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Found 6 results

  1. BennyHugo

    Time To Charge!

    Hello! I want to present to you my entry for Ideas Moments In Space contest, Time to Charge! Lambda, the little robot needs to recharge after work! Help him! Plug the robot on the charging station, open his belly and the box contaning charging hoose and plug it into the robot to charge him! Set contains little, funny robot with moveable head, arms and legs, openable toolbox for Lambda tools and the charging station itself! I would appreciate your vote if you like this entry :) -
  2. For our second annual US Civil War Collaboration at Brickfair Virginia, we created a large display (4x8 of 32x32 stud baseplates) of the 1864 battle to commemorate the 150th Anniversary. John Rudy, Joshua Brooks, Patrick Taylor and I built 32 modules and invaded them with 179 confederates and 142 Federals: ---Click on the pictures for greater detail--- While we had to compress the battlefield to get the Railroad Cut, Ny Stream, Brock Road and Widow Tap's Farm in, we were very careful to recreate the battle on May 6th, 1864 at 11:00 am, when General James Longstreet sent his Chief of Staff Lt Col Moxley Sorrel and four brigades sneaking along the Railroad Cut to surprise the Federals with a flank attack. All four of us had a great time with this, and got to talk about history to those who otherwise didn't know about it. The display was popular with the public and AFOLs alike at Brickfair VA, and was nominated for the Best Historical award, but lost to another of my builds, the Battle of Rorke's Drift (post to follow soon). Cheers, Gary
  3. Gary The Procrastinator

    The Blue and The Gray

    In preparation for our second annual Civil War Collaboration at Brickfair Virginia, here is an introductory build, a mostly symbolic representation of the struggle between the two sides. Depending on how you interpret the build, there are 7 characteristics included that are symbolic of the real conflict. Can you spot them? For more details, click on the picture. If you are coming to Brickfair Virginia in August, stop by the Civil War collaboration and say hello! Cheers, Gary
  4. Gary The Procrastinator

    Blinded with Fury

    Blinded with Fury: A young knight foolishly charges off an embankment and lands right in the middle of a group of marauding villains.... To read the story, click on the picture or here. BTW, I am preparing a tutorial on that tree and will have it up sometime....I'll post a link here when I get it done. Cheers!
  5. Gary The Procrastinator

    Defense of Little Round Top

    Hello, I'm new to Eurobricks, so I thought I'd start with one of my favorite builds, just to try out the functionality of posting and see if I have everything right. Let me know if I'm messing something up here! This is a historical US Civil War build of the 20th Maine Regiment's defense of a key position during the war's turning point, the Battle of Gettysburg. I built it for the 150th Anniversary of the actual battle, starting it on the anniversary of the very day the action took place. It was part of the Civil War display at last year's Brickfair and won Best Historical MOC for 2013. For the full story of this action, click on the image. Thanks for your comments!
  6. I have submitted a new project to LEGO Cuusoo, an inductive charging system for Power Functions trains etc... The idea is that the train would stop over an inductive pad, similar to the ones available for phones etc... but tailored to fit between the rails. It could be placed out of sight in the through-sidings of a fiddle yard so that one train would run while the others charged up. I would like this to become a single LEGO piece similar in size to an IR Receiver i.e. 4x4 with a flying lead. The same coil device would be used under the track and on the train. This is the simplest possible form and probably the cheapest too. I would equip all the sidings in a fiddle yard with coils (perhaps 10 on my layout) and each train (maybe 16), so 26 coils in all. I hope each one would not cost any more than an IR Receiver. It would also have application for Technic and Mindstorms, so making the same piece work in all markets makes it most viable. Please follow the link, support, leave comments and spread the word! Thanks, Mark