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Found 7 results

  1. Hey, I need some help with verifying/authenticating a NYCC 2011 Green Lantern. I got this minifigure from a private seller in Pennsylvania who said he went to the NYCC and got this minifigure. All completely normal until I received the minifigure today, where upon I discovered it was missing its second face. It has the smirking face on one side and nothing on the other. The smirking face appears to be the exact same as the ones in pictures but I don't have another physical one to compare it to. All the parts of the minifigure have the Lego logo on them including the head. The seller also didn't provide the original card claims to have lost it. My questions are: 1. Does anyone with the 2011 Green Lantern have a missing face? 2. If not, is this one a fake or a misprint? 3. How do I upload photos? Says I can't upload photos beyond a certain size? Thanks! Andy
  2. Hey all, With the release of Go Brick Me, I’m looking to use the bases of the two figures you get plus extra parts in my collection to closely approximate the Comic Con Brickheadz to complete my collection. I was searching for the instructions for any of the convention exclusive Brickheadz online and could only find a Reddit post for 41498 Boba Fett and Han Solo in Carbonite. It looks like the inventories of a few of them (namely the early DC ones) are on BrickLink but I can’t seem to find any instructions besides one YouTube video showing how two of them are made. Thus, does anyone with the sets listed below happen to have the instructions they could share by any chance? Much appreciated! 41490 41491 41492 41493 41496 41497
  3. Hi all, List will be constantly updated. If it doesn't have a strike through it, it's still available! I do ship worldwide, please ask for a price quote. I ship free in the continental United States. I am located in Kentucky, United States. I will consider trade, depending upon what you have. Just PM. I'm mostly looking to sell though. Pictures can be sent upon request, just PM with your e-mail. I have lots of pictures of every item. For Sale: Open Sets: #7780 Batboat: Hut for Killer Croc- 100% complete w/ instruction manual #7783 Batcave: The Penguin and Mr. Freeze's Invasion- 100% complete w/ instruction manuals (booklet one is partially loose from cover) #375/6075 Yellow Castle + Bonus 1980s IDEA Book- 100% complete w/ instruction manual and box. Box has slight water damage, and castle is missing 3 small stickers that spanned several pieces on the walls. #10220 Volkswagon T1 Camper Van: 98% complete w/ instruction manual +box Sealed sets: #4958 Advent Calendar #7957 Sith Nightspeeder #4202 Mining Truck #7067 Jet-Copter Encounter X2 #9467 Ghost Train Exclusive Minifigures: X2 SDCC 2012 Phoenix w/card 1/1000 X2 SDCC 2012 Venom w/ card 1/1000 X1 SDCC 2012 Phoenix w/o card 1/1000 X1 SDCC 2012 Venom w/o card 1/1000 X1 SDCC 2012 Shazam w/ card 1/1000 X2 SDCC 2012 Bizarro w/ card 1/10000 X1 NYTF 2012 Ironman and Captain America w/o bag and lanyard 1/125 X1 NYCC TMNT Shadow Leonardo w/ card 1/500 X1 NYCC TMNT Kraang w/card 1/300 Rare Minifigures: X2 Jango Fett X2 Cloud City Lando X2 Cloud City Leia X1 Cloud City Boba Fett X1 Watto (7186) X1 Emperor Sideous (10188) X1 Luke Dagobah Polybag Minifigures: X1 Chrome Stormtrooper (open) X5 Elrond (sealed) X1 Chrome Darth Vader (open) X1 Chrome C-3PO- Excellent (open) X1 Chrome C-3PO- Good (open) X1 Shadow ARF (open) X1 Chrome TC-14 (open) X1 Chrome TC-14 (sealed) X10 Uruk- Hai w/ Ballista (sealed) Shoot me a PM if interested.
  4. Dear LEGO Group, I have been a life-long fan of LEGO. My son and daughter are both LEGO fans. I am writing to you regarding the SDCC Exclusive Minifigures. This "Exclusive" system is really making your fans feel "Excluded". This system of distribution is extremely unfair on at least five levels: 1) Not everyone (in fact the vast, vast majority of LEGO customers) can or will ever be able to attend the SDCC. 2) The fact that the SDCC Exclusive Minifigures never gets released into general circulation means that they will always be targeted by scalpers -- people who have nothing to do with LEGO, are not loyal customers of LEGO but are simply leeches looking to exploit a supply / demand dislocation and turn it into pure, greedy profit. 3) The net effect is that the limited availability for these minifigures (already scarce to begin with) becomes even more scarce and the simple supply / demand forces pushes the prices to astronomical levels (hundreds of dollars, sometimes thousands) on the secondary markets. 4) This ends up rewarding the absolute wrong segment (i.e. scalping non-LEGO fans) -- while the vast majority of LEGO fans worldwide end up feeling very frustrated and unappreciated for their loyalty. For example, the SDCC Exclusive system has rewarded the lucky few with 2 different Spider-Man variants in as many years (Symbiote and ASM2), meanwhile, 99.99% of loyal LEGO Marvel fans have had 8 straight sets with the same ultimate Spider-Man minifigure -- absolutely no variants during that time. It has left many of us wondering what we have done to deserve such poor treatment? 5) For "completists" or collectors who wish to have every minifigure of a certain line (for me that would be the MARVEL Super Heroes line) my choices are very stark: 1) I either have to prepare to spend thousands of dollars for a few minifigures (at least hundreds per minifigure) or 2) I will simply have to accept that my collection will never be complete. SUGGESTED SOLUTIONS 1) Cease the SDCC Exclusive system 2) If after due consideration, TLG feels compelled to continue the SDCC Exclusive system, then at least rotate all of these minifigures into general circulation through future sets (even if it 1 or 2 years down the road). This will solve the issue of scarcity (and hence ridiculous hoarding and scalping of exclusive minifigures) and thus bring down the crazy secondary prices -- thereby effectively eliminating scalpers. And more importantly, your loyal customers get access to these minifigures at a reasonable price. [EDIT #1] 3) In addition to 2), perhaps TLG can offer (in due time -- or even alongside the events) the minifigures online. As some of the replies have suggested within this thread, many companies who offer SDCC items also provide the ability for customers to purchase them online (again, this is another method for addressing the issue of scalpers and outrageous secondary pricing). [EDIT #2] 4) Another excellent suggestion made by a fellow thread contributor is to make all SDCC exclusives very specific to each SDCC going forward (similar to the I NY LOVE Yoda). For example, each exclusive figure could be printed with an SDCC 2015 logo for next year (and for each year going forward). This way Convention goers can maintain the "exclusivity" and grab some Convention swag / goodies -- while the rest of us won't feel "excluded" and feel that we are missing an absolute crucial missing piece for their respective collection. [FINAL THOUGHTS] My main message to the LEGO Group is simply this: currently, the SDCC "Exclusive" system has left a lot of your loyal customers feeling "excluded" and this, in the end, runs counter to everything that LEGO should stand for -- products based on "building" and sharing that truly bring people together not pull them apart. Thank you for listening. From a loyal LEGO family.
  5. Lind Whisperer

    Green Lantern Set Confirmed at CC!
  6. I will update this post with pictures shortly.