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Found 9 results

  1. The year of bunny is almost to come. In Chinese tradition, every family will prepare a candy box which will soon become the gravity of candy-hunting children. Every year I build a new candy box. I think that is way better than to buy the standard boring box available elsewhere. For the cover design, I am inspired by traditional Chinese paper-cut art. IMG_5584 by skcheung730, 於 Flickr IMG_5585 by skcheung730, 於 Flickr IMG_5590 by skcheung730, 於 Flickr
  2. Brick New World

    Happy Easter Bunny

    Happy Easter everyone. I know, a week to early but here is my Quickbuild Easter Bunny Tutorial. Enjoy!
  3. Since this year Easter is almost cancelled, I decided to use Easter related minifigures to illustrate proverb known in many European countries: Where two are fighting, the third wins.
  4. Isn't this too early for Easter? I am not egg-sactly sure why. Perhaps, this hard working Easter Bunny Girl wants to paint as many eggs possible before Easter. So, let's make this quick. Hop onto my 30th RA review, set #853990 - Easter Bunny House. Overview Name: 853990 - Easter Bunny House Theme: Seasonal Year: 2019 (1H) Pieces: 57 Minifigures: 1 Price: GBP 6.99 / USD 7.99 / EUR 7.99 / MYR 39.90 Introduction It seems that TLG is switching things up a little bit with the new seasonal sets this year. This set is not a free gift with purchase. Instead, it is just a normal set that you can buy from LEGO store. Front view (with sleeve) The packaging for this small set is slightly different from the previous seasonal set, particularly 5005249 Easter Bunny Hut. From the outside, it is seemingly a clamshell box but it is just an octagonal prism packaging which can be opened at the bottom. In addition, it has a yellow paper twine with an egg-shaped tag. This is very handy if you are going to buy this set as a present. Back view (with sleeve) The sleeve is simply held by 2 clear tapes at the back. 3/4 Profile (sleeve removed) Once you remove the sleeve, there is no "door" or tear-off flaps that you can open. It functions like a normal box only. Nothing more, nothing less. You simple open the box flap at the bottom to free the contents inside. In the absence of any other packaging material inside, we get low-density polyethylene plastic bag and super glossy instruction booklet. Build Without being melodramatic, these are the contents of the plastic bag: Front view And in less than 10 minutes you are able to build this 3 little builds: a patch of foliage, a chicken coop and a scooter with 6 "eggs" on an egg tray. Immediately, what caught my attention in this build is the sunny side up printed 1x1 white round tile that serves as the headlight of the scooter. Is it an egg or a light? I think it depends on what you want to imagine. It is not the most creative usage of part but it looks wacky so I like it very much. It's also worth to mention that this is one of the easiest and cheapest way to get medium azure scooter at the moment. As for the most annoying part -- it's the roof. I don't like its construction because the hinges are not resting on any other element. The two red 2x4 tiles end up looking awkward when they don't touch perfectly at the tip. Despite the minimal parts, the chicken coop has a hallow space in the middle which the chicken can use to lay eggs. 3/4 side profile view At this angle you can appreciate the clever use of tan slope 45 1x1 Double as ladder steps for the chicken. What I don't really appreciate is the usage of part # 58176 as white eggs. There are 6 of them at the back of the scooter and I suppose this one of the most reckless way to transport a fragile produce. In the past, other sets use that part as egg, but that was back when the egg mould with hole has not been made yet. Now that there is an actual egg mould, frankly, I don't buy this part as a good substitute for eggs anymore. However, the problem with the egg element (part # 53677) is that it is wider than a single stud so it is impossible to fit 6 eggs in 2x3 stud array. Even if you put 6 of those on a wider plate, you can't present the tray of eggs without being cartoonishly disproportionate to the scooter. I understand the design constrains but it is just absurd that the previous Easter Bunny Hut got a properly printed easter egg while this one has nothing at all. Notice the door at the back? This is a neat little feature because you can open this door to get the eggs laid by the chicken. The space in the middle can hold only 4 'eggs' given the limited space. Minifigures Easter Bunny Girl This Easter Bunny Girl can be paired with the Easter Bunny guy from 5005249 Easter Bunny Hut as they are stylistically similar. The pink ribbon printed on the light aqua torso gives it a mix of "minty" and preppy style. In addition to the prominent bunny teeth, the cutesy minifigure face also has white whiskers that adds more charm to the minifigure. As a side note, the Easter Bunny guy from the Easter Bunny Hut hardly got popular in my opinion. Personally, it was not in my "must have" minifigure list because the original CMF Bunny Suit guy is so much more charismatic, which makes these variants appear redundant. It could be good or bad depending on how many Bunny Suit Guys you already have. So, now that a new Easter Bunny Girl can be paired with the Easter Bunny Guy, I wonder if this will make the older set popular. Something egg-citing is on the way! Conclusion I'm not going to drag this review longer so let me put in summary: Pros: Very collectible Easter Bunny Girl minifigure Interesting parts included medium azure scooter Cons: Unlike the previous seasonal sets, the packaging does not really add value since it is just a hollow box An easter bunny without an actual egg mould (sunny side up doesn't count!) Review summary Playability: 7/10 - For this price point, the playability is reasonable Design / Building Experience: 6 - Can't really say I am satisfied building the chicken coop because on how the roof was designed Minifigures: 8/10 - This makes a great partner with the previous Easter Bunny Guy minifigure from 2018. Price / Value for money: 7/10 - Think of this as an XTRA set + CMF and the pricing makes sense. Overall: 7/10 - It is a cute small set for collectors but I wish it is a dollar cheaper or came with more parts.
  5. Easter bunnies are not so cute... And additional vignettes: Happy Easter and beware of the bunny!
  6. You thought the life of a young vampire was like Twilight? Think again. Happy Easter! -Cast- Ostea Latrodex - Audrey Bacon Edwin Stokes - Jack Rizzo Harvey - Bentley Michaels Check out the rest of Vampire Town series here! Just a very quick little Easter special, set in the Vampire Town universe. Quite happy with how this turned out, aside from the set (I was away from most of my Lego, so was very limited on bricks), and a few dodgy angles. But I'm happy I got this out on time, and there's more Vampire Town coming very very soon! Consider supporting me on Patreon? Want to see more from Jam Pot Studios? YouTube: Facebook: Blog: Instagram: Flickr: Twitter:
  7. Hello, a few wweks ago I made a Bunny-bot, and a few people had been asking for instructions, so I thought I'd put them here incase anyone else is intrested.
  8. Well it is now officially the start of the Christmas season, and my latest creation is the house from the movie "A Christmas Story". In the States, this movie is iconic. So much so that it runs 24 hours straight on Christmas Eve on a particular channel, and the actual house where the movie was filmed was turned into a museum and gets 10s of thousands of visitors every year. However, it dawned on me that Lego fans outside of America may not even know about this movie. Thus, I figured that Eurobricks was probably the best place to get some perspective. Any feedback that you can provide would be great. Just a little about the model itself... I have an 8 year-old, and I really wanted it to be playable for her. Thus, it is modular where the second story and roof can be removed, and it fits fully on a 32x32 baseplate (actually two white 16x32 plates to be exact). Many of the movie scenes were shot in a studio, so the interior layout is based on a mix of the film and the actual house (in Cleveland, Ohio). It was created 100% percent with bricks that I had or was able to procure from bricklink, so there are no custom bricks. I was even able to find a tile with a "FRAGILE" sticker on it! To distinctly set it apart from other Lego houses, I added snow in a unique way to the roof and ground. The most fun feature that I was able to recreate was the famous leg lamp from the film using a Lego light brick above it so that it can be turned on. Anyway, if people outside of the US don't really know about the movie, then I guess those details would be lost. Just looking for some feedback and perspective (mostly from non-Americans, but anyone can feel free to weigh in). I did end up submitting it to Lego Ideas last month, so there are more and higher res pics there, as well as more of a description of the project and how the leg lamp works. Here are just a couple of pics though... Just let me know your perspective and/ or if you have any questions. Thanks so much!
  9. Captain Nemo

    MOC: Bat in Wonderland

    A MOC depicting Batman fighting the Mad Hatter. The latest part of my series on Batman vs. Villain Creations. I rather like this one, mostly for its chaotic nature, but also because of the seemingly joyful facade with shadows of horror. I was waiting to build this for a long time, and finally when the parts and bunny hats arrived yesterday, I just had to make it. Now is it weird that I post many creations here? I don’t see people posting MOCs here often since to me, we spend more time talking about Lego then actually doing anything with it. Should I be posting creations like this—at least so many in this time frame? --- Batman vs. Villain Creations: Bat in Wonderland Catwoman Museum Heist Joker's Funland Riddler's Hostage Hideaway (Flickr) --- Enjoy ~Nemo