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Found 5 results

  1. This deep sea underwater display uses many official sets as well as MODs/ MOCs. It was inspired by Jang Brick’s underwater display but I wanted to give it more original layers and textures. I wrote the following backstory for this display: This deep sea area is at least 100km far out from Brick Beach (my main LEGO town), in the middle of the ocean. The deep sea display has three distinct areas that flow organically into each other in a single space. The highest level represents a part of the seabed. This level consists of a double shipwreck scene where two ships have seemingly collided and sunk to the ocean bed. The incident happened recently; in the last year or two. A team of deep sea investigators was sent down to investigate the cause of the accident. However, as they explored the wreckage, they noticed that the sea bed drops down to a deep chasm and an old ship wreck lies at the far bottom. This prompted the investigators to set up an underwater base on the higher level and send a bigger team down to investigate the old wreckage. As the expanded team explored the old ship, they discovered another smaller wreck but more importantly, a deep cavern that hides an ancient city lost for centuries underwater. Little do the explorers know that a sea dragon lives behind the walls of the ancient city. The twist is that all the shipwrecks were not caused by accidents or bad weather; but were in fact attacked by the dragon who has taken down dozens of ships over the last few hundred years. The underwater scene features a deep sea background on 3 sides. It is a custom-sized backdrop meant for aquariums and large fish tanks. There is also a combination of white and blue LED light strips for the lighting. The blue LED lights are on the floor, on three sides. Bricks built as rock formation hide the light from view and it looks like the blue light emits from behind the rocks creating a very cool effect.
  2. hope all links them Plz commen on good or bad
  3. sander1992


    Hello all, I have built a small creation based on the Aquazone series from 1995-1996. The landscape is 48x48 tall and it contains several sets from the series. I tried to create the landscape according to the pictures from the catalogs from that time. I used a lot of blue slopes and modified bricks to create the rocks. The landscape was also shown at a small event Megabricks in the Netherlands. A few pictures of the landscape. Here a picture from another angle. Next pictures gives a better look of the base and the surroundings. I also used a few lights in the caves. The next picture shows the light in one cave. More pictures are on my Flickr account. The pictures are also on my Brickshelf account. Questions and comments are welcome. Sander
  4. Hello, right now - till Juli 26, 2105 - you will find all new Lego Deep Sea Sets and some models in all eight Sea Life aquaria in Germany. Something for the whole family: My daughter had fun, so it has been an enjoyable tour. And for more information (in German), just check this out. Have a nice sunday Andres
  5. //"Log date 350, This is Dr. Long reporting from the O.C.S. Axle, in orbit F10. I have assigned one of my new Tech specialists; a fresh hire by the name of Kodan Black, to perform sub-surface analysis of water samples in a highly promising region of the planet. I needed him to adjust a few of our Aquatic science drones for the F10 missions. With such a massive planet, there is much work to be done... So many lifeforms to analyze and catalog and categorize... So many drones to be deployed to observe it all and quantify it. It's good to have an extra hand on deck... I just wish he would stop sniffing my hair... It's beginning to become a nuisance. Dr. Long signing off."// //"Status update. Shallow water drone observation is coming along well. I have dispatched a few of our high pressure sub drones (modified A30 models) to observe the deeper reaches of the planet. Initial reports indicate that this planet, much like earth, has active hydrothermal vents along the sea floor, which may be capable of sustaining life."// //"Status update. I finally got a chance to look at one of the relay screens from the A30 drones. Fascinating. Life always finds a way... even in the darkest depths of an alien sea, life, of some kind, still fights on for survival. I am, of course, referring to the myriad of xenobacterial specimens the drone is collecting from the vent. There is a fish-like alien, but that is much less important. Now... I need to attend the unveiling of a newly commissioned drydock on one of the Axle's dropships. Afterwords, I will relax in my office with the day's paperwork. Dr. Long signing off."// Sorry for the shit picture. I'll try to get better ones tomorrow, but I just needed to meet the deadline today. Initially I hoped to make more of the anglerfish aliens, but, as always, ran out of time. I have a lot of work to do IRL this week, so I couldn't afford to go crazy with my builds. I did anyways. ~Insectoid Aristocrat