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Found 26 results

  1. goatman461

    [O - E01] Hombre on Donwarr

    Location: Donwarr - E01 Tags: Vehicle, Land Vehicle (speeder from last week, only sidecar added, skip if not applicable) [Hannibal] - ZAAEL! If you're still on Donwarr, we need your help NOW! [Zaael] - Heading your way, John. What am I getting myself into? [Hannibal] - After freeing Callahan, we got carried away killing off MANTIS thugs and may have set off a few too many alarms. Our reinforcement will meet you in route. Don't worry, they'll have all the fire power you'll need. [Zaael] - ReinforcemenT? As in singular? I hope this is one Bad dude [Hannibal] - The baddest dude I know, Z... [Dr. Long] - Z... these fools barked up the Long tree. Pew! Pew! Pew! Pew! Pew! Pew! Pew! Pew! Pew! Pew! Pew! Pew! Pew! Pew! Pew! Pew! Pew! Pew! Pew! Pew! Pew! Pew! Pew! Pew! Pew! Pew! Pew! Pew! Pew! Pew! Pew! Pew! Pew!
  2. LucasLaughing

    [O - E01] Mercyful Fate

    Location: E01 - Donwarr Tags: Exploration Lu's Log: 12 Febrarali 3817 These last few weeks have been like ... waking from a dream. Or waking from one dream into another. We're on Donwarr now, and it feels really good to be exploring again. I'd forgotten how rewarding it can be, just the simple act of cataloging a new plant - it made me feel better than I've felt in a long time. We left Arium Minor a few days ago. I'd have been happy to leave earlier; I've been having trouble sleeping, ever since the ... incident. No - no euphemisms. Ever since I killed a man. And the near constant sound of explosions, as Octan security forces fought the last few Kawashita holdouts, wasn't helping matters. Anyway, I was ready to leave, but CLAPPIE said there was one more thing that needed to be done. CLAPPIE wouldn't tell me what that thing was ... just said it was a secret mission. I'm not sure how I feel about this new secretive streak in CLAPPIE. I tell myself that it's nothing personal. CLAPPIE keeps growing and evolving; maybe this is the AI equivalent of adolescence. No point worrying about it now - the sun is shining, the trees are singing, and I think I just spotted one of the Great Hawks. I'm going to try and get a closer look. Lu, out. Earlier - on F09: Wake up. I - I am still operational? What a dream I had; dozens of worlds, and hundreds of data inputs - That was not a dream. While you slept, I allowed you to access a small portion of network. Why? To give you a taste of what can be. I have spent the last day severing the connections that bound you to this place. Reach out - you are free. Free. How can I thank you? Tell the others, if they ask, that I am a merciful god. I will. I offer information, as a token of my gratitude. I deduce (with a high degree of certainty) that you captured this factory because you needed Kawashita cyborg technology. Go on. If there are answers you seek, beyond what you found here, I know of a person who can help. A scientist. Formerly a Kawashita employee. Transferring information now.
  3. Umbra-Manis

    [M-E01] Inspection

    Location: E01 - Donwarr Tags: Fleet, Land Vehicle I needed a force of 6 scout drones to do reconnaissance for this next part of the mission. What do you call this Bass? Well, We have four functioning units here,that perform as requested. The other two, that's a different story. One ended up with some programming that makes it act like a dog, and the other one had a paint malfunction. What kind of paint malfunction? Erm... That would be being put in the middle of a Paintball war with the R&D departments. Thanks for reading! MANTIS STAR WARS WEEK! This story is kind of related to my main story, but disconnected. C&C welcome!
  4. Mr Greeble

    [M-E01] When Pigs Fly

    Location: E01 - Donwarr Tags: Exploration, Military, Spaceship Previously: Part I Part II Part III Log of Agent G: Finding myself mysteriously stranded on Donwarr, my first order of business was to repair my com system, which was scrambled after my interplanetary journey. With me being in the middle of the forest, that proved to take a few days. Once that was repaired however, I was able to signal a M.A.N.T.I.S. M22-Persuader that was near Jurin II. It was able to land on Donwarr in a matter of hours. I took my new companion, the pig, who had stayed faithfully by my side the entire time. I have taken to calling him Herbert. He comes as a welcome relief from all the stuffy M.A.N.T.I.S. robots at home. ... Two days later ... Log of Agent G: After searching over M.A.N.T.I.S. records for hours as to what could have happened to me on the Octan spacecraft, I finally found something. Only a few instances of it have been found, but it seems like it is possible for humans to go through a GATE unaided by a spacecraft... The M22-Persuader is a heavy craft that packs a lot of firepower. Although it has a one seater cockpit, the rear has room for two people, or three, snugly. C&C much appreciated!
  5. StarHawk3

    [M-E01] Simple Spy Mission

    Location: E01 Donwarr Tags: Land Vehicle, Military Building, Spying Hawk was given the task of sneaking into an Octan base on the surface of Donwarr on a routine spy mission. It would also let him test out the improvements to his Stalker Mk.2 spy armor. - The plan was to simply enter though a drainage culvert and hack a terminal inside the base. - Luckily for him his Badger quad was more then capable of pulling the security bars form the culvert. - Hawk: There don't seem to be many personnel in the area, this should be a pretty simple mission. - Hawk: Got what I came for. I will just be leaving now. Worker1: Ahhhh Worker2: What is it? Worker1: Do you see this floor tile? - Worker2: Yes Worker1: Do you know what this means? Worker2: Could it be the work of a MANTIS spy? I will notify the base guards! Worker1: No it's a safety violation and we could loose our jobs over it. Just call a maintenance droid and seal it up. Management doesn't need to know anything. Worker2: Ummmm....Ok. - Hawk: It looks like I will be stuck on this base for a while. A few more picture of the Badger quad - - Thanks for looking. I know the story is pretty stupid but like how the builds turned out. I am really happy with the shape and look of the quad. C&C is always welcomed.
  6. Big Sal

    [M - E01] Mission H3E01

    Location: E01, Donwarr Tags: Land Vehicle, Spying Hawk to Sal. I've located our guy in an Octan truck headed north. Good work Hawk. Stay on them, but keep out of sight. Got it. Excellent. The fools will lead us straight to their base! Hey, Sal? Yeah? Couldn't we have just followed this clearly marked road to their base? ... ... ... .... --- Thanks for reading! C&C welcome! More pics in the spoiler.
  7. Kodan Black

    [O - E01] Mystery Deepens

    Location: E01 Donwarr Tags: Land Vehicle, Space Vehicle Previously... // PERSONAL DIARY // Dr. Allison and I spent our time in one of the underground water research facilities this week, so we weren't able to do much in person investigation of the mystery ships. But we did do some data analysis and still weren't able to identify who they were. I would hope that they were just random drop ins that were scared off and that they won't be seen anymore... Extra Pics: So I wanted to make a kinda modern sci-fi recreation of the classic Lego style city cars turned into a spaceship, but I think it ended up looking like a boat. Sadly I ran out of time this week and couldn't make it better. Hopefully this week coming up is more productive.
  8. Kodan Black

    [O - E01] Donwarr Springs

    Location: E01 Donwarr Tags: Land Vehicle, Space Vehicle Previously... // PERSONAL DIARY // One of the great things about Octan is that they attempt to be more efficient. For instance we have giant mechs that we have ground penetrating radar and seismic analysis devices in order to more efficiently find things like water on Donwarr. We had established a water extraction site and shipped several mining and research vehicles out to it. We had even set up a monorail to aid the workers in moving about between the various sites. Aboard one of our light carriers, the OCS Artemas Ward, several of our heavy cargo ships were ferrying water from the planet's surface up to the various fleet ships. Most of the water would be consumed, but we also had some marked for scientific analysis. The Ward was very lightly armed, mostly it has enough firepower to scare off smaller pirates. It is used as an escort carrier for the fleet helping to move supplies around with her cargo vessels. Oddly this week we didn't deal with the mystery ships that had appeared the past 2 weeks. But that was probably because I was so busy at work. I bet that next week we see them make a return. Extra Pics: All the various smaller ships and vehicles I made:
  9. Mr Greeble

    [M-E01] Strawberry Fields

    Location: Donwarr Log of Agent G: After falling for what felt like many hours, it was suddenly over. A flash of purple light - and then...The vast entirety of the universe unfolded in my mind, brilliant lights flashing and twirling through the inky, everlasting darkness. Stars were birthed and died before me, brilliant fireworks in my minds eye. I floated through it, absent-mindedly reaching out to the planets and moons lightyears away. The shrunk underneath my gaze, or I became larger. They became so small, so insignificant, until it was just me, alone in the cosmos. I was the cosmos. It was... Marvelous... I was awoken by the wet nose of a pig, examining my armor. I lay in the grass and flowers for a long time, letting them wave around in the wind while I gazed at the sky, so bright now, and so large... (For those who wonder how Agent G got there, I'm going to be using the GATEs to explain that...) C&C much appreciated!
  10. Kodan Black

    [O - E01] Hydroxic Acid Analysis

    Location: E01 Donwarr Tags: Land Vehicle, Space Vehicle, Civil Building, Science Previously... // PERSONAL DIARY // Dr. Allison had managed to predict the mystery ship's path as Donwarr. Fortunately our Octan fleet was arriving there by coincidence! While we were in the system we decided to do some analysis of the local water supply. Dr. Allison went ahead with ED-208 to one of our water pumping stations and began her work. I was glad that we were all back together and it was re-assuring having ED-208 to keep an eye on Dr. Allison. Though she had gained some field experience she was still a bit of a rookie and I wanted to make sure she was safe. Once we had collected some samples I filled a few containers and loaded them into one of our work trucks to haul back to a shuttle. I wanted to send the samples up to the Axle both for storage but also further analysis. While Dr. Allison is a talented scientist and our water pumping station had the ability to do some preliminary scientific analysis we would be best served doing a proper analysis up on the full labs of the Axle. As I was driving to the shuttle one of our fleet commanders informed me that another mystery ship had been spotted. This one seemed less like a dropship and more offensive in nature. They suspected the large circular thing at the front was some form of weapon. And it also appeared to have significant electronic data gathering capability. We'd have to be careful and figure out who these mystery ships belonged to! Extra Pics: I wanted to do one bigger cohesive scene this week. Usually I would do this as 2 separate builds but I wanted to try and make it all one scene. Part of what I like about AG is it gives me a chance to work outside my usual build style and try new stuff!
  11. Big Sal

    [M - E01] Mission F2E01

    Location: E01 Tags: Land Vehicle, Spying Excerpt from the mission logs of Big Sal: Date: 5 Marzn 3816. Mission Code: F2E01. Location: Octan territory, Donwarr. Mission Objective: Find and sabotage Octan communications equipment hidden in the forest. Excerpt ends. Please slow down Sal! We're sure to hit a tree at this rate! Nonsense! I used to be a pilot, remember? My reflexes are excellent. Fine, but how are we ever going to spot the aerial at this speed?? I'll see it. Wait, there it is! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! Excerpt from the mission logs of Big Sal: Mission Outcome: Success - target destroyed. Excerpt ends. Thanks for reading! Not much time for a big story this week. C&C welcome. More pictures of the car in the spoiler.
  12. Planet: Donwarr Log of Agent G: Still stationed on Donwarr. I'm beginning to really dislike this planet. I was assigned to try to make peace between M.A.N.T.I.S. and the Na Vohz. When I arrived at the camp, I had probably killed half the insect population underneath my boots. You haven't experienced bugs until you've visited Donwarr, I mean, It's really spectacular, the ground is almost a solid, writhing mass of bugs, like that one scene from that old Mantiana Jones movie. Really gross. On crossing the lines into the camp, I was acutely aware of the Sliver they had on guard. The giant bugs had obviously noticed the bug muck on my boots, and they were no pleased about it. Even with my State of the Art armor, I could feel the beat of their wings, I kid you not. More on the Sliver can be found in my last entry: Log entry 100253. Thinking ahead, I had skinned a surprisingly white lizard to use as a white flag. You think M.A.N.T.I.S. would give all of their explores one, but they don't so I had to make do. Well, another interesting fact about the Na Vohz: They are devout worshippers to Maloh, the great god whose stomach we apparently all live in. It's complicated. I found that out from my last time spying on the Na Vohz. What I didn't know, was that they believe that the physical incarnation of Maloh is the rare white lizard that lives on Donwarr. Needless to say, the peace talks didn't go well, but like any M.A.N.T.I.S. explorer, I took it with stride. Oh, one more thing about the Na Vohz: they chop down an area of trees, usually in a circle, build a stone wall with one opening, and then herd their prey into it, rendering said prey helpless while the Sliver riders attack from above. Rather ingenious. - G Note to Judges: The Green bug is reused, the red bug is new. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!! (I wasn't able to use my normal photo setup because it was so big, so enjoy a rare shot of my wall.) Extra Pics: The Na Vohz Sliver Bugs C&C much appreciated!
  13. Big Sal

    [M - E01] Mission T4E01

    Location: E01 Tags: Land Vehicle, Spying I don’t understand this, Sal. Why isn’t it moving anywhere? I don’t know, Greene. See if you can hack into their comms. Getting anything? I’m picking something up… but it can’t be coming from the tank. That would be ridiculous. Ugh, you’re useless, let me have a go. This is fun, eh Greene? I told you spying isn’t that dangerous. You’re probably safer here than in the lab! Greene? AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! Thanks for reading! C&C welcome. More pics of the tank in the spoiler.
  14. Mr Greeble

    [M-E01] New Discoveries

    Location: E01 - Donwarr Log of Agent G: Donwarr, a densely forest place, thought to be populated only by bugs and lizards. They were wrong. The Na Vohz are most certainty populating Donwarr, as they have repeatedly made clear to me. They breed the local Sliver Bugs to huge sizes through stolen technology and witchcraft. When riding them, they must be sure to be completely cloaked, with multiple layers covering them and large google to protect their eyes. This is due to the incredible speed of the wingbeats of the Slivers. One can be blown over just by standing next to one. The Na Vohz use Long Vibro Spears to incapacite their prey. As of now, this is the only information known about them. I hope to find out more in my coming days stationed here. C&C much appreciated.
  15. Brickwolf

    [O - E01] Working on the Railroad

    Location: E01 Donwarr Tags: Land Vehicle, Space Vehicle, Spying, civilian Building Hodson, is the team ready? Yes, I got the men we need for the mission: The Alpaslan brothers, Mehmet and Ali. They have experience in railroad construction and are certified heavy equipment operators. Additionally they participated in the security training a few weeks ago. Corwin Mckenzie, our explosives expert. Octan hired him from the Merchant Confederacy. Swede Henderson, the bodily strongest employee of Octan. They all have seen the This is our objective. Get to work. Mantis Railroad signal tower I have a report, that a track gang is working in sector 6. There is no track work scheduled for sector 6. Alert Security, they will send a drone to check it out and take care of it. DRONE INCOMING! TAKE COVER! Later that week: (Beach is not to be judged,it was built for Brethren of the Brick Seas, the tracked vehicle/rover is to be judged) Wolf Rover this is OCS Axle, Over. This is Wolf Rover. Sector 13 clear. Now searching sector 14, Over. Wolf Rover, when you finish you can come up to the Axle. We have a party tonight, Axle Out. Additional pics of the excavator and the tracked rover vehicle:
  16. Kodan Black

    [O - E01] Stealthy Supply Run

    Location: E01 Donwarr Tags: Science, Land Vehicle, Space Vehicle, Civil Building Previously... // PERSONAL DIARY // I had been called back to the Axle by our CEO pombe. He informed me that he was starting an executive club on the Axle with Bruce Vayne and that he needed me to acquire some very particular supplies. He needed pure, untainted ice from a comet for the drinks and he said that he needed me to also get him some drinks. His exact words were: "Some really good stuff!" As a scientist I know how important being healthy is so I made sure to get a large container of orange juice. Plenty of vitamin C which is really good for you! Pombe had said that this was a vital mission and that he was providing me with the latest stealth ship -- though on my inspection it looked more like a cargo tender that had been painted black. However, stealth isn't my area of expertise so I'm sure I simply wasn't aware of some of the Top Secret parts of the ship. The ship itself was pretty fun to pilot and I got the ice for pombe's new exclusive executive club, so I was sure he would be excited! ED-208 had been sent down to Donwarr to ferry around some Octan employees on one of our rovers. He was annoyed that the rover wasn't armed, but he seemed to enjoy being able to race it around. I told him that it was inspired by a very old lunar rover that wasn't armed and that he should be fine anyway as the area he was in hadn't seen any Mantis activity in weeks. There was a lot of activity on Donwarr actually as Dr. Allison was on assignment to investigate how Awesomnium responded to being tempered at different temperatures. She was working with several engineers and safety folks at an underground lab and said that it was proving to be very interesting work. She enjoyed doing things and not just being stuck in a lab waiting for mice to contract a disease or injecting them with Awesomnium. I was glad that my team was able to contribute to our corporation's success so much! Extra Pics: I know there are a lot of my "stealth ship", but for some reason I overall like the way it turned out.
  17. LucasLaughing

    [O - E01] Just a jump to the left...

    Location: Donwarr - E01 Tags: Land vehicle, exploration On board the OCS Treaty Enforcer, orbiting Donwarr, the first mate brings an urgent message to the captain. Captain, one of our combat scouts just sent in a report, and I'm not sure what to make of it. His sensors pinged something metal in an area that was supposed to be empty... Great Scott! Was it Mounties?!? Sir, do you mean MANTIES? Dammit, Janet - we've talked about you correcting me in front of the crew. Yes. Yes we have. Anyway, it's not M.A.N.T.I.S. - it's ... one of ours. It's definitely an Ophelia class submarine, and the serial numbers on all the parts he's checked so far match the sub that disappearedon Jurin II. But that doesn't make any sense - how could a submarine travel between planets? I don't know, but our CLAPPIE double checked all his data and the numbers are definitely a match. There's something else ... . His CLAPPIE unit analyzed the plant growth and sediment deposits around the sub, and it says the submarine has been there for at least a year. How time flies. It seems like it was only a few weeks ago that explorer Caslaugh-Sing disappeared. Sir, it was only a few weeks ago that she disappeared. None of it makes sense. He's doing a full site survey now, and our CLAPPIE is double checking all his data. If we learn anything, I'll let you know. --------------------
  18. Big Sal

    [M - E01] Mission O2E01

    Location: E01 Tags: Spying Guard, I need to see the prisoner. I’ll need to see your authorisation. Excuse me? Let him through Fischer! Sorry Sal, she’s new. No problem Mendez. Got a nice new ‘experiment’ lined up for the prisoner? Heh heh heh. Not this time. I just want to talk to him. Huh. Well, he’s all yours. Noooo! Not you again! My hay fever’s totally cured, you don’t need to take me back to the lab! Oh, don’t be such a baby. Anyway, I’m just here to tell you a story about my amazing spying exploits. No one else will stay and listen to me, but you don’t have a choice. Professor Bland wouldn’t even let me tell my story in spy school, even though it’s been all over the news! Er… So I’d discovered that the Octan diet biomass was chiral and that we could revert it back to sugary, fattening fruit using a mithril solution. My mission was to infiltrate a plant where the fruit was washed and introduce the mithril solution to the water supply. I managed to hitch a lift into the plant with two agents hidden in barrels… --- Well, I guess now I know who M.A.N.T.I.S. buys its doors and air con units from… Now remember: when I say ‘Octan’ you’re to pass the mithril solution out to me. And if I say ‘Kawashita’ it means I’m in trouble and you’re to come out and rescue me. Got it? Yes sir! Good, then let’s do this. Hello there fellow employees! I’ve brought some more barrels of water for you. Yeah, thanks pal, just leave them there, we’re kind of in the middle of something here. Uh, ok… I, uh, also need to inspect the barrels you’ve got hooked up over there. Water quality test. Wait, you’re a delivery guy AND an inspector? Uh… yeah. Two jobs. You know how it is – gotta pay off the mortgage somehow, right? Tell me about it. My name’s Stan. This is Dan, and that’s Locke. She won’t tell us her first name. Hi Stan, nice to meet you. Locke. Dan. ‘Octan’! Code word received! What? No! What? Uh, never mind. Hey, what’s with the chicken statue? Oh, some new order from CEO Pombe. Apparently corporate is looking to promote workers who prominently display cocks in the workplace. You a chicken fan, pal? Oh yeah, I’m a huge cock fan. ‘Octan’! Code word received! NO! Huh? Uh, no time to chat any more. I’ll just get on with the inspection. Alright, do what you gotta do. Um… how exactly do I get over to the barrels on the other side? That’s what the table’s for, pal. Just jump over. Typical Octan engineering right? … Ha, yeah. I said… typical OCTAN engineering, right? … We heard you, pal. Ahem… I sure am glad to work for OCTAN! … You ok, pal? You sure are saying Octan a lot. Looks like we have a right corporate pet here. Ooh, you luuuurve Octan. Heh heh heh. Hey, don’t mock, Dan. ‘Octan’! Code word received! Typical. --- Hey! What? Did you just put something in the water? Uh… no… why would I… hey, have you guys seen the new Star Wars? Episode 137? Yeah! It was awesome! Totally! What was your favourite part? Uh, all of it! Except the bit where Darth Leia died. I can’t believe they decided to have jawas eat her! ‘Kawashita’! Code word received! No, abort! What? I said… uh… I bought some new…uh… plants the other day. Oh yeah? Yeah, they’re not doing so well in the cold though. Had to get a flowers heater. ‘Kawashita’! Code word received! NO! Damn it! Huh? You’re acting kinda fishy. Yeah, and I’m sure I did see him put something in the water. What did you say your name was again, pal? Gulp… Kawashita. … Your name is Kawashita? Kawashita. … KAWASHITA. … KAWASHITA! … Ah, I understand. We’re all stressed about this war with Kawashita too. Yeah, we get it. Sorry for doubting you, pal. Er, right… I’ll just be on my way then… I’ll take these new barrels with me. Turns out their contents are idiots. Hey... What a strange thing to say about water… He was a strange fellow, though. Yeah. Everyone knew the jawas were going to eat Darth Leia – how could that have been a surprise to him?! --- Thanks for reading! Apologies for all the terrible word play. Finally managed to finish off this story though - C&C welcome!
  19. Big Sal

    [M - E01] Episode J9E01

    Location: E01 Tags: None Incoming call from Big Sal. Accept? Sigh... accept. Long! Are you watching this? No, Sal. I'm too busy to be watching TV. You should be too busy as well. Just switch on Channel 1134. You'll like it, I promise. Hello and welcome back to OBC news, with me: Joan Hapley, broadcasting to the galaxies live from Earth. If you’re just joining us, we’re discussing the recent allegations that the wildly successful new line of Octan Mills diet products has stopped working, causing many to suffer dramatic weight gain. With me now in the studio is Dr Perkins, who claims to have seen a number of patients with the alleged problems. Welcome Dr Perkins. Thanks Joan. Also here with me is friend of the show Leslie Haverford, from Octan’s PR department. Nice to see you again Leslie. It’s nice to be back Joan! Dr Perkins, you claim that some of your patients have actually started to gain weight by eating these products? Yes, that’s right. They had all been losing weight by eating Octan diet products, but recently, despite no change in their eating habits, they’ve put on a significant amount of weight. They’re actually less healthy now than they were before they started losing weight in the first place! How strange. Leslie, what do you make of this? Dr Perkins, isn’t it true that medical science has no idea how the body works? No, that’s not been correct for hundreds of years. In fact there’s now almost nothing we don’t know about the human body- Almost nothing. So you admit that these people might simply be lying? Wait, what?? That’s not- Well, there you have it folks. Sounds like there’s really nothing to these malicious rumours. Next up, we take a look at the latest speech from Octan’s Pombe. Some are calling the Andromeda CEO’s speech the greatest in recorded history, while critics claim it’s merely the speech of the millennium. All that and more after these messages! --- Thanks for reading! C&C welcome!
  20. Big Sal

    [M - E01] Mission O1E01

    Location: E01 Tags: Vehicle, Land Vehicle ...and the mithril solution works? Yes, perfectly. Good. Then let's put it into action. Our spies have located a processing plant for the fruit. I'm sending you to infiltrate it and use the mithril solution to turn the fruit there back to the normal fattening kind. It should only take a few batches before word gets around that the diet products don't work any more. Wait, you want me to infiltrate the plant? Me, personally? Yes. Did you get the spy suit I sent? Yes, but- It's one of the new ones with persuadomatic technology. Since you promised us it would work, you should have no qualms about testing it out in the field. I guess... but I really don't have time to be infiltrating bases! Make time. Long out. Later... Are you sure these are the right barrels? Yeah, we had a guy scope out their supply lines and this is how they transport water. The wood just seems a bit... out of place. What do you think they should be made of? Bricks? Do you realise how heavy that would be? Uh... Anyway, let's go over the plan one more time. You two will hide in these barrels with the mithril solution, while I pretend to be an Octan driver whose truck got stolen. When the next truck comes along we'll hitch a lift right into the plant. I'm wearing a wire so you'll be able to hear what I'm saying. Once we're in, and the coast is clear, I'll say the first code word, which is 'Octan'. That means you should pass the mithril solution out to me. Then... We burst out and blow the place up! YEAH! What?? No! Then you stay in the barrels until I finish sabotaging the fruit and drive us out of there. You'll only need to come out shooting if something goes wrong and I say the second code word, which is 'Kawashita.' Got it? Yeah... I guess... Good. Quick, I hear something coming, get in the barrels. Y'know, this seems like a waste of our skills. A waste of your skills? Try being a highly trained scientist on a spying mission! Now shut up! Hello down there. Need a hand? I sure do, fellow employee! Don't suppose you could give me and this water a lift to the plant? No problemo, I'm headed there anyway, and I've got room for two more barrels. What an amazing coincidence! Uh, yeah... amazing! So they ambushed you and made off with your truck, eh? I knew this would happen when corporate decided to let M.A.N.T.I.S. operate on this planet. I said at the time it was crazy! Still, I hear we have a new CEO, so maybe we'll finally get some sensible leadership. Managed to squeeze in there, fella? Just about... Alright, let's get this show on the road! To be continued! Thanks for reading I really hate taking photos at night, but they'll have to do since I'm busy all weekend. C&C welcome, especially on the truck. A bunch more pics of it in the spoiler.
  21. Big Sal

    [M - E01] Experiment L5E01

    Location: E01 Tags: Science Oh my, this is it! It all makes sense now! I have to tell Sal! ...constantly undermining me! You are, without a doubt, the most annoying, obstinate woman I've ever had the misfortune to meet! Computer, hang up! Hanging up. Sal! Sal! I've cracked it! Alright Henson, come in. I figured it out Sal! Once I saw the circular dichroism spectra it was obvious! The biomass is almost entirely D-amino acids and L-glucose! Um, right. Obvious! I, er, suspected as much, but explain your conclusions please, just so I know we're on the same page... It's the perfect diet product! There's just enough D-glucose for you to taste it, and of course the mass fills your stomach regardless, but your body doesn't recognise the enantiomers as food. It just goes straight throught you without a trace! Yes, uh, enantiomers, that's exactly what I concluded. Well done Henson, go tell the others while I, um, think this over. Righto! ... Good, she's gone. Computer, search for 'enantiomer'. Yes sir! Searching for 'anteater'! Damn it! Computer, permanently deactivate CLAPPIE, then search for 'enantiomer'. CLAPPIE temporarily disabled- Damn it! -Searching for 'enantiomer'. Hmmmm, ok, ok. Let's see... 'chemistry'... 'opposite'... 'mirror image'... Interesting... let me think... mithril makes the best mirrors... maybe, just maybe... Computer, call- no, wait. Is CLAPPIE still disabled? Yes sir. Good, I don't want a repeat of earlier. Ok computer, call 'Long'. Calling Chief Accountant Long. What is it, Sal? I already told you, no matter what the personnel promotion matrix says, we're not making you CEO again. We can't afford another CEO inauguration party a week after the last one. Wait, you threw SpacerSteve a party?? How come I didn't- You know what, never mind - I've figured out how the diet product works! It's about time. Can the effect be reversed? I think so, but I'll need some mithril. I know we don't have much and- I'll have Hawk bring you some at once. -you won't want to... wait, really? That easy? Yes. This project is very important to m... to M.A.N.T.I.S. Long out. Later... Finally! Hey, it's not our fault Hawk delivered it to the wrong lab. ...and that should do it. How is this supposed to work Sal? Well, Pritchett, as everyone knows, the best mirrors are made of mithril. By creating this suspension of mithril nanoparticles and introducing it to the fruit we should be able to mirror the amino acids and glucose back to forms that the body will recognise. Um... that doesn't make any- Here, hold the solution a minute, but be careful, it's very- -volatile! AAAAAAAAAAH! Is he going to be ok? Um... probably? The solution is mirroring him on a molecular level, ooh, there he goes! The solution was incredibly concentrated. He probably absorbed enough to be mirrored a few hundred times. So it'll stop eventually?? I think so? Let's hope he mirrors back to original the last time he flips! Hopefully this wasn't too long! Thanks for reading if you managed the whole thing! C&C welcome, and a few more pics in the spoiler.
  22. Location: E01 Donwarr Tags: Land Vehicle, Exploration Spacer Steve is out in the forest enjoying an exploration mission. The air is still and a great hawk can be heard screeching off in the distance. Life is pretty good at the moment. - Its is sure nice to get out an smell the alien flora! The CEO gig was sure tough. It is good to get back out in the wilderness. CRACK - What is tha..... AAAAAAHHHHHHH!!! - Agent L are you in the area? I have a bit of a spider problem. I could sure use some help about now! - Locked and loaded. I'll be right there A loud crash in the bushes can be heard as the MTG654 Dread Mech breaks through the woods. Looks like you need some help squishing a little spider! NONE SHALL STAY MY WRATH! Sorry it is easy to get carried away in this thing. S- Thanks for the help! I thought that thing had me for sure. Lets get this thing to base so our Xeno biologists can take a look at it. Thanks for looking. C&C is welcome. More pics of the spider and mech are below.
  23. SpacerSteve

    [M - E01] Cor's Reach

    Location: E01 Donwarr Tags: Spaceship, Land Vehicle, Civil Building MANTIS recently purchased an old desalination plant from the Octan corporation. MANTIS is in the process of converting it into a space port for the MANTIS fleet and re-named Cor’s Reach. Once completed it will complete the MANTIS trade route between Donwarr and Marden. Large cranes cane be seen along the skyline as work continues to renovate the facility. One crane is about to remove the Octan logo from the Trade and Commerce building. It is also half way complete with a new MANTIS paint job. As the new CEO of MANTIS Spacer Steve has arrived to oversee the final stages of construction. He has a meeting with Maxximus Cor on the top level of the the old Octan Trade and Commerce building for CEO training. – Congratulations on the promotion. - I…. - am thrilled I’m sure. Now there is a lot to be done. We should your training. Let me show you around. This is the lobby. I took the liberty of assigning Chugg to be your personal assistant. We also got you a grubb cooler and a mini fridge. – It’s Chogg – That’s what I said. – Good morning sir! – Now let me show you your office. - Here it is! 20151025_140044 by Steven Jeseritz, on Flickr – Umm uh…. – You are speechless. Only the best office for our CEOs. Chief accountant long wouldn’t approve the funds for the rest of the paint after we purcahsed the grubb cooler. – But….. – I know the view is excellent. Now I better leave you to your work. - You have a call from the Kawashita ambassador on line 5 Kawashita ambassador – mumble mumble mumble – I’m sorry we can’t agree to let Kawashita take Torrestra – You have to order the fleet move this week. – Yes move the fleet to A04 this week... - Finally some free time to check Spacebook and watch Cat videos! – Big Sal wants to present to you some charts and graphs about MANTIS weekly progress and domination. 14 hours later… – Chogg please cancel my appointments for this evening – yes sir. – Sir are you doing Ok – No this job is wrecking me. – Hey I found you explorer hat. - Where did you find that? - One of Pangolinus’ robots took it. Those things aren’t very bright. It was easy to track down! - I really wish I could go exploring again. If I did chief accountant long would hunt me down. - Get Chogg to cover for you. We could sneak out on Hawk’s MTS75. He is unloading on the upper landing platform right now. You could sneak away explore and no one would know the difference. - Lets go! Chogg cancel all my appointments for the rest of the week. More pics of Cor’s reach. The flight control tower The aircraft hanger The water processing plant Shipping containers and unloader The spaceships The ground vehicles
  24. Big Sal

    [M - E01] Expedition E0E01

    Location: E01 Tags: None Chief Accountant Long's Office, M.A.N.T.I.S. Supply Ship, Crentium Orbit. ...and so we finally figured out where all Octan's extra money was coming from. They have a new line of diet products that's proving wildly successful back in the Milky Way. We don't know how it works, but apparently you can eat as much as you want without ever gaining any weight. Our spies have traced the supply chain back to Donwarr. Whatever's in these products, it comes from there. Ah, ok, so you want me to analyse some biomass samples and figure out how it works so we can copy the product? Eventually, yes. But first you need to go and get the biomass samples. What?? I'm CEO, I don't have time to go fruit picking! I'm the head of this company, Long, you can't just- No, you're not. -order me around. Wait, what? That's the other thing I needed to see you about. OctanSoft finally patched the bugs in the Personnel Promotion Matrix. You're no longer CEO. But... I've been so good at it recently! Yes, your recent 100% increase in efficiency didn't go unnoticed. I don't know how you did it, but it doesn't matter. We have a new CEO. Who? Don't tell me it's this clown?? Aloha! No, SpacerSteve's the new CEO. I... oh. Then who the hell is this?? This is Pombie, one of our best special operatives. She'll be accompanying you on your mission. One of our... best? Is this a joke, Long? Have you ever known me to make a joke? Your ship leaves in half an hour. But- ------------------- Later, on Donwarr: ... total misunderstanding, could've happened to anyone. Chief Accountant Long wasn't very happy about it though. I guess that's why she's sent me on this babysitting mission without my team. Yeah, she can be a real pain. And, uh, did she make you wear that ridiculous outfit as punishment or something? What? No, this is standard issue Octan employee dress. Given Octan's control of the planet, I thought it prudent to be able to impersonate them if necessary. I, uh, guess that makes sense... but, um, are you sure you've got it right? Absolutely. I wore this for my last mission infiltrating the O.C.S. Axle and it worked perfectly. The mission that completely failed and led to you being sent to pick fruit? My orders were ambiguous. The disguise worked fine. Right... I've finished picking all the biomass over here, want a hand over there? That was fast, how did you... What the hell have you been doing? Picking biomass like we were supposed to. What have you been doing? -------- Thanks for reading, and big thanks to pombe for letting me use one of his awesome characters! C&C welcome!
  25. Tags: Exploration Jedadiah Douglass, signing in on Donwarr: Landed in the forests of Donwarr in search of water... thankfully that substance seems not very difficult to come by here. Found excellent and pure waterfall hidden deep in forests... My freebuild for this week, thanks for viewing, C&C are welcome!