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Found 2 results

  1. Raising the Dead – Family Heirloom (Community Story Build) Paulos had a long trip back from Mpya Stedor. It was a good party, but the celebration was bitter sweet when he knew what lay ahead. He was on his way back to Queens Cross in order to pick up an item that he had hid there since before the battle. This item, the spear that killed his brother Dugal, was important evidence that he would bring before the Merchants Council at Eastgate to damn his brother Petera for his participation in Dugal’s murder. Petera was now First Lord of Eastgate, the ruler of the city and the controller of its armies and fleet. He was also the CEO of GEAR CO, one of the most powerful trading companies in Historica. Paulos had a tough task ahead of him, but Petera must pay. He arrived at the house of the former noble Lord Pastroo. Pastroo had fought against Paulos at Queenscross, and after the battle, Paulos had him executed for treason. Petera had sent out a warrant for Paulos’s arrest after that, claiming that he had “no authority to murder a high noble.” Paulos knew that he would have to retake the city by force, and he had enlisted Lord DaMaximus and his armies to help him in this task. Currently DaMaximus lay siege to Eastgate’s Old City. Although, not much progress had been made according to reports. Inside the house he was shocked. The two guards that he had left to “guard the house” (They didn’t know the spear was hidden here) were brutally murdered and laying on the floor in the grand hall. Paulos checked under the floor boards and found that the spear was missing! He panicked. At that moment there was a knock on the door to the room. Paulos turned to find a Grelf standing in the door way. “Come in, I must.” He said. “Yesil, I am Yesil, and Paulos Maclean, you are. Yeesssssss.” He introduced himself. Paulos knew a little of the Grelf from what Dugal had briefly mentioned. DSC_0382 by skaforhire, on Flickr “The spear that killed your brother, you have. Masa Of Kaliphlin needs it.” “I am afraid I cannot help, as the spear has been taken from this place, and I do not know by whom.” Paulos Said. The Grelf gave a subtle smirk and start to hum, about a minute later his eyes went wide and he said: “Your brother, Petera, has the spear. Your guards his men killed, and to hide the spear from all who wish to use it he intends. Die, you must retrieve the spear or Dugal will. “ “Dugal is already dead!” Paulos said. Yesil responded, in an almost rehearsed manner, “Death is but a sleep so deep. But of essence time is. For should the soul of the dead this life forget, there can be awakening no more.” “So, what does the spear have to do with Dugal’s resurrection?” Paulos asked. “One of the four ingredients required to bring Dugal back from the next world, the spear is. Obtain it, you must. Paulos sighed. “I am going to need allies.” So it was that Paulos sent messages to the four corners of Historica asking for heroes to come to Eastgate and help him take back his home and find the spear that slayed Dugal. Like the firstand second plot lines, this is a community build. All three plot lines will merge together in an attempt to bring Dugal back from the dead. In this plotline, the builders will be completing MOCs that have to do with the Civil War that is going on within Eastgate. Volunteers will join Paulos’s side in trying to locate the spear within Eastgate. MOCs for this storyline will be more combat oriented, as there are two large armies facing off in this siege. There will be a series of tasks given by me to the volunteers. They will represent missions within Eastgate or its surroundings. Once the task is MOCed, then the builder will receive one point. That point represents how many men the builder will be able to field for the final battle of the siege. Builders will be able to complete many tasks in order to build up their army, but points will not be given by to builds that are considered rushed or incomplete (Judged by Masa and Myself, we will ask a non-participant to be a tie breaker) Of course, the bigger the army, the more glory there is to be had in the final battle of the Siege of Eastgate. I will run that siege similar to how the Battle of Queens Cross was run. Finally, the top three builders with the most points by the end date of this plotline will be asked to build a MOC representing their characters finding the Spear. The three builds will be put up for a GOH-wide vote for the best build. The winner would have bragging rights and be considered a Hero of Eastgate. So what we need is volunteers. I will start giving tasks on the 20th of August, but you can sign up for this plotline as late as September 15th. The first few tasks will be the same for everyone, but those who complete the first three will start to get more customized missions. The end date for this plotline is October15th. I will answer any questions or clarify whatever you need. I hope many of you will join us on this plotline, the first plotline, or the second plotline. Or... All three, there is no limit how many plots you participate in, If you have the time to build for each, go ahead and sign up for all three.
  2. With the war behind her, Merith was accepting her new life without Dugal. Through the clever actions of some of Dugal’s close friends, she had been snuck out of Eastgate and brought to Varlyrio for her safety. Through kind donations by the Charities of Mpya Stedor, she had raised enough money to create a monument to Dugal. Instead, she thought it better to honor his memory by constructing the Home for Orphans of the Revolword War. After all, he technically owed Dextrus Flagg two orphanages from when he swore allegiance – She though paying his debt would be a good way to honor him. Varlyrio’s Capital Illaryian provided a perfect place far from the combat, where the orphans would be safe. However, the city is at is bursting at its seams, and real-estate – especially new floating platforms – was at a premium. So she decided to buy a couple old buildings and have them converted. home by skaforhire, on Flickr Merith picked an old merchant’s warehouse and headquarters and had the men of GEAR Co. begin construction. Unfortunately, they found that one of the platforms needed major repair to the floatation devices underneath it. This set her back a pretty penny. Luckily, she had made friends. Dania, a Varlyrian noble and Kylee a Cedrican Lady, and also a refuge. The three women pulled their money together and finally were able to get the project started. DSC_0363 by skaforhire, on Flickr This is how life had been for a few months, gathering orphans and repairing the new orphanage; however, today something different happened. A man that Merith had met a few times showed up on a small boat. It was Cannondale, the man of few words. He handed her a chest and said “These are Dugal’s possessions; Paulos wanted you to have them.” He gave the ladies a farewell, and said that he could not stay because his ship back to Eastgate was leaving within the hour. DSC_0355 by skaforhire, on Flickr Merith quickly open the chest after he had left. Inside she could smell the familiar sent of Dugal, her eyes welled up with tears. She took out a few maps, a journal, and finally, at the bottom, there was a letter. A letter addressed to her! DSC_0374 by skaforhire, on Flickr She opened it up immediately, but it was not from Dugal. It was from some person named Yesil. “If you love Dugal, heed my words, you will. Way to bring him back, there is. Working on raising his father from the dead before he died, was he. On a long journey, this is why he was, you on the journey he met. “Needed to bring him back from the dead, four items are. The spear that killed him, the first is, which fetch, your brother-in-law will. The kiss of life, the second item is, which get, another will. Wilverdragon's tooth, the third is, and already set that part in motion, your fiancé has. To obtain the angel's tear, your task is. Have to retrace Dugal's steps in order to find this item, you will. To find this last item use his journal, but need help from others, you will. “Time is of the essence; no one knows how long his soul has after death. You must meet at the location of Dugal’s death within a few months if you are to succeed. You must go immediately. Of the essence, time is; after death, no one knows how long his soul has. You must meet at the location of Dugal's death within a few months if, to succeed, you are. Go immediately, you must. “ Merith told her friends of what her plan was – Immediately book passage to Historica in order to pick up where Dugal left off. She asked the ladies to stay and oversee the completion of the orphanage Dania agreed, but Kylee refused to be left out of the action. Merith also knew that she would need help in this journey – she would have to call upon the other heroes of Historica to aid her in her quest. So it was that the two ladies would set out to find the Angel’s Tear, and retrace the steps. ------------------------------ Like the first plot line, this is a community build. All three plot lines will merge together in an attempt to bring Dugal back from the dead. In this plotline, we will be retracing Dugal’s voyage that happened two years back. Each build in this thread will depict a before and after MOC. The first MOC is Dugal first attempting a task in the past. The second MOC (which does not have to be totally different) should represent the present – your character completing the task, and succeeding in finding a clue to where the Angel’s Tear is. Your present MOC could include Merith and Kylee if you want. I will have the first quest MOCed next week as an example, but I will pass the torch off to the first volunteer. At the end of your story, you should send the next builder in line a task. For example, if the first task is to capture the heart of a Minotaur. Once the characters have completed it, the builder would name the next quest. The next builder in line would build their interpretation of the quest when Dugal attempted it, and a present attempt at the quest by their character or Merith. Depending on how many people volunteer, we will see how many different quests each builder will build. My avatar is Dugal, and this pic below is Merith (Blue Dress) and Kylee. DSC_0375 by skaforhire, on Flickr You can substitute whatever you need to represent them. Remember, at the end Merith will need to find the Angel’s Tear, so we need to keep following Dugal’s path until we get there. If you would like to participate in this plotline (and you can do multiple plotlines if you like), please volunteer by August 17th enrollment in this build quest line is open indefinitely. Although, we can probably add a few more people after this date depending on turnout. I will answer any questions or clarify whatever you need. I hope many of you will join us on this plotline, the first plotline, or the third plotline. Or... All three, there is no limit how many plots you participate in, If you have the time to build for each, go ahead and sign up for all three.