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Found 6 results

  1. I was sure that I've already shared it on weekend, but seems that it was lost ... I've published a book with a complete set of table about the Austrian army during Napoleonic wars. Base for that were the decal set I started years ago on the base of Mosana's designs. They get a complete relaunch with all the necessary changes to be as historical accurate as possible representing the different Austrian Units. See here the decals used for the Austrian Landwehr and partly a s base also for other units: . The 2nd topic were all the custom hats and helmets for the Napoleonic times where the first item ever done in the 3d printing technology was started here after a longer discussion how the rare shakos can be recreated with other means. The 3rd part were all the renders I can do now with LDD, LDD2povray, stl2povray and povray. During Christmas I recoded a bigger part so that doing these tabels with figures in diferent positions can be done more easily. See one of the results here (Hungarian insurrectio troops): Finally I have added some textual clue mainly referencing some historical or military explanations (with references to the text in Wikipaedia) resulting now in the book published by .... Since a lot of topics and techniques created for this book were first discussed here I want to thank all the member which have contributed with their ideas ... Woody64
  2. Hello, I have created a better scale tire & rim for trucks and light industry vehicles with a proper rim offset. The proportions allow for dual tire mounting and single. Is there any intrest within the community to have something like this produced? (in low volumes) I would look forward to hearing any insight/ feedback - purists need not respond! :) The tire would be a flexible rubber like material, rim would be SLS printed or ABS.
  3. I've just finished the last of the ME Models track parts in LDraw: R40 + R56 + R72 + R88 + R104 by Duq, on Flickr The available parts are: 8x2 Connector (for curves) 8x3 Connector (for straights) 8L Straight rail 32L Straight rail R56 Curved rails (Inner & Outer) R72 Curved rails (Inner & Outer) R88 Curved rails (Inner & Outer) R104 Curved rails (Inner & Outer) I've also created 'shortcut' parts for complete sections of each of the curves as well as the two straights. All parts are available for download from Github. ME Models Half Length Track by Duq, on Flickr
  4. LDraw rods are now available

    As you likely know, I have been fabricating custom rods for lego steam locomotives. Now I have great news for the digitally inclined steam engine builders, I have just added LDraw files for most of the common custom rods listed in my store. Ronald 'Duq' Vallenduuk developed the LDraw part design and subparts for his own use (e.g., here) based on the physical rods. He has graciously allowed me to share these files. I've merely expanded his template to use my own naming scheme and include many of the rod designs I've fabricated. You can find examples of the physical rods here and the LDraw files here. I'm planning on adding less common rods soon and then eventually the valve gear bars. Make beautiful virtual models and be sure to visit Duq's Flickr page or Bricklink store.
  5. [full gallery] I have modified the locomotive from the Lone Ranger, Constitution Train Chase (Lego set 79111) to add working driver rods. I had to completely rework the pilot to make everything work, but I think the final design is pretty good. The new model is the same width as the original, one stud longer, and it has working rods. The mechanicals are packed in very efficiently. The front wheel just barely clears the cow catcher, the side rods just barely clear the crossheads, I came up with a clever bearing to fit over the moving pilot axle, etc.. With the moving rods I think this engine is shaping up to be pretty sharp. A larger tender would be nice, and one of these days I'll take a stab at that. The one tradeoff (and I'm not sure it is much of a tradeoff) is the fact that I had to convert it from a Ten Wheeler to a Mogul. Here's a shot of the modified engine on a curve I've prepared instructions for the modification and have already uploaded jpegs to brickshelf (I'm working on finding a good home for the .pdf version). There are two versions of the instructions: V1 is for building the modified model from scratch, V2 is for retrofitting the completed model after it has been built. To build this modified model you will need the parts that come with Lego set 79111 and the additional parts listed on the last two pages of the instructions. Note that this build requires 4 non-Lego pieces for the driver rods, available here. [full gallery]
  6. Custom 1xN ladders

    As I mentioned in my post about the GN S2 MOC, I have slipped one step further down the Lego purity slope and made my own ladders. (click on the image or here to see the full gallery) You can see examples of the short ladders clipped on at the front of the tender and the long ladders clipped on at the back of the tender. If you look closely at the ladders on the front of the tender, you will see that the surface is matte (they will not be mistaken for shiny bricks), but some of the lego bars have a similar matte surface. The spacing between rungs is similar to the lego bars, but I've made the holes square instead of rectangular. Probably not something a minifig would want to put their foot in. I think the dimensions look a lot better for my rolling stock and it is definitely a heck of a lot easier than trying to do a brick built version. This past week I've retrofitted one of my earliest MOCs with the new ladder- original in back and new in front. Click on the image to see more, including the smaller ladder on the other end of the car. I like the proportions a lot better. After doing this change, I see a lot of other tweaks that I will do to the boxcar, e.g., using grilled cheese bricks for the running boards leading to the ladder, removing the buffers You can see photos of all four sizes that I've fabricated so far here. And for those of you who want to be tempted down the purity slope, you can do so here. Enjoy!