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Found 8 results

  1. DanDelie


    Dandelie Anime Avatar This basically is my “avatar” in Lego. I used some custom parts and filters, to make it look even more like japanese mangas or animes. comment in the section below if you found content like this, or that you made! How do we post bigger pics ;w;
  2. DanDelie

    Video Game LEGO MOC

    Post your MOC’s here or just post ones that tou liked. And also have fun! Made by LDiego
  3. As Salida Este continues to grow, the Eslandolan colonists recognize that the success of this settlement is due in large part to the combined efforts of the Halosians and the native islanders. The MCTC has strived to make sure they work with the natives to benefit all. As the MCTC has developed the island’s resources, using the island’s indigo plants to create dyes used in manufacturing textiles, native customs have been respected and the islanders, who were quick to pick up the mercantile ways of the newcomers, have acclimated themselves to Eslandian society and find themselves in roles throughout the booming economy. To show their respect for the native inhabitants of Ferro Azure, the MCTC has commissioned a statue of Sallah, a revered native leader from a century ago, and placed it atop a fountain. The fountain is located at something of a crossroads, a plaza shaded by trees, and people from all walks of life in Salida Este walk by it every day, whether for business or pleasure. Watching the people who pass by, one can see people from all parts of society in Salida Este. Here a couple of merchants—one native, one Eslandian—discuss a potential deal. An Eslandolan soldier in typical local attire slowly passes by atop his horse. An older native couple, both involved in management of the local textile factory, are out for a walk… …while a young native girl and Eslandolan boy share a special moment. A local artisan uses the fountain to explain to his son how a water pump works… …while his cat eyes a possible feast. Here’s another look at the full build: To be licensed as an art & culture property in Salida Este. I got the idea for this fountain a couple of months ago when I stumbled across the blue animal horns on bricklink, and I knew exactly how I wanted to use them. Sallah was originally going to be a merrynight figure, but I didn't get the build done in time for that storyline. All C&C welcome.
  4. legoMoccer

    Essence Of Japan

    Hello, id like to share my latest moc its 4 small scenes featuring some of the more traditional parts of Japanese culture, any feedback and suggestions would be great More images and a better description can be found here -
  5. In the Settlement of Astrapi, a new statue has been erected for those too busy to get to the Temple of Zeus that day. If passing this statue, the faithful can pray or stop to have a chat. If it's a lovely day, why not? Some old peddlers even may stop by telling you a secret, if you the coin of course. They say that Zeus faces the direction of the secret relic, but nobody has been able to locate it, at this point at least. Those peddlers seem strangly like Eslandolers...
  6. For looking at this build I recommend having this video open: Our lumberjacks are busy, every now and then they need a break, and what's better than making music while doing that? Even Gouverneur Monezterell decided to join them making music. Even some Soldiers decided to take a short break to listen to the music... Licensed as a small Art/Culture in Fuerte Unido
  7. When the first settlers came to An Holli more than 50 years ago and founded Weelond, they built the initial structures mostly from wood. As the settlement became more established, they replaced structures that were considered vital to the settlement with more permanent buildings made from stone. Other than the fort, one of the first structures to be rebuilt using local stone was Weelond’s church. It is located on the village green, between the town market and the waterfront’s warehouse district. Fifty years after it was built, it is now known simply as “the old stone church.” Reverend Calvert DuBois invites us inside. Once inside, we can see the sanctuary, which feels larger than one might expect due to the high roof and large stained glass windows. At the rear of the church, Rev. DuBois has an office where he keeps his library and items needed for church services. The church is a center of Weelond’s cultural activity. Rev. DuBois has a full house in attendance today for his sermon. Let’s take a quick peek from his office as he delivers his sermon. * * * Build notes: - I actually started planning this build before the Cultural and Educational categories were added to the list of property types in the game, so that saved me the trouble of figuring out how to classify it. - The main roof comes off for easy access: - There is no back wall, but I built it so that I could add a removable wall at some point in the future: As always, all c&c welcome! For details on the religion practiced here, the Church of Sol and Luna, also known as the Church of the Two Coins, see here:
  8. After Eslandolan explorer Cato Calrelli returned with news that he had discovered an island east of Terraversa, a handful of adventurous colonists sailed to the island of Nellisa and established the settlement of Nova Terreli on its northwestern coast. One of the first permanent structures these early settlers built was a church. The structure features buttressed walls, arched windows along the sides, inset statuettes flanking the entrance, round windows high at both ends, a traditional clay tile roof, and a bell tower. Only large enough to accommodate a dozen people at most, Nova Terreli soon outgrew the small structure. That old church is now known as the Chapel de San Terreli, and it is still used today for small weddings and other gatherings. Officials still keep the building and grounds well maintained. The chapel is an important cultural icon for the citizens of Nova Terreli as both a religious structure and a reminder of the settlement’s roots. * * * Here are a couple of additional architectural shots: