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Found 6 results

  1. Just a wee heads up to Lego fans in Switzerland. COOP are clearing out over stocked and old stuff. I think it’s fairly random depending on the store, Picked up the technic bucket wheel excavator for chf 80, nexo knights 70323, for chf 40, and 70317 for chf 30. That’s £63, £35 and £24 respectively. Boxes are tatty Even for parts that’s silly money, no.
  2. So I saw 42064 going out of stock on Walmart and Target. I kicked myself for not picking it up when it was for $95 for sale at Walmart a couple of weeks back. It's still available on Lego site for $119. So I decided I wanted it and drove to the Lego store to pick it up. Guess what! It's $95.99 on sale at Lego store (not online). I am not sure if this offer is valid at all locations, but you can check it out. Also got a Lego 40320 set free with it! All in all a good deal!
  3. Hey All - I'm new and there is probably a thread here somewhere that answers my questions, so I apologize in advance for asking before really looking. I started buying and building the 66051, 60052 and others with some vague idea that I'd find a spot in the house and set up a fun layout. As a young man in the 70's I got into slot cars and I think I had some idea of incorporating those track layout concepts with the Lego trains. I like spirals as a method of changing levels and I'd like three levels - I keep seeing these videos online of people making these really long layouts that run from room to room in a house. I am determined to take a trip to visit the grandkids and take enough track that we can do a full house layout - With that kind of goal in mind I started looking and just buying pieces of track they cost 1.25 and up. I was hoping there would be a way to buy it bulk and get a better price but so far I haven't seen anything that looks workable. I'm an old dude on a fixed income - where do those folks in the videos get all that track???? Garage sales and flea markets????? Any advice you can give would be warmly welcomed. If I'm way out of line thinking I could do this for a few hundred dollars I need to know. I have high hopes for my layout and hope to soon share a vid of it - Thanks in advance EZ
  4. 3 days left on a 15% off voucher code. It includes all new summer 2014 lego sets: I've just picked up the new Heartlake Shopping Mall for £66. Mike
  5. I wonder if Lego fans have noticed that Lego seems to have changed its business model/strategy? After watching the major retailers in US were asked to sell "hard to find" sets at high prices as the official price for a few months (no discount policy:, I haven't been able to get some large sets like 10240 star wars x-wings at a discounted price as how I used to buy 10188 death star and 10221 super star destroyer at 20% off from Amazon. And Thanksgiving 2013, Lego (US) offered 3x VIP points to only VIP members, and it was only ONE DAY! On the contrary, last year 2012, everyone got almost a week to shop at the store or online at 10% off prices of everything. To me, as a fan, I just feel like Lego is now focusing more on making money rather than "fan-friendly" business model (maybe they were never "fan-friendly" but I felt like that). I don't know if they just want to squeeze fans like me to get more profits or just want to suppress the second market (I don't even know if it makes sense). Or may I was just too spoiled by Lego before...???!!!??? Now, I start seeing the majoy retailers like Target, Walmart promote the large sets with bundle of gift cards e.g. 10188 death star + $50 target gift card. This perhaps is the first move of retailers to react to Lego's no discount policy, the next step I guess is either to keep offering gift card bundle, or just simply to stop selling the large sets. I just want to open the discussion and see how other fans feel about this and perhaps shed some light on how/when Lego fans should buy our toys!!! Merry Christmas! llenroccc
  6. Now im running a sale on Starwars Minifigs. Check if there is something for you here: