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Found 3 results

  1. They knew about the Golden Fleet, but nothing about the escort... The Eslandian authorities, well aware of the leak of their intel concerning the Golden Fleet, had decided to keep more or less the same route, as it was considered the fastest and probably the safest (if we were not counting the numerous pirates that would try to plunder the fleet). So, they decided to recruit some new vessels to create a good escort. This is where the brand new vessel of Felipe de la Manzana had been sent for her maiden trip... Captain Log, end of September 616 : The Galleon we are in charge is peacefully setting sail to our next stop where we will resupply with fresh water, but I am not sure we will not see another pirate flag before. It was exhausting for my crew to protect this Golden Fleet... Every corner of every rock or sand bank from Nellisa to Terelli is welcoming a vessel ready to attack us. Bl...dy officials who are not capable of keeping this fleet a secret. I just left this log away a few minutes and we are already seeing a black sail... It has become a routine now, my sailors are well trained and my artillery crew has became more accurate. Finally, this escort will be a good training for them... Well, I am back to my log, just to report that we effectively intercepted a pirate ship trying to plunder the fleet. The Galleon had been touched but suffered no real damage. My crew managed to cut the road of the pirates apparently quite surprised to discover a heavy armed frigate to stop them. Apparently they knew about the Golden Fleet, but nothing about the escort. This is the official log Felipe de la Manzana left at the Terelli port officer when he arrived safely. After that run, he returned with his brand new Frigate to Elisabethtown to join Basil. He did not knew he would receive urgent orders from the crown just at his arrival... But this is another story... This is, finally, my challenge 4B entry. I hope you will like it ! I really wanted to try some micro ships based on LEGO canot hull. Garmadon made already one and it was so amazing that I couldn't pass on that technique. This challenge was the best opportunity for me to try several ship designs. Your comments and criticisms are very welcome !
  2. At the King's Coast in the southwest of Nellisa near the village of Pesatori stands a lighthouse, above a grotto. The grotto got its name because a famous smuggler had her hideout here until a few years ago. The lighthouse is rumored to be one of the first buildings of Nellisa, and most people call it "The first Lighthouse of Nellisa", or just "The First Lightouse". Briso from Mardier stood at the southwestern beach of Nellisa, a torch in his hands. His men carried the gold into the grotto. Things went smoothly tonight. His men called him captain. Briso liked that. He gave some orders. Quiet. In the protection of the night. When Briso looked into the night he saw the boats coming. Things seemed to have gone smoothly. All was well! Less than a mile away General Alvaro Corteso and his men, the "Wardens of Eslandola", sat on their horses, close to the water. The Wardens of Eslandola held the true Eslandolan values in the colonies and protected Eslandola's growth. They were mostly financed by wealthy merchants, like Román Fontonajo, who had an interest in keeping the island in order. Yesterday they had heard rumors of some suspicious movements at the First Lighthouse. A light was burning. Leonando the lighthouse keeper never had lights burning inside the tower at the middle of the night. But now they saw light. General Corteso took his spy glass and looked out into the ocean where the Princessa was anchoring. Corteso knew the Princessa was one of Fontonajo's ships and carried lots of gold as part of the treasure fleet sailing to Terreli. When Corteso looked at the ocean his jaw dropped! Three smaller rowboats were sailing away from the Princessa, and the gold glittered in the moonlight. The Princessa had been robbed! Corteso took down his spyglass and directed his men's attention towards the rowing boats, which could be seen with bare eyes once they looked closely. Te boats were rowing towards the grotto. Corteso only needed seconds to complete the story in his head: Some pirate scum had stormed the lighthouse. In the secret of darkness those outlaws had rowed towards the Princessa, secretly stolen the gold and were now trying to hide it in the grotto. His men had realised it as well. There was no need for Alvaro Corteso to say anything. "CHARGE! For Eslandola!", he shouted anyway. The whole MOC (48 x ~70) with nightsky: The First Lighthouse (will be licensed as commerce): The Wardens of Eslandola (might be licensed): The Princessa (plan on licensing this as a 2A / 3A, unless rules forbid): Rowing boat: And the whole thing: This were my first attempts at forced perspective. I am still learning. :-) I used some image editing for postproduction (e.g. torch effects, adjusting colours to night etc.). All visible things were actually MOCed though. The ropes at the boats are the only non-LEGO parts. Thanks to everyone in this forum who I stole inspiration from (especially Garmadon for the micro ship). The lighthouse and its window are actually shining - finally a use for those light bricks.
  3. Our story begins with the Eslandolan treasure ship and her armed escorts anchored in an island cove for the night. Their crew and ships slept peacefully with minimal night watch, confident that no one knew they were there. Little did they know that their secret confidential itinerary had been scandalously kinky compromised. Like Rodentia Rattus, the pirates used the relative safety of darkness to get around the escort service. They knew they couldn't take on the Eslandolan Ships of the Line. Silence was golden as they paddled towards the anchored ships in the cove. Soon the treasure ship was infested with Rattus Piratus. The night watch deceased by the plague of cold hard blacksmith steel. The pirates scampered quickly to get the treasure off the ship, tossing treasure chests overboard to waiting hands. An agreement is an agreement. The pirates returned to the reputable establishment to hand over a share of the treasure for the information provided by "Xenia". Loose lips didn't sink ships but maybe some Eslandolan officers' careers. The End