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Found 1 result

  1. Souinotlim of the Undead

    Book 2 Chalenge V Entry

    Category C It was a splendid day in the kingdom of Historica. All the guildmasters as well as the king of all Historica, whom had been unseen by many until this day, were gathered for the Tournament Of Kings, which would decide the next king of Historica after the soon passing of the current king. The guildmasters had chosen their champions to fight for the title of king of all Historica and were ready to begin the battles. Elon Chorian- Ahhh it has been so long since we have all been together without fighting amongst each other. Lord Artorious- Yes old friend not since we banded together to fight Algus, and even then we still had our constant bickering. Dextrus Flagg- I agree but this peacefulness among us is quite sple… Lord Raavage- Speak for yourself fool. This peacefulness makes my body ache. I would rather be watching the battles and the blood and death.You are lucky I have decided to cooperate insted of taking the throne by force. Don't test my patience though, I'm still considering that idea. I have my men outside the stadium as we speak so tread lightly. Artorious- Oh Raavage you haven’t changed a bit!! Dextrus and Elon chuckle and Raavage gives a growl. *The King enters* Dextrus- Ah your majesty, shall you start the battles? King- Of course we shall, who shall fight first? Raavage- I Lord Raavag, the ruler of the black spire and Nocturnus, would like to present the power of one of my warriors. Artorious- As do I my lord. King- So it is settled Nocturnus against Avalonia in the first battle of the day! ____________________________________________________________________________ __ *Cheering and shouting among the crowd breaks out as they see Avalonia and Nocturnus’s gate opens allowing their fighters to step out* Raavage- This is where the fun begins. You will see Artorious, the power of Nocturnus. Artorious- I hope so old friend. Or else it would be such a bore now wouldn’t it. Raavage-Watch your tounge boy before I cut it off! *The the Avalonian warrior comes out from his gate and the Avolonians give a cheer* Artorious- avast Redirst show this Nocturnian your power! *The warrior lifts his sword in reply and the crowd screams louder* Raavage*to himself*- Where is Nioxo he is supposed to be fighting! Artorious- What is the matter Raavage? Did your Nioxo get scared off by the pure might of his opponent. *Suddenly the crowd falls silent as they see the severed head of an ogre roll out from the Nocturnus gate* Raavage*in outrage*- WHAT!!! You cheat you killed Nioxo so your fighter can get the win!!! I will see you killed by my hand you filthy cheat!!! Artorious*in shock* W-w-what?? Raavage I did no such thing. I have been up here with you the whole time remember?? Raavage- Liar!!! You killed Ni… *Just then a figure steps out from the Nocturnus gate. He is covered in all black and a purple aura radiates from his body* Raavage-You killed my Nioxo you will die!! Artorious- Don’t worry Raavage. Redirst, destroy this disruption of the battle!!! *Redirst charges at the man sword in hand and in a flash he is stopped in his tracks.The crowd stares in horror as they look upon the battlefield. The cloaked man had thrusted his hand through Redirst’s body and taken his life force from inside of him. The man pulled his hand from Redirst’s body, Redirst’s life force in hand. Then with a sudden movement crushed it in his hand. A scream left Redirst’s mouth and his body was engulfed by darkness and disappeared.* Raavage- W-w-what is he…. ____________________________________________________________________________ __ *The cloaked man removes his hood to reveal his identity which is still unknown to the crowd except to one man* King-Thradak… Thradak- Yes it is I, I have grown since the last time you saw me haven’t I sir. King- I thought that… Thradak- I was killed? No no. You see father… *The crowd gasps* Thradak*continues*- That night when the Hand attacked forcing you to leave me alone as a baby in the castle, a female orc came across me. She was a soft hearted woman and she took me and raised me as her own. I lived with a tribe of orcs on an island off the coast of Nocturnus and that is where I remained the majority of my years. On my 18th Birthday I left home and set out on my quest for power and to have revenge on you for abandoning me.One day on my travels I came across a cave and inside the cave was a tomb. I opened the tomb to find a skeleton with a locket in the shape of an eye around its neck. I felt a strange sensation pulling me towards it and I reached out and touched it.The eye opened and I was instantly encased in chaos. It covered me and changed me into what you see before me. Then I heard a voice, a female’s voice. She spoke to me in an almost enchanting tune. She told me she was “The Mother”, she told me she would give me the power I needed to obtain my revenge but in return I must awaken her from her slumber. Now alas that is my tale and that is as much as I am willing to tell as of now. It is time at last to do what i have wanted to do for 17 years. *He draws a massive sword glowing in a dark aura from the folds of his cloak and aims it at the King* Royal Guard- Protect the Ki..!! *In a flash a bolt of black and purple magic shoots from the tip of the blade and strikes the king in the heart. The king clenches at his heart as the chaos spreads through his body taking the color from the king’s body and constricting him but not enough to kill him.* Thadrak- What I came to do is done, for I am now ruler of all Historica and this is just the beginning. Just wait once you see what I have you will all tremble in fear. Even you, guildmasters… I tell you this, in order to awaken the mother I must create 5 lords of chaos and for each lord, a monster of chaos of their choice. After all 5 are awakened the portal to unleash The Mother opens and she is set free. I will select the 5 Lords one from each realm of Historica at random and one from a land a sea away from Historica. I will unleash one at a time and if your 4 best champions manage to defeat all of my lords then I shall allow them to have the way to challenge me but be warned I am 50x stronger than the final chaos lord. With that I bid you all farewell and good luck, you will need it. *With that wings of bone emerge from underneath his cloak and expand and he flies off. There is now much commotion and fear among the crowd and guild masters themselves. Raavage jumps from a top the colosseum down to the battle arena where the kings crown laid. He picks it up and he thinks to himself "If I can get close to this new threat, maybe I will be able to use his power to conquer Historica and when the time is right I will kill him myself and Nocturnus shall rule all of Historica!" To be continued…. ____________________________________________________________________________ __ What will be the fate of Historica? Will it fall under chaos or will the champions defeat Thadrak and his chaos lords? If this so happens to win category C I shall write the rest of the story and continue the next chapter as “The Rise of Chaos".