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Found 6 results

  1. Zilmrud

    News from the landlord

    For a very log time Zamorah was hidden for all of Historica under a magical dome (read more about it here). Only a few selected people knew about the city on the mountain. Recently the spell was liftet and Zamorah was now visible for all, common people, nobles and all other inhabitants of the land. But it wasn't all good news. Many tribes had lived in the Zamorah shire for decades thinking that they lived in the wild lands. But now they lived Zamorah shire. To inform all of the shire the The Aurum Order (rulers of Zamorah) sent out heralds with troops so that they could spread the word and inform all of Zamorah. In every corner of Zamorah there lived tribes of many different kind. Everything from orc bands to Tribes of Minotaurs and Cyclops. In the north west part of Zamorah Urag and his tribe lives. They are farmers and live of the land and has done so for many generations. The lands are wild and there is many dangers for Urag and his family. Two of the Urag's nephews Barq and Gunt has the very important task to protect the tribe from all kind f dangers. They have got some orc armor that they got from a old troll cave in the mountains. When they where patrolling the grounds man and elves came out from the bushes with raised bows and arrows pointing at them. They where told that they should stay calm and show the way to the tribe leader. More strangers came out from the woods, knights and heavily armed soldiers. Barq and Gunt realized that they where over outnumbered and surrounded so they went back to the house so that the strangers could meet Urag. [ Urag gathered his sons and his nephews and met the men. In the midst of the strangers there was a man without armor or weapon. When the tribe was surrounded by the troops the man came forward. He started to speak in common language. The tribes elder and spiritual leader Ashmat where the only one that understand the man, so he had to translate to Urag. The man called himself a Herald of Zamorah and said that he came in peace and that he had very important information about the lands where the tribe lived. The herald told the tribe that they lived in the Zamorah shire and that they had done so all since they moved to this place many generations ago. Zamorah was aware that they lived on the lands and that the rulers of Zamorah didn't mind that. But now that Zamorah was visible to all of Historica the lands was in a risk of being invaded by evil forces. This would affect the tribe as well. The tribe members started to whisper of bad omens and ill times to come. Every one was scared of this men and where very suspicious. Ashmat the elder told that he had seen this coming in his oracle bones for some time now and that they had o be careful and listen to the man. The herald then explained that they could live n the land free of tax if they would stay loyal to Zamorah if the and would be attacked and protect this lands. To help with this four of the tribes strongest men would get fine new armor and weapons free of charge. The herald showed some fine dark armor with inscribed with dragons in gold. This was a mighty gift for the tribe that would help them protect themselves. The herald also said that if they where i trouble Zamorah would send out troops to help. Urag was very pleased with this agreement and shook the heralds hand i agreement.
  2. This is a very old vignette that I decided to photograph today. Hopefully there will be coming more photo's of old MOC's of mine soon. Looks like the cyclopses are blocking the path to the temple that's just standing there on the rocky hill to be raid. Will the men of Monster Raiders get past them and prevail???
  3. somelegothings_

    Large Marvel Figbarf

    Welcome! On this forum I will show off multiple Marvel Minifigures. A list is provided below. Top Row - Bucky, Cyclops, Vision, and Sam Wilson. Middle - Ant-Man, Mockingbird, Warp, and Black Panther. Secondary Middle - Rocket Raccoon, Moon Knight, Hawkeye, Ice Man, and Nova. Front- Daredevil, Captain Marvel, Star-Lord, and Punisher. Comment on which is your favorite! C&C Appreciated also! View it on Flickr!: Full size:
  4. Hi. I am a new AFOL and very new to brickfilms. Here is my first real effort. It was filmed and edited entirely on my iPad. I learned a lot while doing it, so I'm hoping future efforts are even smoother. I really enjoy watching build videos, so this takes that basic concept but adds a bit of storyline behind it. I chose set #31010, the Creator Treehouse, for my first one because it is still pretty new and doesn't yet have a lot of reviews or build videos. Future efforts will mix new and older sets. Thanks for watching!
  5. Cyclops based on his appearance in Astonishing X-Men. Reference Enjoy! -Omi
  6. TyoSolo

    [MOC] - Ambush

    Ambush He's taken the bait - RUN! That Cyclops is going to have a really bad headache very soon Created for the Brick Fanatics Series 9 Diorama contest. It is a perfect 16 stud cube. This is also my first ever completed MOC, and my first attempt at SNOT building. The limitations set were that it had to be 16x16, no taller than 16 bricks, and must feature a series 9 CMF. There is a picture at another angle in my Flickr stream Let me know what you think.