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Found 9 results

  1. For this contest I wanted to make something unique, LEGO already reintroduced Pirates with 21322 and now Imperial Guards with 10320 so we needed a 3rd faction. The Islanders, and what better set to remake than 6278/6292 Enchanted Island. This set has 1398 parts 8 minifigures (7 of them have new exclusive prints). I tried to keep as much of the original while using new parts and techniques.   (my first version)
  2. My contest entry is a remake of the 6279 Skull Island in the style of Barracuda Bay, and El Dorado Fortress. This set has 652 parts, and 8 minifigures, compared to the original set’s 350 parts and 6 minifigures. The main focal point of the “Skull” Island is the skull itself, I had many iterations until I settled on the current design. I wanted to keep it simple, to update the design as well as keeping it close to the original as well. It can also turn, allowing row boats entry into the island. I wanted more of the “mountainous” aspect of the island so I brick built them rather than using big ugly rock pieces like the original. I also added an extra beach along the right side of the build and another palm tree, as I felt the original felt a bit empty. Inspired by the original set, I have re-imagined the side wall of the island where two muskets can be found hidden among some palm leaves and vines! I really liked this play feature in the original, and it is my favorite part of the build! Opposite of the muskets, sits the treasure for safe keeping. Along the dock are various boxes and supplies for the pirates, as well as cannons This time around, they are built on modern turntables, keeping to similar to the original. I feel it makes the island more imposing. I added an extra cannon to the top of the pier, as I wanted to add more firepower! I added stairs in this remake, as I always wondered how they brought supplies up and down from the top of the balcony by ladder? A crane and chain bring up the heaviest of boxes to the top with ease! I also added a more enclosed captain’s quarter with a door. In the shallows of the island are two rowboats, one pirate crewman bringing in the latest plunder back to the island, as well as the Imperial Guard. The roof of the captain's quarters can be removed as a play feature, and can allow access inside. The original Skull Island did not have this feature, instead had large arches for ease of access, but for my remake I wanted to be able to have a more realistic style building, without sacrificing upon playability and looks. I have designed the railings where it matches perfectly with the stairs!* I recreated the original pirate minifigures to more updated styles, as well as one I designed. I also added an extra imperial guard to the entourage, as I feel the officer would want some extra muscle. I’ve never really made an MOC like this before, so I am very pleased with how it turned out! I was so inspired by so many other contest entries, it made me want to throw my hat into the ring too! Please let me know what you think, i’m still pretty new, so let me know anything I can improve or fix. Thank you!
  3. MontyMatte

    [MOC] Ruined Outpost

    Ahoy to y’all, happy to share my first pirates-based MOC to this great (sub)forum. The project is called [Ruined] Outpost - subtitled A Merchant‘s Tale. (More about the thoughts behind it after a short introduction) Prologue: Once again, our cheerful but slightly confused merchant can't find his intended destination. Was he holding the compass the wrong way around? On his odyssey through the waters, he spotted an Imperial outpost on a small island. He thought it would be a good idea to stop and ask for directions. Most of all he was happy to have a short chat. But the closer he got to the island, he noticed that it seemed deserted. Nevertheless, he landed to get a better impression and explore the location… Epilogue: Some time later: The once small but proud outpost is destroyed. No sign of our friendly merchant. In any case, he cannot have sailed away with his ship, it has been shattered and is adrift on the water. A dead soldier leans against the tower's broken walls. No matter what happened: A dark secret now surrounds this island. So much for my part of the story - what happened in between is up to the viewer's imagination. So both yours and mine. I'm still trying to figure out what happened ;) Maybe a few more pictures from all sides of the island will give new clues - or at least new ideas. About the creation: My actual goal was to build at least a small LEGO ship. (Respect to all you real shipbuilders btw). My result in more detail below I quickly realized that the ship needed a suitable background. So the idea of building an outpost on an island came up. A great opportunity to turn the idea into a homage to the classic LEGO pirate era. In addition to the ideal world it should also be included a ruined version. With a few movements the intact tower can be transformed into a ruin. The breaking point in the ship and the leaves at the hideout are further functions. Overall, it should give the building a bit of originality. Finally, it was important to me to use a high level of detail, which you don't see that often at classic pirates buildings but I prefer it with my MOCs. 1x1 Round Tiles were available at the Pick-A-Brick Wall. It seemed to be a great option for the water to me. A few more details that I particularly like: Not much to say about the minifig: Most of the elements were available in the LEGO shop (minifig tower). I particularly like the ´merchants's long hair and the soldier's red spot. For anyone who thinks this is too violent: It's just tomato sauce... Well, probably ;) I hope you like my project. Of course, I'm happy about any feedback. Or if you finally tell me what happened. Keep sailing! BR, Tobi / MM
  4. My last (propably) entry is a remake of another small, yet living in infamy, set: 6245, Harbour Sentry: There are so many things wrong here, which I decided to fix. First of all, the laws of Physics defying giant cannon on such a small boat. Second of all, why Lieutenant De Martinet, a high ranking officer of Imperial Army, and right hand man of Governor Broadside is rowing the boat by himself? Surely he would designate such menial task to a low ranking lackey. And he doesn't even have a place to store his personal weaponry, he had to clip his pistol on the cannon, and carry his cutlass on his lap. This is unacceptable! So, let us turn this dinky ol' dinghy, into a true, bona-fide gunboat! ARRRR, Now, that's more like it! A sturdy, yet smooth and curvy rowboat, with a small, yet still functional howitzer as a main weapon. There's plenty of space for De Martinet, one of his Marines, an amunition barrel, and any accessories and weapons our brave Lieutenant would need when patroling the docks of El Dorado Fortress! Hope you like it me mateys!
  5. We have seen the return of infamous Captain Redbeard in Pirates of Barracuda Bay, but where was his loyal First Mate Rummy? Propably had too much rum again, got marooned on a ramshackle Renegade's Raft, and woke up in the middle of the ocean, fighting with a big shark, and an even bigger headache, just like before, in a set from 1991: But now, the raft have recieved a substantial update: Why just have a flimsy flag and a pair of paddles, when you can have a full Gaff rigged sail, a steering Oar, and fishing rod! Rummy was also wise enough to bring a compass and spyglass to know where he's going. A parrot also perched on the mast top, so old Rummy has someone to talk to, and there's a bottle of unknown contents. Might be drinking water, might be the remainder of his rum binge that ended in this misadventure, or something else? You decide! Overall, it's a simple redesign, of a simple old set. Hope you like it me Mateys!
  6. For my contest entry, I wanted to make a small, yet feature packed little ship. Made in LDD and rendered in Bricklink Studio, It was based on 7416 Adventurer's set Emperor's ship, but I've remade it to be less of a Chinese Junk, and more of a Golden Age of Piracy Gunboat. I've added a bowsprit, cannon, steering wheel and a Poopdeck, and replaced cloth Junk sail with brick built Jib and Gaff Rigged sails (Ideally I'd use cloth sails, but I don't know how to do that in Studio). I'm very proud how it turned out, and I'm sure it would be a fine addition to Admiral Woodhouse's Navy. It's a very versatile vessel, perfect for patroling the shore, escorting and interception, and it's manned by a crew of three: Two Marines and One Captain. This is how it looks like from Starboard and Port. Even though the cabin under the poopdeck doesn't have much space, it's enough to keep charts and delicate navigation instruments away from the Elements. There's also a nice little hold for confiscated pirate contraband and treasure, though, to gain access to it, you have to remove the cannon. I guess that's what the huge crane at the Eldorado Fortress is for. Obviously it's the first cathegory entry, and I mainly tried to emulate the 2009 era, as it's evident by the Minifig Prints, and rather modern parts. EDIT: After hearing your suggestions, Here's the improved model: The Sails are now tan and with much less visible studs. New cannon! it's still not perfect, but it's much smaller, and has a built in stud shooter. And yes, you can open the hold with cannon still attached: Other changes: -Added Figurehead -Reduced number of golden decorations. Now it should be more aesthetically coherent. -Tweaked the stern a little bit. Added colours flag, and an additional lantern. - Made the hold trapdoor open the other way, this should make it more accessible.
  7. Somewhere in the midst of the Brick Seas... One will find a place where parrots, monkeys, sea rats and traders all live together in harmony under the protection of the code [more of a guideline really] ; Captain K; Hey! How come we never find any hidden treasures anymore and never take anyone's ship! I thought we were signing up to the pirate faction? We had more fun taking bluecoat-booty during the Terraversan war. Lothario Fraunces; We are sea rats; and you lot signed up to the Fraunces command. Therefore, take notice: we are more than mere unintelligent sea-robbers, we gather & build, we store & we trade; it is called capitalism! Pure and simple. See it as upgraded stealing! Did none of ye read Smith? Lefeau; 'Who?' Lothario Fraunces; Silence you unwashed baboon! Now gather round and hear us out; I believe New Nassau to be the perfect place to enhance our operations around these waters. The seas are bubbling with war and the supply steams grow greater everyday. If we can't overprice our goods to needy colonist, another warring faction will bid even more for our mostly fair-begotten booty. With all the employed Sea Rats gathered, Fraunces enlightened his henchmen on how to proceed. The meeting was held deep under the fortress, in his personal wine cellar. This is also the place where the most valuable goods are stored safe behind bars.. The fortress on top serves as a fortified Sea Rat trading hub and black market exchange site, strategically build between the Sereen Cay and the secret rovers hideout in the new seas, Black Rock. On top of the old rudder of the sunken Octopus I, plans are drafted to take advantage of the seas while the other factions wage war against more uninteresting factions. Suddenly; a crackling sound disturbs the marketing-pitch; Pirate Lefeau; 'Why is that wall moving? Who's there?' Lothario Fraunces; That's a small trick of ours. This fortress is via a secret cave network connected to all our mayor hubs in this town. In case of an attack you know, or if we need to move peculiar items around.. So don't hang it on the high clock! Captain K, I believe this is one of your crewmates just arriving now from the docks bringing my long-awaited invitation to join the Sea Rat of the Year Award in 623! This fortress is of commercial interest to the Fraunces Family; it is a long awaited house for serious trade for the free merchants who are passing through. The builders where compensated for their troubles with double rations of grog. The result is most impressive: The El Barro Fortress: rum barrels from all winds being brought in, musicians come and play in the central square, high-dining on top of the entrance tower, the Sea Rat flag waiving smoothly in the wind, all a buccaneer can ask for. More pictures here matey; And yes, ofcourse heavily influenced by a childhood favorite: the famous bluecoat Eldorado Fortress. Hope you like my pirate-adaptation.
  8. Ahoy Eurobricks! Let me introduce this build, based on classic 6285 set - the one and only "Black Seas Barracuda" Inspiration I took 4 mid sections, and add mast. no less or more. For this setup the hull has no need to be widened to look right in my opinion. Also, I don't like much general view of the well known builders technique, which I call "minecraft style", so I tried to make as much as possible lower profile, (frigate silhouette) of the 18th-19th Century with flat decks to avoid stairs of pieces and so on. The next step I realized that can't put as much detail into it in that scale as I wanted first so I decided to make this ship look more simple, classic without crazy rigging or something. Just similar to official Lego old but gold ships sets and between realism. Build It’s build to transport as strong as possible and at the same time this ship is modular! So I can (quite) easily split hull up for the 3 parts (front, middle, back) and also remove each side to get more opportunity to play with! And yes! All known Lego original play features are on board. A place to store chest, cannonballs and cargo, lift crane, a capstan to raising and lowering an anchor with my own design, access to gun deck and firepower and captain cabin with full interior, working compass and of course working ship wheel which turns the rudder (similar to 6286 set). Also added customs sails total of nine. Absolutely love the technic (of my own? Please correct) that I used for the front. There is often a tons of slopes I saw on other ships builds. The back (under the cabin) has also some replace technic for the slopes which I never saw before. (pls correct). The middle uses simply slopes technic to get the right angle, and mount, which I designed. Seems nothing to add here Hope you enjoy! Let me know in the comments !
  9. victorycount

    Captain Valiant's "El Morro"

    Due to a personal visit, my first creation is mostly inspired by the "Castillo de San Pedro de la Roca" also called "Castillo del Morro" from Santiago de Cuba, but also by other Morros from Havana and San Juan in Puerto Rico. "El morro" refers to the rock or the hill, the fortress is built on and had mostly its purpose in keeping the towns save from pirates. I wanted especially make the round towers, but step by step added more of the details, eventhough the real and complex form is not possible to rebuild, at least for me. So I kept it boringly square-shaped, but still like the (not) end result quite a bit. I will make some 1-1 comparisons, but first I'd like to tell you the story of Captain Valiant(You can read it or just skip it and scroll down and see the result): You remember Captain Valiant? Sure you do.... hmm, well actually I didn't knew who he was was until I heard his amazing story: He was the Captain of the Santa Cruz, the Armada Flagship, although he doesn't like to mention that the real leader was not him but the admiral. So, after they conquered all the caribbean and the southern seas, found the eldorado and got tons of gold, he decided to retire and start a banana plantation. Captain valiants vision by Victory Count, en Flickr It was there, 5 years ago, when he heard rumours about a bay full of bloody pirates and they were coming to get the gold. Standing at the beach, tasting his rrich flavoured self grown fresh banana, he had a vision about a fortress that would keep any pirates away, and keep the town, plantation, habitants, goods and gold save. He would call it El Morro: "El morro de Capitan Valiente". The last dinner and blessings in the church by Victory Count, en Flickr He went to the local church and asked the priest for his blessings for this new project. And of course the priest accepted quickly, if he just keeps those sinners away. Drinking the wine, eating the bread, they celebrated the last dinner, and with god on his side he started to build this big fortress. ring them bells by Victory Count, en Flickr Five years gone by and finally the bells were ringing for the opening ceremony. captains domain by Victory Count, en Flickr "Please step in," he said proudly, and to my honour he showed me all the facilities, "this over there is my cabin, but I'll show you later." captain talk by Victory Count, en Flickr "It's an honour to introduce you to my long time special guest Red Beard" he said without hiding how proud he was. "With him here, we have not to fear anything. But we treat him good, he can even have his parrot, it's like the presidential suite, right RedBeard" ... "Arrrh" is all RedBeard said. But the captain tells me that they are almost like friends, and when he can't sleep he goes down to him and they talk all the night about their ships and long past tales... kids playin by Victory Count, en Flickr He also tells me that they already played together under the palm trees with their ships when they still were kids, and I'm quite sure he was trying to surpress some tears while telling me. el cocinero by Victory Count, en Flickr "Right beside the lock-up we hace the kitchen; Vamos cocinero, hurry up, it's almost hora de comer, dinnertime!" "Aye capitán!" loading the cannonballs by Victory Count, en Flickr "Here is where the action happens, the cannonballs have to go up on the roof, sometimes this have to happen quickly, thats why we have this special construct. But I need some fresh air the roof is where we are heading too" Says the captain, leading me from the basement through the stairs up to the top. el morro dorm by Victory Count, en Flickr "Let's rest for a moment, here on the first floor is the dorm, even the soldiers need some rest sometimes. Well you can imagine I have something more comfy for me old bones." guns are ready by Victory Count, en Flickr "So what do you say? Are we ready or are we not? May the pirates come, the cannonballs will give them a warm welcome, ha! Yes that's what it is all about... Now let's go outsie to see my plantation" el jardinero by Victory Count, en Flickr "Meet Banana Joe, our gardener; hey what's up Joe?" "Hi captain, look at all those bananas and coconuts, it's a good year!" says Joe, as he notice the boat that shouldn't be there, but his thoughts return quickly to the bananas which seem constantly to disappear somehow... el morro53 well by Victory Count, en Flickr "And here we have the cook again, getting some water... Don't forget the fish, it looks like there is something in the net." "Yes captain" responds the cook, but his eyes wander once again to the horizon, where he sees that shipwreck which always fascinated him. "I'm sick of this job and this captain, always running around, do this, do that, hurry up... Maybe RedBeard is right and I should join him on this Barracuda ship..." he thinks. "So, before you're invited to a delicious meal, I 'd like to show you my cabin which I'm specially proud of" Captain valiants cabin by Victory Count, en Flickr "Look at this beauty, what a great gift." he says as he shows me a big indigan mask. "King Kahukas mask. Everybody thinks it was red, but no, pure gold! He was a good guy, wonder what happened to him... Now get out of my cabin, I need some rest before dinner" he says, taking his helmet of, revealing his long curly hair. And I'm not sure if I'm more shocked by his hair or the impression that I had for a moment, seeing something suspicious through the window. But it wasn't the moment to tell the captain, so I left his cabin. We had no idea what was goin on meanwhile... free RB by Victory Count, en Flickr RedBeard had long planned to escape from there and get back to his beloved Barracuda, and this was the moment. One scary guy was setting the bomb while this mate had other problems. sunset shark attack by Victory Count, en Flickr Front View: el morro front by Victory Count, en Flickr Rear View: el morro rear by Victory Count, en Flickr If you made it here, let me know what you think, and also what could be done better. Here I add now some "Lego vs. Reality" comparisons: el morro round tower by Victory Count, en Flickr My favourite, but it's so difficult to build round towers with Lego. There is a small and two slightly different bigger towers, but wasn't sure which version to choose, what do you think? el morro cannons by Victory Count, en Flickr This is nothing big, just found in funny to put actually the cannon this way to have the larger range)guess those were supposed to be mortars. el morro entrance by Victory Count, en Flickr This was just an entrance to another part of the building, but I liked it that much that it became the main entrance. cannonball ramp by Victory Count, en Flickr Found this cannonball ramp rather interesting, so I was glad I could rebuild it somehow. el morro well by Victory Count, en Flickr Well, the well was quite easy, but still like it, but since I didn't found the proper place, it had to be placed outside... el morro bell by Victory Count, en Flickr Well, the bell, not so accurate but also like this one. chapel by Victory Count, en Flickr Finally, the church from the story is also part of "El Morro" but is actually the other way round. Unfortunately i just have pictures from the LDD yet. Not very detailed, but I liked to give this little chapel its place. Tried to add the Christ minifig, but that was rather weird looking. So thanks for watching and reading.