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Found 7 results

  1. swissvoice

    MOD Story of Nian for Lego City

    Hello everyone, I recently started a MOD of the Lego set 80106 Story of Nian. I read in some youtube comments that the set is based on a traditional chinese compund called Siheyuan. I recommend you check out some images on google of these kind of buildings. But obviously the Lego set is only the front wall and entrance. So I decided I wanted to extend this a bit. An actual Siheyuan can be quite large, so for now my plan is to combine the 80106 with the other Chinese new year set, the spring lantern festival and build a wall all around the park and maybe some additional building to insert it into a city. But for now let me show you some pictures of the progress so far. If you have any questions I will try to answer them
  2. Here is my review on the other 2021 CNY set 80106 Story of Nian: THE GOOD: The Nian Beast, especially the head build is interesting. The look of the entrance is very authentic. Love the design of the door. Excellent selections of minifigures with new printed torsos. Surprising amount of space. Once again, great value on what you are paying. THE NOT SO GOOD: To be honest, can't find any. The only thing I would comment on is why Lego expects the grand parents to do all the heavy cleaning work considering the accessories given to them ... lol Overall, it is another great set. Although I personally think 80107 is better but this is still good. It may be just a facade build but as far as I know about this style of houses, it really just a wall so it kinda makes sense and the space in front of the entrance gives this set a lot more depth that you seen in the photos. The design of the door is just brilliant. The Nian beast also a very interesting build. With 6 minifigures with new torsos, this set is really great value of money. I will recommend this set to everyone. A few side notes, I found it funny the designer gave the grandparents cleaning duty and the superheroes effect parts for the fire works really exaggerating and you probably want to get away from those fireworks in real life XD. Especially if you speak/understand Cantonese, seeing the grandmother holding a shovel to clean snow during new year does not really align with the supposed new year theme =P
  3. Happy New Year, just like previous years dashed out to buy and build this. Here is my review on 80107 Spring Lantern Festival. THE GOOD: Looks stunning. A good looking completed build. Various interesting build techniques and design, like the bridge, way to build terrain, the pavilion, the bamboo tress. So many new pieces and new printed pieces and torsos. Compatibility with modular buildings. Great value. THE NOT SO GOOD: None, but if I have to I probably single out the bench on the footpath but being an obstacle. (This is very nitpicking) Overall, LEGO has outdone themselves again. I think this is the best Chinese new year set to date. It looks stunning and compared to previous years, this is the only completed build. You can also easily extend this with different modular sets or create you own. It's difficult to single out what is the best part of the set simply I love the whole set. Although the package said 8+ but some of the builds will need extra patience and experience. The whole garden just looks so lively. I'll totally recommend this set and this is probably already a contender for set of 2021. Especially the price is very good as well considering what you are getting from this! Off topic, but the OX lantern does give me idea of the Brazen Bull. Also is switch is right on the butt of the ox, which is quite funny to be honest XD
  4. The 2020 Chinese New Year sets have now been released in Asia Pacific region, I immediately got my hands on it this morning and here is my review on it: THE GOOD: Excellent display piece and 14 minifigures! NO STICKERS! YES I REPEAT, NO STICKERS! So many new and great pieces. Fairly interesting builds and I don't think it's for 8+. More like 12+ in my opinion. There are some very nice touch on replicating the authenticity of chinese new year. Seriously, the price is very fair in terms of what you get from it. THE NOT SO GOOD: Can't find any, if there is one probably some of the builds can be repetitive. Overall, I think this is a 10 out of 10 and Lego has set a very high bar for 2020. And not a single stickers, I wonder if Lego will continue this trend. With 14 minifigures and some of them are exclusive, at the current price it just too good of a deal to pass. Great design, fun build (took me 3.5hrs) and so many new pieces as well. More over, this time is not regional specific and will be widely available globally (Jan 10th for US and Europe I believe). I'd totally recommend this set to anyone.
  5. Pate-keetongu

    [MOC] Dragon Dance

    Parade of Chinese New Year celebrators with their fiery paper dragon. This was my entry on happening category in collaborative town display contest on our LUG Palikkatakomo Ry's exhibit on Model Expo 2016 last weekend. I won the category. As a (partially) Bionicle builder, I wanted to use some Bionicle pieces on my minifig-scale SYSTEM displays in this exhibit, and thus the dragon was born. More on Cyclopic Bricks.
  6. eurotrash

    MOC: Chu Nail Salon

    Chu Nail Salon I had been building a single level Oriental Restaurant and was close to finishing when Toorayay posted his Octopus Restaurant Mine wasn't to that high level so I quickly had to come up with an alternative. So, I made some minor changes to the facade, added an additional level, changed the SNOT Lettering, ditched the interior in its entirety and came up with... Chu Nails! Here's details of the SNOT lettering. I wanted something that looked signage on a cheap hotel. There's a combination of right way up and upside down vertical and horizontal connections clipped onto the cattle grid background. Details of the front entrance. I was looking for an abstract Nail display and one of the earlier iterations had nail brushes moving via technic gears and axles and although it functioned it looked too Heath Robinson to remain. The interior. This shows the foot-bath, nail table, overhead lighting and a couple of mirrored tables (stolen from a Friends set) And a view from the other angle showing the waiting room - complete with L shaped sectional sofa, fish tank and potted plant and restroom. And a final shot of Chu Nail's during Chinese New Year Thanks for reading. Comments, criticism and ridicule most welcome!
  7. Happy Chinese New Year everyone! The challenge here was to create the smallest possible horse with poseable legs, and the simplest way to convey the grace of the traditional Chinese character for horse. More festive creations to come!