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Found 16 results

  1. Hi all, My latest MOC is an Architecture style version of the National Gallery of Denmark (Danish: Statens Museum for Kunst - SMK) in central Copenhagen. The building was completed in 1896 and is inspired by Italian renaissance. The modern building on the back was added in 1998. More pictures can be found in this Flickr folder Read more about the building process and see reference pictures below the model images. And please leave a comment if you like the model The corner slopes in sand green have been in my collection since 21017 Imperial Hotel and I have known for some time that I wanted to use them for this model. This brick would define the scale of the entire building together with the 1 x 6 x 2 arch chosen for the arch above the main entrance. Multiple colors (Medium Nougat, Tan, Dark Tan and Light Grey have been used to mimic the weathered look of the facade. Esben
  2. Esben Kolind

    [MOC] Holckenhus

    Hi all, I present to you my model of Holckenhus, a building from 1893 in central Copenhagen, Denmark. As I have biked past it many times and really like the style, I have been wanting to build it in LEGO bricks for some time. There is a reference picture at the bottom of the post and more pictures can be found in the Flickr Album Do you like it? All comments are welcome. Esben
  3. The Mountain is a residential building in Ørestad, a modern neighborhood in Copenhagen, Denmark. It is designed by Danish architect Bjarke Ingels (BIG) My model is 96 x 80 studs and built in scale 1:150 based on the actual drawings supplied by the architect. It was built for the exhibition "Formgiving" in Danish Architecture Center showcasing the work of Bjarke Ingels. While the front of the building is a sloped and angled layer of apartments and terraces, the back of the building features a large image of Mount Everest hiding the parking garage inside. Each floor has a distinct color code only visible from the back. This photo shows the regular structure and symmetry of the building. Each floor is 7 plates high. Seen directly from the top, the 45 degrees angles are very visible. The different apartment levels are accessed by a "tilted" elevator between the parking garage and the apartments. This can be seen in the picture below. A picture of The Mountain in the sunset More pictures in very high resolution can be found in this Flickr album. The building process has been documented on the blog where other LEGO models from the Formgiving exhibition are also presented. In the blog posts below you can read about initial design considerations, selection of scale and color, building a mosaic of Mount Everest and see reference pictures of the building. I have included some teaser pictures. Getting started - initial design The parking garage Starting from the bottom Half way up the hill Preparing to build Mount Everest Reaching the summit The final model All comments are welcome. Esben Instagram Flickr
  4. Together with my mother Anne Mette I have built this LEGO layout for the summer exhibition in the BR toy shop on Strøget (the main shopping street in Copenhagen). The UEFA European Football Championship will be held in the summer 2021. Some of the matches will be played in Copenhagen. Therefore, BR wanted a summer exhibition with football as its theme. Neither my mother nor I are interested in football. But we decided to build the four countries in the European Football Championship Group B: Denmark, Belgium, Finland and Russia. From Denmark we have built Rundetårn in Copenhagen. We built it back in 2018: LEGO Rundetårn | Flickr I have built Brussels Town Hall in Belguim: LEGO Brussels Town Hall | Flickr Anne Mette has built a Finnish forest: LEGO Finland | Flickr I have built Saint Basil's Cathedral in Moscow in Russia: LEGO Saint Basil's Cathedral | Flickr The layout is exhibited in the shop window in BR on Strøget until July 25th.
  5. I finished my Copenhagen Kiosk, free building instructions, sticker sheet and parts list on Rebrickable
  6. Hi all Anybody comming to LEGOWORLD in Bella Center, Copenhagen? it is thursday - sunday in week 7. Maybe a small gathering for hello folks sometime during opening? I will be there, with some stuff in the FAN zone. so fell free to come by a say hi. All the Best Henning M.
  7. Ulrik Hansen

    MOC City of Copenhagen

    [Edit: September 2nd 2016] I have finally gotten around to extending this model in the direction of Kongens Nytorv and Nyhavn which are two very popular destinations of Copenhagen for both tourists and the citizens. I'll put a picture both here and also with a comment later in this thread. Lots of close-ups of the extended part in the Flickr gallery [Edit: 2014] I have now added a whole bunch of pictures both here and on flickr. If you want the historical, explanatory discription for the different buildings you will have to visit the flickr photo set. And feel free to leave a commend here or there :) Original message 2014: I'm a member of Danish LUG Byggepladen and I'm a bit of a rare poster in this wonderful forum, but here's my short story: Over the last few years one thing let to another and much later I'm finally done with my model City of Copenhagen (Denmark). It is a microscale, sporting a really twisted micro snot mosaic road system. For lack of better I have chosen to call it OAMR System — Oblique Angle Micro Road System. You won't get a more LEGO System compatible micro snot road system for this scale. I would personally love to see some different micro's (just as a contrast to those otherwise beautiful Micro Skyscraper Square Grids), perhaps depicting one of the many awesome city plans of the world or just something you make up yourself :) And once again, here is the whole photo set on flickr. The photo from LEGO World Copenhagen 2014:
  8. So I went to the LEGOWorld Copenhagen 2016 along with thousand´s of other people last weekend. It was a great event as usual for us fans of LEGO. As i could bore you with an insane amount of pictures of all of the event I will focus only on the Fan area. For now, most pictures are present. More will be added lateron! As I wen´t along with my sister twins, I had to somewhat rush through the event ( well, I didnt get the time to talk to everyone as you can imagine how eager 5year old kids behave ) Another thing that is really a shame is that I thought I had my camera all setup for the event. For some reason a lot of the pictures were overexposed ( I think is the right word in English ). I´ve been trying to the best of my ability to make all the pictures watchable afterall. Hope that you will enjoy as much as I did. Here we go: Ulrik Hansen came up with the information that its creator is Søren Johansen from Byggepladen (DK), and Cowboy Gibson from Brikkelauget (NO) A representation called Dragons Lair. As a kid I spend an awefull lot of coins playing a game named the same at the local Arcade, now I´ve just been told by Ulrik Hansen, that i´ts actually a representation of Smaug from LOTR. The creator is Sharon Vance from MichLUG (US). A gorgeous creation indeed ! JanetVanD were there as well. Her Awesome creation Fortress of solitude was also one of my favorites. Im so sad that my pictures of it turned out so bad. This is the best I could present to you. But check her creation out yall ! Transformers. These creations ( I know two are missing for now, will add pictures lateron ), can be transformed as the creator had an tablet showing the process. This scale and the way they were made was beyond my skills. Mindblowing to say the least. My god ! STARCRAFT !!!! These creations were also some of the best to me. I´ve been trying to build microscale Starcraft creations some years ago, but I only finished Terran and Protos. Zerg were the bane of my life. Those organic forms to me is just insanely har to accomplish. Cecilie is the woman who made these. I think she did it to what I think is the best that LEGO can offer for now with the part´s available. So well done ! You can watch all of her Starcraft creations Here on Flickr.And they are definatly worth checking out. Bricksonwheels were present. And while I´m mostly into Classic build´s or Historic themes, these just threw me of the floor. Seeing these creations in real life was just the best part of the day. So well build, so well presented. To top it Bricksonwheels is a really friendly guy. Check out his book: The Art of LEGO Scale modelling. Gulliver´s Island by Palle & Tina Haulrich of Byggepladen (DK). A fun MOC that I would have never thought of making. This was also a thing that draw the twins as they had recently been told the story. They enjoyed it as well as i did. An Rasmus Klump Diorama. Build by these people from Byggepladen (DK): Anne Mette Vestergaard, Lasse Vestergaard, Helgi Toftegaard, Henrik Kunz and Jakob Hestbæk. Again Ulrik Hansen came to help out telling us all who made this wonderful creation. I have no clue as to what, if these Child book´s even exist´s in English. If they do please tell what they are called. Another very well represented build with loads of awesome easily recognisable features from these kid´s stories. For now most of the pictures are here. Next step is to add text and so on. Im not quite done with the whole of the event. Busy busy. But will add more when I have some sparetime to spend on this post. I hope you got something out of it and enjoyed the pictures as well as the builds. If you know who made any of the MOC´s i havent yet named the creators of, please give me a hint so i can add proper links to the user, or at least link´s to their respective Flickr, or whatever they use to publish their creations. All C and C will be appreciated. Dont hold back. KlodsBrik
  9. Rosenborg Castle is a renaissance castle located in Copenhagen, Denmark. It was built by the famous Danish King Christian IV. The construction started in 1606, and after several expansions the castle was completed in 1633. My LEGO model of the castle shows it in the 1630s when the castle was new and Christian IV lived there. Christian IV is one of the most famous Danish kings. He was born in 1577 as the oldest son of King Frederik II. At the death of his father in 1588 the 11-years-old Christian became king of Denmark and Norway. He is frequently remembered as one of the most popular, ambitious, and proactive Danish kings, having initiated many reforms and projects. Many of the most famous buildings in Copenhagen was built during his reign. But he also engaged Denmark in numerous wars which undermined the Danish economy. He also had more than 20 children with 5 different women. Christian IV died in 1648. His reign of almost 60 years is the longest of all Danish monarchs. More photos of my MOC: More information about the castle: https://en.wikipedia...osenborg_Castle
  10. Horsecreek

    [MOC] Tivoli Main entrance

    Together with 6 other members of my lug we made a LEGO edition of Tivoli in Copenhagen. My Friend Lasse Vestergård has already presented the complete layout. Here a few days before I start to take it apart I think it deserves its own presentation. An overview from the streetside. The TIVOLI guards. These guards are musicians dressed as Royal danish guards.. From the inside of the park The left side building with the ticket and season-pas office. More photos and details at Mocpages Google Streetview for comparison Let me know if you think I've missed a detail.
  11. Horsecreek

    A new guy from Denmark

    Hi So now i'm here on eurobricks too. I've read topics from time to time when refered to from other sites. And sometime ago i created an account here. Now it is time to use it as well. I'm from Denmark. 35 years at the moment. Member of the danish lug Byggepladen. I have an appartment just outside Copenhagen. It is not yet full of LEGO bricks but i'm working on it I could write a lot more but that will be another day. Jakob
  12. These are the first two "completed" vehicles of my Copenhagen Fire Depatment project. If I ever get around to it I am going to change the white doors for a solution with grey tiles. I always kind of hated those white doors, but they were all I had. Also I need new stickers on plastic in stead of paper, they look horrible around the edges. The first one is the I3, a Mercedes Econic rescue truck. It has e crew of 4, 2 in the front cab and 2 in the back. I am pretty happy with the cab, I might change the bumper though, at least change the head lights to some trans clear ones. Doors open, and a little view to the crew compartment. I am happy with how the back end turned out. I haven't put the equipment in yet, but here you can get an idea of the interior of the compartments. Here is the I2, a MAN dive rescue vehicle. It too has a crew of 4, a driver and leader in the front cab and 2 divers in the back. I think the cab turned out pretty ok, but needs a little internal work for structural integrity Here is a little view of the crew compartment and the tool compartments. My planned reconstruction will fit about twice as much equipment, and look more realistic. I was never quite happy with the back half of the truck. Some more tool compartments. The reconstruction will move the stuff you see in the compartment furthest to the back and hopefully allow me to use the space for more equipment Here is the stuff you saw in the other picture, a hydraulic cutter and some jacks loaded on hand trucks. Please let me know what you think
  13. Located in Copenhagen, Denmark, the Gemini Residence used to be two seed silos. Here's my interpretation as a LDD MICRO MOC. Although this MOC is fairly simple, you may click on the image to download the LXF file.
  14. Hi everyone. A new building is available for download. This time it's the Ferring International Center/Pharmaceuticals in Ørestad City, Denmark. Just like the Radisson Blu Royal Hotel I made a while back, the logos on the building is made in Photoshop, since custom decals is unavailable as you all know. Picture of the real building In case of LDD is crashing upon loading the model, follow these three steps. 1. Go to the settings in LDD. 2. Uncheck "High-quality rendering of bricks placed in the scene". (If it still crashes, try uncheck "High-quality of bricks in the Brick Palette in the settings.) 3. Restart LDD and then load the building. Download Contains 13178 bricks, just a heads up for you guys with a slower computer.
  15. Merry Christmas! Last year I build this MOC together with my mother for the LUG showcase in LEGO Store Copenhagen: Our MOC was exhibited in LEGO Store in November and December 2011: More pictures can be found here: http://www.brickshel...ry.cgi?f=487272