theft Auto', you'll find it logic to find a certain item in a certain place, if you like pirates, you'll find it logic to find something hidden in a particular part of the chateau, there are stories of a terrible crime that occurred some generations before... could they be true? Although not all bricks are connected according to LDD logic, I'm sure everything is physically buildable. Here's the LXF-file for download. Please queck it out, there's secrets and gimmicks waiting to be discovered! Due to the size of the file you might want to adjust your LDD display quality settings. C&C welcome! Regards