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Found 1 result

  1. Hello! Since, like many other, I've been super hyped for the LEGO Captain America Civil War sets, I thought I may as well do a little bit more extensive photo reviews of each set, along with the normal short ones that'll be in the main discussion thread. Let's start off with the Airport Battle set. __________________________________________________________ Name: 76051 Super Hero Airport Battle Piece count: 807 Price: $80 USD Figures: 6 regular sized, 1 microfigure, 1 brickbuilt macrofigure Release: March 1st worldwide (I found this at my Walmart, however) Video review: The Super Hero Airport Battle is the biggest set for the LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Spring 2016 line of Captain America Civil War sets. It's garnered a lot of hype, and that's no surprise. Rarely do we get LEGO Marvel playsets, and the inclusion of characters like Giant Man and Agent 13 (both new) and updated version of Iron Man, Scarlet Witch, a micro Ant-Man, and War Machine will attract the collector fanbase that the theme has gained since its conception. But is it any good? Well, let's take a look at the sucker! First, I wanna take a look at the figures. The first six minifigures and the microfigure included are great for the most part. The microfigure Ant-Man is so cool! I love the little printing on him. I'm amazed there were able to put that much detail in such a small figure. The Iron Man is new, only because of the torso. War Machine is new because of all of his armor. The face is a bit disappointing. They could've easily used the Iron Man 3 War Machine face. It looks more like the actor than the choice they used- the Cyborg face from the DC line. I'm also REALLY happy with the new Scarlet Witch, who has a much more accurate hair piece (that only appeared in one other set in that color), a new torso, radar dishes to hold that represent her power (in the correct color this time, unlike her Age of Ultron set appearance), and a nice cloth coattail. She has the same face as last time and it's a good face that fits. Agent 13 looks good. I like the choice of hairpiece, which is a very uncommon mould. The torso print is new, and the face print is Leia's from the Imperial Shuttle of last year. Captain America is pretty disappointing, as he is the same version as last year, with no new printing. Not sure the smiling face fits, as all the other minifigures have at least one alternate angry face print. And, the Winter Soldier is the same as the Black Panther set. The new version has the face of Star Lord, but he has a new torso print for 2016. Here are some minifigure comparisons- comparing the new figures to their older counterparts! There's four builds of the set- including the big figure for Ant-Man. The Giant Man build looks good! I like how they captured the look of a minifigure. There's some parts I don't like, like the undersides of the legs (which show gray), the gaps in the sickers, and the backside which looks thing and bare. Of course, the latter two can't really be fixed because of the format of official LEGO sets (LEGO stopped stickers across multiple parts, and adding SNOT techniques to the back would bump up the price). The airport control tower build is satisfying. It's odd to have so many LEGO Airport sets in this year, but I'm glad we do. There's an exploding wall feature in the middle, and the bottom barrage of boxes has an exploding feature when you stick the microfigure Ant-Man in the mouse hole. I like the top build with the windows, where they use hinged plates to give it a nice curved look. Including a new Quinjet is pretty odd. We just got one last year, but this new one is smaller. About half the size of the last. It lacks the white the last one had, and the back space of the vehicle holds a string to eject a minifigure once the "door" is opened. The wings can be positioned as there's two hinged sessions, and there's three wheels as a part of the landing gear (I don't mind this that much, but people seemed bothered by it). There's a little luggage carrier as the final build. The wheels used and the dimensions of the vehicle remind me of a classic town vehicle. The boxes and suitcases have some really cool easter eggs on the stickers! See which ones you can spot. Overall, the Super Hero Airport Battle set has some really good parts, but there's also some annoying flaws. I think the airport tower is the best build. I don't think there's anything wrong with it. Giant Man looks good, but there's those three flaws I stated before that bug me. The mini-Quinjet is an odd inclusion, and the execution is alright. It's smaller and sleeker, but I don't like a lot of the edges on the vehicle and I think the white contrast on the previous version gave it a better look. The minifigure selection is probably the best part, but even then, it's odd that the set is lacking a new Captain America and the choice to have a different headpiece for War Machine confuses me. Overall, I'd give this set a B. I think kids will love this set, as it has a lot of stuff going on for its price, but adult collectors will probably be annoyed by many of the complaints I've pointed out. Thanks for reading. I'll reserve this post, for if the other reviews can't fit on the first post. They'll have much less pictures, trust me.