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Found 9 results

  1. Hello everyone. My name is Chris. I go by the user name Tech Artist(if any of you are from the former High Impact Halo, you will recognize me and if you are, please let me know!). I have been a fan of Lego ever since I was a small child. Growing up it was one of my favorite toys and I even fought with my brother on my occasions for control of them(we shared them growing up). After coming back from college I lost interest in it(more like I kinda forgot about it) for some reason. Then once I saw the Lego Movie it re-kindled my love for the bricks and I've been hard into it ever since. I've bought many models and recently have been getting into building MOCs(which I've found much funner to build though my parts selection isn't great ). I lurked on the Lego subreddit for a while then found this site and lurked here. I joined the Lego subreddit(been posting there for a while under the name 7echArtist) and continued to lurk here. I finally decided to join here after a little while and am looking forward to my stay here! I'll definitely be posting some of the stuff I've made that I posted over there as well as any new stuff. I look forward to your comments and critiques. If there is one thing I've really liked about this site so far, it's White Fang's reviews and the incredible MOCs I've seen posted on the main page. Truly amazing work! Besides Lego, my interests include video games, television, Graphic Design, printing, and photography. I have been a Graphic Designer for a while but recently have decided to focus my career path more towards photography and printing. Thank you for having me!
  2. This model was heavily inspired by Seunghoon Yoo's Pioneer Zephyr model (Recreated by Ryan Smith in LDD in 2012, as seen here ) I redid the wheels where they were small fiction bearing ones and added a new windscreen using parts not available in 2012. The double-jointed shared bogies were originally taken from 10233, (Horizon Express) to replace those friction bearing wheels I mentioned earlier. The real-world Chicago, Burlington & Quincy (CB&Q) Pioneer Zephyr was the first successful American stream-liner, and made it's inaugural run from Denver to Chicago in May 1934. It arrived 1 hour and 55 minutes ahead of schedule with a total run time of 13 hours and 5 minutes... Note, the run time of a regular steam train pulled across the same distance in about 25 hours at much slower speed than the 77 MPH (124 Km/H) average of the Zephyr on this non-stop run! It was even featured in a fictionalized Hollywood block-buster movie, "The Silver Streak". (The original drama, not the 1970's comedy of the same name) This loco even started it's own Zephyr-mania, with everything from Ford cars to sports-teams having "Zephyr" slapped on the name. (Zephyr, by the way, is derived from the name of he Western Wind in Greek mythology) This model features three joined cars, with the power car up front, baggage / RPO (that's short for Railway Post Office) in the middle, and observation lounge at the rear. The rear car has a wraparound back window. Please NOTE: None of the cars roof sections come off, and their is no interior, to save on costs when this model is built in real life later this year, maybe around Christmas. The LDD file for the complete train model is here. Comments, Questions & Complaints are always welcome!
  3. Modulex Guy

    Brickworld 2017!

    Hello All! This forum is unusually quiet. I bet all of you are busy building for Brickworld! Might as well get this topic going. Who's going? I'll be there this year. Anyone else hitting panic mode with their builds? Brickworld 2017 is coming fast!
  4. Hey... its time to start thinking about Brickworld Chicago again ! We are pulling together the Train Enthusiast activities for this year and would like to get everyone's input. Please respond with your interest in the following ideas ... or if there is something else we should include. If you wish to contribute to a presentation, please speak up too :-) - BMW - Train Roundtable - This is a train community meeting without a fixed agenda. Anyone can bring up a train question or topic for discussion. We have had this in the past and could bring it back. We talk about whatever anyone wants. - Presentation: Building Bridges - Ideas for ramps and elevating train track. This ranges from the simple/cost efficient approaches to lessons learned for spanning long distances. - Presentation: Designing Lego Train Yards - Have a group discussion on types of yards and lessons learned about implementing in Lego. Discussion of cutting turnouts possibly too. - Presentation: Train Set Modifications - Panel discussion of how to make something different from an existing Lego train set. Like what Benn C. did with his instructions to build the ConRail Diesel from 60052. - Train Set Draft - We did this once before where everyone brings a particular set. Maybe 40138: Christmas Train, or 31045: Creator Tugboat, or 31044 Creator Dog & Duck ? - Special Guided Tour of the Illinois Railway Museum - America’s Largest Railway Museum! ( ) Would you like to join a group walking tour just for AFOLs. With enough participants I can arrange to get us into normally locked equipment and sheds. How would you feel about doing it Wednesday June 15th in the morning?
  5. Hey all, have 4 kids that are breaking the bank because they all love lego - I have to admit, it's a hobby that I enjoy myself. We resell it as a hobby (buy it at garage sales and when it;s on sale). Looking to start a AFOL group near me... My favorite is the adult creator kits - wish they would make more! Till another time...
  6. Hello there fellow members of Eurobricks! My name is Christian,and I am from Chicago,Illinois! I interest in Animation(all kinds),Video Games and Sketching! So,how enough about me,how are you today? Also,ask me anything,at all!
  7. Prune Face

    Brickworld 2015 Photo/Video

    Even though I'm there, there are so many great displays, I always miss things, so I'd like to see your photo albums and/or video collections. Flickr/Vimeo/Youtube/etc
  8. Hello Everybody! About 2,5 years ago I created my last (classical) LEGO Architecture model. Inspired by the inclusion of my MetLife Building model in Mike Doyle's Beautiful LEGO 2, I finally executed another architecture MOC. For sure the great reference of Spencer_R was an inspiration as well. Here is my execution of Chicago's Lake Point Tower: Find more pictures on my flickr photostream and feel free to leave your comments! Thx & so long, Jens
  9. Dayton

    [MOC] Platform 7

    Chicago, 2039 In other news tonight, a thief had robbed a Grocery Store at knife point in Sector 12 made a run for it. He was engaged by Police in Sector 11 and was chased all the way to Platform 7 in the downtown Monorail Station. The thief then jumped for a bridge above the rail, on to a Train that was going under the Bridge. The man is bearded with brown hair and wore a green shirt with brown pants and is believed to be in his mid 30s. If you have any information please contact the authorities. With this build i have taken some inspiration from near-future themed Mocs and made a nice near-future themed Monorail Station!