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Found 3 results

  1. Recently, after some redecorating of my display shelf, I realized how much the Dewback from the Star Wars Cantina set fits to the typical sword & sorcery imagery in the style of Frank Frazetta (think Conan the Barbarian). So I grabbed my Barbarian Minifig, the two Clancees from the Raid Zeppelin as Snake-People, built a patch of desert, grabbed the whale bones from the Deep Sea Submarine and set up a couple of scenes. Some Orcs joined in as well. I hope you enjoy the pictures. I certainly enjoyed taking them: It didn't took long and our Barbarian got some assistance: After the Snake-People were defeated, A group of Orc tried to capture her! An idea which turned out as a bad one It was quite a challenge to pose the Minifigs in a way you can see their faces without making it look too staged and unrealistic. To create the proper pulp-cover feel I also put a slight sepia-effect on the pictures.
  2. Not again... I knew today was going to be bad when I found this dewback out of her pen this morning. The big old girl had already knocked over some seriously expensive equipment and was busy licking the dew off of the fuel tanks, which likely accounts for her present digestive problems. I caught a terrible beating from my sergeant for her escape even though it was the pilots’ fault. They came back again last night, drunker than the night before and woke me up with a kick and something warm spraying on my face. After they ran me out of the stables, I am pretty sure they were messing with the dewbacks and they must have left this one loose. My sergeant did not care; said I was responsible for the dewbacks regardless. The rest of the squad was laughing and seemed all too pleased to see me on the wrong end of the lash once again. Now, this stupid old beast has been defecating all over the desert and I’m responsible for cleaning it up for some reason. They never said why I had to clean this stuff up; it is the freaking desert – a giant litter box – nobody is going to notice some dewback droppings. What does the Empire do about all of the wild dewback droppings? Do they have special squads to clean that up, too? I really should know better than to ask questions at this point. Nothing about the Empire makes any sense. Right now it looks like the local pilots are buying a pod racer from some sleazy salesman. They might even be buying the Dug pilot by the looks of things. These Imperials have no respect for non-humans. They treat us like slaves, serving them drinks, keeping their bar, lining their prisons, unnecessarily cleaning up their animals’ crap in the desert… These joker pilots are the last ones that should be getting into the pod races. From what their Iktotchi barmaid has told me, the Black Sun has been propping up this particular compound because the officers in charge are funneling Imperial V-Wings to the cartel. It’s been a good deal for the officers, who have bought up some extravagant living quarters and attached a first-rate Imperial shop. As far as the Empire is concerned, their only job is to provide aerial support to any Tatooine operations (which conveniently accounts for high V-Wing turnover due to the geography), but the enterprising among them have expanded their presence here to the aforementioned graft as well as some light “policing”/kidnapping/extortion of the locals. Because of the subsequent surrounding sentiment, this entire outpost is at the mercy of the cartel and they do not even know it. I am sure the cartel will just use this entry into the pod races to recoup their credits from these officers, but I am hoping the cartel will pull the rug out of this entire operation and that my squad will get taken down by the backlash. We have only been here for a few weeks; something about providing security during some heightened activity. Apparently they pull this kind of detail a lot; moving from planet to planet filling in the gaps where needed. I have only been with this squad since their last billet, but I can already tell that they were an ignorant, stupid lot of brutes. When I am not being beaten for imaginary infractions, the other troopers ridicule me mercilessly. They will not even let me wear a full uniform because it would bring shame to their glorious station. Some of the privates even tried to file down my horns before the squad leader stopped them (his reasoning, to be sure that I could be readily identified as non-human and treated appropriately – with scorn and mistrust as a non-citizen to the Empire). I hate these people. I hate the Empire. Even more, I hate my family for leaving me to these wolves. SoNE Episode VIII Entry by goatman461, on Flickr
  3. Hello Eurobricks member ! It has been a while I did not post here, but here is my latest MOC, an All Terrain Dewbacked Transporter build or the Techlug Contest 12., where the goal was to convert a Dewback in Lego, to make it being a Walker, or an AT-DT. As you can see, they are elements : the head, the body and the 4 legs. Here are pictures to show their building : As you can see, the interior is fully playable, there is enough space for 5 minifigs. Their weapons are located on the inner roof side. There are two doors, one of each side and a trapdoor if you get to loose a piece or a blaster Inside, you'll only have to open it to get it back ! Also, the minifigs can use it to enter the Walker. Here are some pics to show different perspecives : I'm quite satisfated with the joints, excepted at the back. I wanted to build a tail for this AT-DT, but the rules of the contest did not alloud to build a Walker longer than 38,5 cm. Instead, a gunner is placed in a cabin at the back and watches for ennemies ! Here is a larger view of the bottom section : I really wanted the Walker to be playable, so it had to be able to adopt different positions. In addition, you can choose t use the turret or as a gun or as a sattelite dish.The design is mainly based on the Clone Wars, with dark red bands and some greebles, such as telephones, levers, bars and plate or tiles modified. If it would exist in the films, it couls be a scout Walker which had to carry a small commando troup for specifics and dangerous missions. I designed it to be pretty strong, and it seems it's quite solid, an X-Wing and two full paint sprays can even land on it : Finally, I enjoyed building this walker for the contest, I could use some interesting, simple building techniques. I personnaly thing it looks like a Dewback, with a strong head, a large neck, small legs... But in comparison to other entries of the contest, I could not rebuild in Lego all the aspects and the whole spirit of an Dewback in a Walker. Still, it remains a proposition of how a Kuat Drives Ingeneer could adapt the abilities and the appearance of a DewBack to make it becoming a Star Wars walker. What do you think ? Dewback or not ? Remarks and critics are always welcome. Also, do not hesitate to take a look at the results topic, with the other entries (DanSto presented his own here), and the Bricksafe gallery of this MOC.