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Found 10 results

  1. hallonsylt

    Maintenance of UCS sets

    Hi forum, I'm a UCS collector. I collect to build and display, not to have MISB sets. Therefore I need tips to keep my collection nice and tidy. Do you have your sets with or without stickers? I'm concidering peeling of all stickers that I've applied, especially the older used sets I've bought, since they simply look worse and worse every year. How do clean off dust? I bring them outside every once in a while to blow the dust of with compressed air. Problem is that some of the dust does not come off. All tips are welcome.
  2. Is there any way to remove any scratches or other blemishes to restore shine from any LEGO part by means of using a suitable polish for plastic? Usually when I find mixed parts in bags/boxes at thrift shops for instance, they usually have scratches as a result of being moved or shaken.
  3. Hello. Does anyone know of any good techniques to dust dusty legos. I have some fairly old ones that are caked with dust, but I don't know how to get rid of the dust thoroughly. Would a regualr old feather-duster work? Washing the bricks? Cans 'o' Air (for keyboards)? Thanks all! :-)
  4. Hello. I have around 16 used shock absorbers that I purchased from BrickLink, all used. When they arrived, I cleaned them thoroughly with a Clorox Wipe. I spent about 1 minute wiping each one. Can the bleach in the Clorox Wipe rust the metal spring? Is there anything I should do to prevent rust? Thank you.
  5. Often when I have LEGOs out (on display etc.) they get dusty, how do you dust between all the studs? It's really tedious to use a tissue to get between each stud, are there any better ways? Any suggestions would be welcome! Have a nice day fellow humans!
  6. Hi togehter, when I am selling Lego ships (I buy them and sell them expansiver to finance my collecting hobby) I wrote in the text that I cleaned the sails and that they are now like new. And every time 100 persons wants to know how I make that. Because of that I made a youtube video with my wife. It is nothing professional but it is enough to learn how it works. German with English subtitles German
  7. I read a few threads here about cleaning LEGO parts, but the challenge I have now is tougher than usual: glue residue! When removing custom stickers from my last MOC, most of them left quite a bit of glue residue on the panels and liftarms. I eventually figured I could avoid that by heating the sticker with a small halogen lamp, but too late. Rubbing the glue residue with my finger (tip or nail) only seems to make it worse. Looking around for ABS chemical resistance (e.g. here), it seems ABS doesn't get on well with many solvents. Only found these ones won't damage ABS: Fruit Juices Glycerine Hydrobromic Acid (Aqueous Solution) Potassium Chloride (Aqueous Solution) Vinegar Water Anyone knows of a better (safe) trick to get this glue residue off my parts? Thanks!
  8. I've got some bricks and tiles that have been in my collection for a while and are starting to really show the wear and tear. I know there's a method of restoring the shine and transparency to old transparent bricks, but I'm curious about the traditional non-transparent pieces.. You know how when you open up a new set, and the tiles and bricks are smooth to the touch, and glossy, and are just pleasant to the touch overall? That's what I'd like to return my pieces to. My question, therefore, is: Is there a method of returning the glossy, smooth, 'new' feel to used bricks? (Let's assume the pieces in question have been cleaned of dust, etc. beforehand, and aren't covered in tooth marks or bent/dented corners.) In particular, tiles are notorious for this, as they have this large smooth surface that's just perfect for attracting the micro-scratches. I suspect at least some of the loss of 'new feel' comes from the oil in our fingers, so whatever method used would be temporary - but that's perfect for taking final pictures (you'd just have to wear gloves and be willing to put in that extra bit of time to keep your model nice for the photo shoot). Anyone got a method for this?
  9. So my 42030 just took a nasty fall down some stairs into a pile of dirt, as far as i can tell nothing is broken just a few connections gave way and it still drives, but it is very dirty now, anyone got tips for cleaning it? preferably without dismantling it too much as it took me 14 hours to build and i don't have a lot of time to get it looking nice again. Here is some post carnage if anyone is curious(lo-res though)
  10. Everything's better with ninja - even bathroom cleaning! Here you can (hopefully) see the details better; basket & newspaper, sink, towel, vent, trashcan, toilet, toilet paper, and a plunger. Closer view: Feedback is appreciated! (SK, I folowed your advice with the windows!) Edit: Knew I forgot something: More pictures on my Flickr!