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Found 4 results

  1. Well, my build is Mk2, though it could be the in-universe Mk2! Last year I designed this, but I was never happy with the size. I've finally scaled it down AND built it. It's a little tall! I still need to build a stand, or hang it, I couldn't tell where the centre of gravity would end up. :P The livery is based on Maul's half of Death Watch, with matching pilot. Here's a shot of the engines. The short cone near the back of the cockpit rotates to open and close the wings. Hope you like it!
  2. marathon_productions

    [MOC] The Battle Of Concordia

    Hey there everyone. This is a short video of A MOC depicting the days of the battle for Mandalore. Today we have the first part of a short 3 part series loosely based of the Ahsoka Novel. Hope you enjoy. Dont forget to like, comment and subscribe for more.
  3. [ SoNE Episode VII ] - Dark Secrets - The CODE After a recent promotion to the ISB, Pointblank sat up on his bed in his new quarters, rudely awoken by 2 shadow troopers of the ISB. "Get up Newbie, its time for your training with a melee weapon if you truly want to be a shadow trooper" Pointblank could feel their menacing scowl piercing through their dark helmets, in disdain of their new to-be recruit. News of Pointblanks' recent accolades have reached the shadow trooper corp and Pointblank has been earmarked to be the next rising star. However, he dislikes the un-neccessary attention the success of the past missions has drawn upon him. "Just because the High Inquisitor favours you, don't you dare think that you have the luxury of skipping training. We'll make it hard for you and wish you will never step foot in the shadow trooper corp" - the troopers railed. The troopers left hastily, mumbling in their breath as they depart. Pointblank got up, reached for a secret switch and flipped it. The bed spun to reveal a melee weapon - the hilt of a Vibroblade. He picked the hilt up from the ray-shielded container, and scrutinised the polished but battle-scarred surface. Firing it up, he admired the shadowy glow and its silent but addictive humming. The blade, belonging to his ancestors, has been passed down from generation to generation, abruptly ending in the generation before his. It has seen a lot of action, and long fabled to have downed almighty jedi and sith warriors. " This blade brings a lot of memories ... " Pointblank recalls the origin of the blade and the CODE he lives by ==================================== 20BBY - Concordia, Moon of Mandalore It was a time where Pointblank was a callous young adolesecent and the galaxy was rife with conflict and disorder. Borned into the Mandalorian culture, he couldn't understand the obsession of the fight and the CODE. In front of an altar, the towering shrine of the Mandalorian Insignia, and a backdrop of the blood red banner, day and night, combatants duel in the arena to better themselves, in a bid to regain Mandalore and restore the honour that Mandalorians once hold. From a safe high perch of the stadium, the Droid commentator announces every winner and loser, faithfully keeping score, whilst Death Watch Commandos cheered on. The Droid arenamaster in the arena assigns weapons from the weapons rack and lets new combatants in behind a caged gate, the moment the previous battle ends. Usually, it's the plain wearing death watch commando. Meanwhile, 10 year old Pointblank flies his mini drone in the background, with one eye kept on the battle, observing the combatants every move. =========================================== Note: The following shots were taken at night, for an enhanced arena/stadium effect The view of the Arena through the entry passage. 2 Death Watch Combatants fighting it out The Bird's Eye view of the Arena Young Pointblank, impervious to whats happening around him, continues to pilot his mini drone fighter. Overall Build, Summary and Conclusion The overall build is of 2 parts to provide a wrapped around atmosphere. Taken apart, they are the arena and the stadium. The main part, the arena, provides most of the action and depicts fights of the Death Watch mandolorian group. It features minifgs Pre-Vizla, 2 Death Watch Commandos and a TC-14. As a compedium, there is the unmistakable and imposing Mandalorian Inisgnia against a blood red backdrop, which also has a hilt holder at the bottom (to be referenced again in future freebuild project), a weapons rack which has a spear, hammer, nunchuck and a halberd, and a blood red banner on a flag staff. The overall stage of the arena has a rocky side which sets the stage of mining planet Concordia, the black and red striking surfaced side to depict a violent but strict heritage, and a side where there is a cargo net and combatants' caged entrance (along with weapons rack) to the arena to signify the warlike properties of the battle. Pre-Vizla is posed taking down a combatant, whilst the TC-14 observes and controls the weapon rack and entrance for the next combatant awaiting behind the caged door. The 2nd part, the stadium, provides the emphasis on Pointblank looking away off screen and seemingly non-interest in the battle, and him playing with a drone to portray his age then. It also allows for a better showing of other spectating commandos and the great respect and encouragement of battles, and the scoreboard of the battles. Notice the white fangs insignia beside the scoreboard (to be referenced again in future freebuild project). The Droid, a TC-4 Minifig, plays the role of the commentator and scorekeeper. Mandalorians have always left the menial non-combat stuff to droids while they relish in the honour of combat. The towering cauldrons of fire also adds to the sporting atmosphere of the arena. The curved walkway aka entrance to the arena also allows for a good view into the arena, and makes for very good photo-taking. The build for current timeline is done on a 16x16 plate. It depicts Pointblanks's quarters. It serves to hold a number of Pointblanks' war trophies, gear and weapon array. Besides crevices created for Lego LED insert, it also has a rotating bed on a technic pin, to reveal the blade on the other side. While it is thought to be spacious, I didn't find it quite at all. I wanted to put in more custom equipment, but couldn't. I had also wanted to include a holographic projector for secret communications. One of the challenges of both builds was the use of black surfaces which reflects a lot of lights and surfaces, making it seem more cluttered and messy(dirty). Enjoyable build overall. ============ Comments and Criticisms welcomed as always. Thanks to those who posted. They are all taken in with good intentions. Editted to reduce clutter of pictures, reduce formatting and improve consistency of story.
  4. Ninja Nin

    [MOC] The Lawless

    My second entry to the community build : The Clone Wars: Season 5 Episode 16 The Lawless Darth Maul and Savage Opress took the lead of Death Watch to expand their criminal enterprise on Mandalore. Chancellor Palpatine, who felt the disturbance in the Force, arrived at the Royal Palace. Darth Sidious told Maul that he had become his rival, and the epic duel began between the brothers and the Dark Lord of the Sith. The duel continues in the Sundari Royal Palace of Mandalore ! Hope you like it, and sorry I am late for the community build !