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Found 4 results

  1. All that remained for the Garvians to be allied with the Eslandola, was that final vote of Admiral van Stubhausen that would tip the scale. The Mardierans couldn't let that happen, of course. In fact, to be sure that poor Van Stubhausen would end up dead in the middle of the night, three assassins were dispatched at the exact time and place. Will it be death by stabbing, by shooting or by poison? Sweet dreams Admiral van Stubhausen... As always, thanks for watching!
  2. Sailing east out of Arlinsport on the Soupfish, Micah, Elizabeth, crew, and guests have arrived at King's Port where they intend on topping off their supplies before their journey to Elizabethville. Hannah and her two students had not been a burden on the ship, mostly staying to themselves. At least that is what Micah heard. He and Elizabeth had also been mostly staying to themselves in the Captain's Cabin. At King's Port, most of those on board disembarked to walk around and shop while in the city. Micah had one business contact he was supposed to meet the following morning for breakfast, so Elizabeth and he strolled through one of the open air markets. The vendors sold everything from painted dolls, to inkwells, to freshly cooked meat. Micah was certain that he just saw the lady in black he had been seeing around Arlinsport. He had been seeing glimpses of her for the last several weeks. He had for the most part ignored it as they had been visiting many shops in Arlinsport prior to the wedding. Though now here in this market in King's Port? What Micah didn't know was that Mardier was worried that the WETEC would choose the Eslandolan side and provide them with war horses for cavalry and transports. In fact, he had not even considered choosing one side over the other. Rather, it seemed like business would be exceptional over the next several months. However, for Mardier, the Soupfish stopping in King's Port was a golden opportunity to cut the head off the WETEC and guarantee that they would not get involved. Micah didn't even see the blade coming. The lady in black, or as Elizabeth knows her, Hannah, was not so distracted. Her fan blade may appear beautiful, but it is also deadly, as the Marderian assassin found out. Fortunately, the guard on the roof above had also seen the knife at the last moment, vindicating Hannah of the charge of murder. Not that a prison would hold her long anyway... This is an entry for Eslandola as part of Challenge 5A. This was a fun build trying to pack the street with vendors and people, but I still had to see enough to get some decent pictures. It was inspired by my recent travel out of the country and visiting a market much like this. I also wanted to catch up on some story line and weave the lady in black into the party before we got to Elizabethville. There will be more of her in the future. Edit: I realized I missed the 600 post mile marker. Considering that when I joined BOBS last January, I had roughly 12 posts after a year on Eurobricks, I think I can safely blame BOBS for getting me more involved around here. I also did a grand total of 47 MOCs for BOBS last year which is more than I have done in any prior 5 year period of my life. I look forward to another year with you guys and gal(s)!
  3. A Marderian Businessman, who had just secretly started to discuss taking over several ships from a pirate lord, was walking through the dark back streets in King's Port, wanting to tell the authorities about his current progress in the discussion. Unluckily for him, the conversation was overheard by a Garvian Spy who sent out an Assassin right then and there. If he would succeed, it may be possible to take over the discussion with the pirate lord and get the ships for the Garvian fleet. So, here we are. A dark backstreet in King's Port. Waiting on the roof of one of the buildings, the assassin notices movement. As the man fits his description, he silently moves off the roof. ...he jumps... ...and staps the Marderian right into his back. Nobody will be surprised if he will be found in this state - after all, he was talking to a dangerous pirate lord, who would be surprised about his end?
  4. Alliances are made with the affections and marriages of the young to suit the will of the older generation. It is such a case today, as the young Eslandolean, Mateo Santos, is having a picnic out on the hillside with the beautiful daughter of Martel Schultz, Rebecca. Martel is in the sheriff of King's Port, and though he does not wield as much power as the military, he does oversee that the city retains peace and order. It is a difficult thing these days. He has strong Eslandola leanings, and his encouragement of the the affections between Rebecca and Mateo infers that he wishes to use his influence to aid Eslandola in securing King's Port and Terraversa. The young people are too naive and in love to realize that there affections are serving a much larger purpose. Others in the city are not so naive though. They have sent for a person with a very special set of skills. Dante, as we know him for we have seen him before, enjoys this moment of the chase. His target is dead, but is simply unaware of it at the present. All he needs is for the guard accompanying Rebecca to be distracted for a single moment. What luck! Apparently, a beautiful butterfly is worthy of distraction (for obviously there is no danger here on this hillside). The guard will regret that mistake, but not as much as Mateo. Well, I guess he can not regret anything now. Dante immediately flees the scene and by the time Rebecca and the guard recover from the shock, there is no catching him. Mateo's blood squirted out onto the ground and his face turned ashen. He had had his final meal. It appears there will be no agreements between Eslandola and the sheriff of King's Port, at least not through marriage. Dante loves his job though few others would say the same. This build is for Mardier in Challenge 5A. The tree was my first attempt at a tree that looked real. The hill was a fun part of the build making sure it worked without having too big of a gap in the transition to the flat portion. C&C welcome especially on how to improve my trees.