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Found 10 results

  1. ShaydDeGrai

    Overreacting? It's _just_ a MOC...

    My family has a cleaning person who comes by about once every two weeks to help reset the household to a tolerable state of chaos (between pets, a young child and two parents with full time jobs, it can be hard to keep entropy in check without bringing in reinforcements periodically). The cleaning person knows that my home office / Lego room is a "no clean" zone. I deal with that space myself and she is not to enter. However, sometimes I display my MOCs in other areas of the house or in some cases even let my daughter play with them (with supervision - my daughter can do as she pleases with her collection but knows ask me before playing with my creations (just as I ask her permission before touching her MOCs)). SO I was very surprised when one of my MOCs disappeared from its display space in the living room. I was even more surprised to find about half of it mixed in with my daughter's parts bin. I questioned my daughter and she had no explanation; the MOC had disappeared on the day the cleaning person had been there so I asked her as well, she also claimed ignorance. So I checked the nanny cam footage to see if it had happened to catch anything and I find that the cleaning person's assistant had jostled the table. The MOC (a monster truck - mostly System, not Technic ) had rolled off the table and been reduced to its technic frame and a few bigger chunks (the parts I found in my daughter's bin) and several hundred smaller fragments. The cleaner then put the recognizable parts in my daughter's toy bin while the assistant swept up the loose pieces and threw them in the trash (probably over hundred dollars worth of parts). My gut reaction when I discovered this was to charge them for the parts and then fire them for lying about it, but my wife tells me I'm overreacting. Accidents happen (our marriage survived the utter destruction of the Death Star II and a smashed star destroyer (which was barely held together with magnetic train couplings in the first place) which she, herself had tried to blame on the cat). She says good help is hard to find and I should just let it go. I, however, can't help but think that yes, accidents do happen, but "good" help takes responsibilities for their actions, and doesn't try to frame a little girl for their own carelessness. I'm a bit torn, should I let to go? Should I confront the cleaner with the fact that I know what happened and that she lied? Should I risk my wife's wrath and be in the market for another cleaner (in fairness, other than this incident, she's very good at her job compared to others we've had; her assistant is more ... meh), Maybe I'm just older than dirt and getting crankier by the year, but it really bugs me that they tried to both cover up the accident and make it look like my daughter was to blame (the MOC was clearly not the work of a preschooler, so if you're going to sweep half the MOC into the trash, why salvage the other half and mix it in with my daughter's parts then claim complete ignorance of the whole affair? ) I'm sure I can't be the first person to get upset by a smashed model/MOC and a poorly executed cover-up. Would anyone care to share their experience?
  2. A few months long ago, I bought the 5282 Rc Buggy controller to work with the battery box and the buggy motors. As of yesterday, I found out that my controller's left switch (The Very Important Drive Switch) had up and died, leaving the other 3 switches working fine. (2 toggle on the back, steering on the front) I have tested my two buggy battery boxes (6293c01 & 6272c01), cables, and buggy motors and they all work fine. I was wondering if anyone else has had this happen to them before, and whether you all think I should buy a new one or get it repaired. Picture of what the controller looks like:
  3. In a previous post I explained how a tan half-gear in this piece was having its axle pulled out of it, while the axle drills through the gear making it unusable. After a first attempt fix, the car drove good without any clicks, but under high torque, the same exact thing happened... Here's the issue: When under high torque, the half-gear to the right unnaturally gets pulled out, while the axle chews the inside of the gear. The gears here are part of a DNR shifter alike to the one in the Porsche 911 GT3 RS. One thing I'd like to note is that when shifted to reverse, the problem disappears, meaning that there is a structural problem where the drive gear (bent gear) is. Here's a picture with the panels removed... I've tried my best with this and I would really appreciate helpful advice from the experts who have worked through this before. Thank you.
  4. Just building my MOC and I found out pieces I thought were in great condition are forming cracks already. 1. I thought only grey pieces were prone to these types of cracks, I was wrong. 2. Lots and lots of broken grey pieces. Almost every piece I have like this now has a crack. 3. Here's the same pieces but showing the cracks on the other side. 4. U-joints are just so easy to break. 5. I even broke one of these. 6. To test the durability of this piece (which some I have are in the earliest phase of cracking) I put an axle halfway through, put pressure on it, and the piece's "axle inserter" snapped. Trying to stay positive, but this is really holding back my builds. Wish I could find some way to prevent this from easily happening or if the cracking is a defect with the part. Is anybody else experiencing cracking with pieces where you put in axle? Would like some feedback from the community, thank you.
  5. samurai-turtle

    Golden Ninja Issue

    So I was messing around with 70503 The Golden Dragon (the old/first set). And I notice the arm joints at the shoulders were stiff on Lloyd (The Golden Ninja). As I was trying to loosen the joints I thought just taken arms out would help. That is when I broke the arms off. Now I am wondering has this happen to anyone else? Is the plastic just poor in the first place? Then after messing with the torso A little more I was able to get the "rest of the arms" out. And now I am wondering if putting in some "green arms" in the torso would look alright.
  6. Found this on YouTube. Repairing a minifig helmet with solvent (solvent welding).
  7. I have 2 broken m motors and 1 broken servo motor, I'm going to throw the servo motor out cause it's not useless and I can mod the m motors (maybe). I also have a battery box with a broken leg hole. Anyways I decided to do this because I've been trying to contact Lego but they keep sending me an error message and blocking me from reaching the humans... Please help, PS I have tons of other broken technic parts but not as important as this.
  8. I have a lot of pieces that have broken over the years, and I noticed the broken bricks option on the LEGO customer service site. I was wondering if there were any rules for that, such as if this option is only for replacing a piece that comes broken in the box, or if it breaks immediately after first use. Most of my broken pieces broke at least a few months after a set was purchased. Does any of this matter? Or is it just for replacing any brick that has broken?
  9. Does anyone know where to find broken 9V train motors? I searched bricklink and ebay but i didn't find anything. I want to make it in to a custom PF power pickup.
  10. Hello everybody, I just decided to clean my Super Star Destroyer and guess with what I ended up ? It my first broken parts in 25 years ... Is it a known problem ? A solved problem ? Something I did wrong ? Did someone else face the same problem ? Thank you ! SamLr