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Found 4 results

  1. This is a collab build by Captain Genaro, Phred and myself, to create a royal plantation for Breshaun. It's been in the making for quite some time, and it was fun seeing this project evolve and result in something even bigger than a mere license. But more on that at another time. For now... Welcome, fellow BoBSians, to: Château Richemont - Royal Vineyard and Hot-Spot of Le Bellan's High Society Embedded in the gently rolling hills that surround the city of Breshaun lies Château Richemont, towering over the valley of the Zeusrun River as a beacon of Oleander noblesse. The estate was founded about half a century ago by Pierre de Bourdeille, youngest son to the Comte de Richemont. With no chance of inheriting his father's titles and lands in the old world, he was one of the first noblemen to make Le Bellan his home. Profiting from his family's proud tradition as prime winemakers of the realm he immediately recognized the potential the nearly ideal climate in the region offered to cultivate rich and heavy grapes, enabling him to create excellent wines, such as the Bleaunote Royal and the Terrechéri Noir, that even regularly make their way to the Courts of Granoleon. Today, the chateau is not only a leading wine producer, but also a bustling center of noble Oleander lifestyle on Le Bellan, famous for its exuberant banquets and glittering balls regularly held throughout the year. In fact, the next festival is about to commence. And some notables have announced their arrival - rumored to be sent by the Intendant Général des Finances himself - and interested in big business... About: Footprint is ca. 175x200, piece-count 25000+ (this almost killed my PC ) All the vines are placed by hand, so there's no copy-paste, no repetitions involved - at all. Most trivial thing I've ever done in LDD Same goes for the pathway texture and the gravel... So it might look easy, but I can assure you I lost track of the hours I spent on this. Oh, and of course as always all bricks exist in the colors presented. I would have loved to go on building, but in the end every additional brick was a fight, I had so many LDD crashes making me rebuild things over and over again... so the figs were left to for my co-builders. Thanks for watching this first part C&C welcome Vive le Roi!
  2. A continuation of Blackdeathgr's In the jungle MOC. As always, comments and criticism as well as suggestions on how to improve my building skills are appreciated. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Groaning, Captain Anthony Genaro attempted to raise his arms as he slowly opened his eyes. The last thing he remembered was the battle between his ship, the Pride of Poseidon and some pirate schooner that came upon them in the night. He was helping the crew of Death's Fire, gun number 2, after two of her members were killed by some grapeshot from the pirates. "Wha.. what happened, what's going on?" moaned Genaro, a constant pounding in his head preventing him from thinking straight. The sounds of sporadic gunfire, music, and men shouting didn't help either. "Captain's awake," Genaro heard familiar voices whispering, and then in his left ear "Sir, it's me, Benjamin Leon, sir." "Yes, yes, of course" groaned Genaro in reply. "Well, sir," Leon continued "well, we was fighting fine until the block struck you on your head. After that, with no other officers, the ship kind of fell apart and we was boarded." Capture and Rescue by Capt. Genaro, on Flickr As Leon told the rest of the tale of their capture and imprisonment, Genaro looked around. About half his crew was still alive, chained in groups of three or four men with a drunken pirate guarding each one. The remaining pirates were busy dancing around a bonfire, celebrating their victory with looted liquor and "my hat!" exclaimed Genaro. "Those savages have taken my hat!" "Aye, they looted anything of value, and what they didn't take they destroyed" Leon responded. At this, Genaro sat silent, reflecting on his present predicament. Capture and Rescue by Capt. Genaro, on Flickr "Did you hear that?" said Leon, interrupting Genaro's silence. "Hmn?" Genaro said looking around. He had been so deep in reflection that he didn't hear Leon. "I just asked if you heard that noi..." but a cry of "fire" followed by the roar of muskets drowned out Leon. Taken completely by surprise, the pirates were quickly overcome by their attackers, loosing all but one man in a few moments. Capture and Rescue by Capt. Genaro, on Flickr As one of the marines moved around, bayoneting the fallen pirates to ensure they were dead, the leader came towards Genaro. Genaro was barely able to take in the man's strange appearance, two pistols and a steel breastplate, before Genaro was free and being helped to his feet. "Tom Jones, at your service, sir" the stranger introduced himself. Of course, thought Genaro, "Juggernaut" Jones, one of the most feared explorers in all of Oleon. "Captain Anthony Genaro, deeply in your debt" replied Genaro. "But I was told you were exploring Tyche with D'Offren." "Which I am, sir" said Jones to Genaro, "but I'm afraid we can't talk much more here, we're simply a scouting party and I expect the rest of the pirates to arrive any moment." Capture and Rescue by Capt. Genaro, on Flickr At this, Jones went off to help his men search the pirate camp for anything useful while Genaro picked up his hat and sword from a fallen pirate. "Look here" said one of the men, "Blessings of Zeus with you, man" cried Jones to the sailor. "It's a map of the island! D'Offren will put this find to good use!" Capture and Rescue by Capt. Genaro, on Flickr As the explorers and the liberated seamen prepared to return to D'Offren's camp, one of the marines called out "and what should be done with him" gesturing to the sole surviving pirate. The rest of the crew fell silent while Genaro picked up a pistol. "Piracy against a ship belonging to the Crown of Oleon is punishable by death" said Genaro as he filled the pistol with powder and rammed a bullet down the barrel. "And unless any man can vouch for his innocence, we shall administer swift judgement before we leave." None spoke up, not even the pirate who simply stared at the ground as Genaro raised the pistol. "May Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades have mercy on your soul." said Genaro. Capture and Rescue by Capt. Genaro, on Flickr
  3. Captain Genaro

    [OL - MCRA] Arrival

    Cries of "bear a hand, now," watch your step, you lubber" along with some truly profane language filled the salty air as Captain Anthony Genaro made his way back to his captain's barge. He was returning from a surprisingly enjoyable appointment with the port admiral who had congratulated him on bringing the Little Hermes in without conflict. The naval chronicles were filled with a surprising number of ships lost or captured, and some had begun to worry. "Ha, but no I" the admiral had said. "Oh, I told them, you'll get your goods yet, just you wait and Genaro will be in before the new moon." And if the kind words were not enough, the freight money that naval captains were entitled to certainly made the trip enjoyable. Arrival by Capt. Genaro Arrival by Capt. Genaro __________________________________________________________________________________ I'm not too pleased with the way the fort in the background came out. Originally, I was hoping the tiles would look like stone, but I'm afraid it came out looking like concrete (perhaps too uniform). Other than that, I can't complain too much. As always, comments and criticism is welcome.
  4. Captain Genaro

    [OL - FB1] Orders

    I meant to post this last month, but got caught up with work. I am particularly interested in criticism on the furniture, as that is something that I have never built a lot of in the past. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "Captain Anthony Genaro" announced the steward. With his hat under his left arm, Captain Genaro paused and bowed towards the idol of Poseidon on the mantle before immediately turning towards the commandant's desk and the unknown gentleman, a scowl on his face, sitting behind it. "I'm afraid, sir, that I have not yet made your acquaintance," said Genaro, standing resolute. "Humph, and a small wonder, too. Shaggy, unshaven, and a wig that doesn't even properly cover the whole head" observed the stranger just loud enough for Genaro to hear. "I am Monsignor Befort de Granoleon, assistant to His Majesty's representative. Yes, I know you are meeting with Commandant Millet, but he is indisposed of, and as his assistant, I am taking all his appointments for the time being." The Admiralty Without offering a seat to Genaro, Befort rummaged through the papers that littered the desk, came up with a folded letter, and handed it to Genaro. Taking a sip of wine (which Befort had also declined to offer to Genaro), Genaro began to read the letter and was astonished by what he saw. "Surly there has been a mistake!" exclaimed Genaro. "It appears that I have been the Little Hermes, a mere merchantman." Looking up from his paperwork, Befort paused and stared at Genaro. "You are an officer in the King's fleet and a servant to the crown, and you shall do as he and his representatives command." "This command may be fitting of a lieutenant, but I am a proper post-captain and am entitled to," Genaro began to object. "You are entitled to nothing, Captain" interrupted Befort, "you may either take this command or you may deny it. It makes no difference to me, but do hasten with your decision as you are not the only appointment I have today." The Admiralty Minutes later, a furious Captain Genaro exited the Admiralty building, orders for the Little Hermes in hand. It may have been a blackguardly offer, but Genaro's heart longed for the sea (and the full pay that came with it), and you couldn't turn down a command without being blacklisted for years to come.