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Found 3 results

  1. It has been a long time goal of mine to build this beautiful train with LEGO. After working on it for a long time, I have finally finished it. To see 70+ pictures and a detailed tour, please see Via Rail Canada - The Canadian I'd love to hear any feedback, comments, questions, or criticisms. It's a big set, so let's tackle it one car at a time. :) If you like it, please support on LEGO Ideas if you believe it would make a great official set.
  2. I was messing around in LDD and looking at pictures of set 60098 (Heavy Haul train, not yet released for 2015. See it here: ) when I realized I probably could do a lot better using set 7939, the look-alike Cargo Train from 2010. I turned the electric locomotive into a diesel, and stretched the frame to allow for a beefier engine area. I didn't think about motorizing it with Power Functions until now, but I did make it build-able in two more varieties in case you wanted to color match 60098 with the red one, or maybe build you own engine with the black one. The cab still opens, and the driver can sit down and control the train from either end of the locomotive. This train was designed last year, but was unbuild-able until this year with the release of the back windscreen in trans-clear with a Marvel Superheroes set. The train consists of one baggage car, three passenger cars, and a observation lounge car. The rear car was based on the Milwaukee Road and it's beaver-tail observation cars. Here is the LDD file for the yellow 7939-style engine and the accompanying train cars: http://www.mocpages....1431959052m.lxf Here is the two other colors of the engine I was talking about earlier. The red one is supposed to represent 60098 (Heavy Haul Cargo train), while the yellow one is inspired by 7939 (Cargo Train). The black one is the only other color available for this type of engine. By The Way: the letters BRS should go on the three exposed studs on the sides of the locomotive, while the numbers for the engines should go on the sides of the fuel tank. 7939 for the yellow one, 7045 for the black one (because that's the only set that cockpit part comes in!) and 7944 for the red one, as it matches the other engines in sequence and was used in the 2007 set of that number. (Fire Hovercraft) ... or you could use your own numbering scheme. LDD file for the three different colored engines: Thoughts, comments, and complaints welcome!
  3. Climb aboard for the 13th anniversary of the LEGO Santa Fe Super Chief! (set 10020) This model combines an updated version of the EMD F7 engine with a new cab-less "B" unit AND in a different color. (blue instead of red) This model uses new parts and new techniques not available in 2002, including the windscreen from the 2014 Cargo Train. (60052) This Bluebonnet MOC is Eurobricks user raven1280's Bluebonnet MOD with a couple of my own twists inserted in some places. For example, instead of using custom stickers for the windscreen and porthole windows, I'm using regular Lego parts. Also, the undercarriage is black (not gray) on the bluebonnet engine because of this photo: (NOTE: this photo is not mine) http://images.mocpag...681_DISPLAY.jpg See Raven1280's topic here: http://www.eurobrick...c=97381&hl=blue Please note, the 1x1 tiles printed numbers "302" are missing from the engine's nose, and the letters ATSF are missing from the carbody sides, as they are not in LDD. The rear of the engine features crew walkways. Also, there is no inside of the locomotive and the roof does not come off. Semi-fictional background: Atchison Topeka & Santa Fe #302 is one of a very rare breed. Built in August 1949 as a “A” (cab) and “B” (booster) F7 diesel unit for the Atchison Topeka & Santa Fe Railway (AT&SF), This Electro-Motive Division (EMD) product was painted in a variant of the famous Warbonnet (red yellow and silver) color scheme called Bluebonnet (blue yellow and silver). The engine was intended for freight service and did so faithfully for 28 years. In late 1977 the two unit set was on the short list for conversion to an CF7 hood unit when the Wabash Frisco & Pacific (or WF&P for short) went looking for a engine to pull it's recently refurbished Merrimack River Runner. The Santa Fe gave them a two-for-one special on the tired F7 units, with the WF&P buying the A unit and getting the B for free. The new owner realized the historic meaning of this deal more than the old owner did: this was one of the last bluebonnet engines left, and one of a handful of AT&SF F7's not converted to the horrid looking CF7 hood unit. Needless to say, the WF&P snapped up the offer, and even sent the loco to the EMD La Grange, Illinois assembly plant for the motor to be replaced with a newer, more powerful and easier-to-maintain power plant. The units came back to the WF&P in 1979, and have since been teamed up with the recently restored Southern Pacific Daylight #4460 (owned by the St. Louis-based National Transportation Museum) for trips up and around WF&P system. This story is somewhat rooted in truth: EMD did build AT&SF a F7 numbered 302, but it probably did not carry the bluebonnet scheme and was most likely scrapped or turned into a CF7 in the 1970's. The Wabash Frisco & Pacific is a 12 inch gauge mile-long ride-on railroad, and although they have diesels, they only have a Alco PA lookalike, not an EMD F7. They are based in Glencoe, Missouri, and their website is here: LDD file for the bluebonnet diesel units: http://www.mocpages....1430676420m.lxf (Also, I've posted this engine before, but not in it's own topic. Sorry if i did something wrong by posting it again!)