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Found 10 results

  1. As a child growing up in Corrington, Captain Brickleton would gaze out his bedroom window at Orion's Belt and the Big Dipper. Now a grown man and leading the Corlander military contingent in Elizabethville, Brickleton would still gaze up at those same stars. On the return leg of his trip to the interior looking for a waterfall that rained gold, the captain encountered the medicine man of the Onondaga and invited him back to visit the military camp outside Fort di Legno. The medicine man told the captain some of the tribe's histories. He showed Captain Brickleton the stars he had always known, but explained them in a new way: Orion's Belt was the Goose Foot and the Bigger Dipper was the Wolf Brothers. Same stars, but different names. ------------- OOC: I wanted to a try a night scene with muted nighttime colors and use technic axles as stars! Went with yellow axles for the dark sky, and dark tan axles for the darkening sky. I don't have that many dark bricks but I scrounged up all the ones I could find. The picture was shot in low light.
  2. Based on a tip from his new Onondaga friends, Captain Brickleton and a squad of the 18th Hussars head inland into the interior of Lacryma in search of a waterfall that rains gold. At least that's how the Onondaga describe it. Deciding that if the waterfall really rained gold the riches would be too good to pass up, Captain Brickleton plans a day trip on horseback. As the group passes over a rickety bridge on foot, they reach the end of the Elizabethville road and the beginning of the Onondaga single-track that preceded it.
  3. As part of Captain Brickleton's Seventeen Point Plan to bolster the defenses at Elizabethville, he instructed the militia at Fort di Legno to keep watch on the sea at all hours. A squall raged all night and into the morning. As the sun rose, the militiaman on watch spotted a ship on the horizon. Using his spyglass, he couldn't quite make out the ensign flying behind the ship, but he could see that it was blue. By midafternoon, the storm had moved offshore and it became quite clear that the ship was listing hard to port. The militiaman notified Second Lieutenant Bolton and he went to Captain Brickleton with the news. Over the next 24 hours the ship began drifting closer to Lacryma and it also began breaking up. A full 48 hours after the ship was first spotted, the first bluecoat seamen in the water began reaching shore. Captain Brickleton stripped down to his knickers and swam out to help them reach land. Once ashore, they were taken into custody and given a warm meal. In total, seven bluecoats made it ashore, though the militia patrolled the beach for the next week looking for signs of any additional crewmen. OOC: I've broken a lot of reddish brown plates and tiles in the last month, and I wanted to use them in a MOC! Also wanted to try out some new tree techniques
  4. After meeting the two Onondaga warriors earlier in the week at his cabin, Captain Brickleton invited them to camp to meet the soldiers. The Onondaga put on an impromptu show of marksmanship with the bow and arrow at the edge of camp. Captain Brickleton invited the warriors to give the soldiers of the 26th Foot and colonial militia a series of archery lessons. The Onondaga gladly accepted. While the Corlander soldiers were well-trained with muskets and sabers, Brickleton figured it couldn't hurt to have them learn a new skill from expert teachers.
  5. After being recalled from northern Corrington south to the capital of Belson, Captain Brickleton visited his father at their stately home in the heart of the city. His father, a retired general, happened to be hosting a soiree with some of his old army colleagues and their families. After making introductions, the elder Brickleton took his son to the study and bestowed upon him the family sword. The sword had a fine brass scabbard and wickedly sharp blade. It had been in the family for seven generations and was carried in all of the major old world campaigns of the past two centuries. Receiving the sword, Captain Brickleton felt the gravity of the ages on him and the weight of family expectations. Captain Brickleton would take it with him on his new adventures just beginning as he shipped out to Elizabethville. Captain Brickleton and his father slip into the library. The elder Brickleton gives his son the family sword. The sword had a fine brass scabbard and wickedly sharp blade. The bookcases in the formal library were so tall that the elder Brickleton would have his servants fetch a ladder to reach the items on the higher shelves. The library contained treasures from the elder Brickleton's adventures traveling the world as a general. A soiree of in the finest fashion. It was a chilly night, so a fire was lit in the fireplace. The spirits flowed freely and Captain Brickleton had his eye on Brigadier Stockton's daughter.
  6. Without a harbor in Elizabethville, the ship carrying Captain Brickleton and his mixed company of 26th Foot and 18th Hussars couldn't get that close in. Anchored offshore, smaller boats ferried the men, horses, and supplies to the dock and beach in front of Fort di Legno. Arriving on the first boat, Captain Brickleton was greeted by Second Lieutenant Bolton of the Elizabethville Colonial Militia at the stockade fort. After introductions, together they went to retrieve the manager of the nearby stables. Returning with a few stablehands, they helped guide the frightened horses from the shallows inland. Following the chaotic yet successful disembarkment, Bolton gave Captain Brickleton a tour of the stockade. As the new ranking officer in Elizabethville, Captain Brickleton was keen to start off on the right foot. He left Bolton, who was clearly very proud of the smallish wooden fort, in command of the stockade and began to move his men inland to set up camp. A troop raising build for Elizabethville.
  7. "A First Meeting with the Onondaga" Upon their arrival at Elizabethville, Captain Brickleton had his men set up a camp behind Fort di Legno. An abandoned cabin across the main path from the soldier's camp caught Captain Brickleton's eye and he inquired with the town mayor as to its provenance. He learned it had been home to a local merchant who met her demise earlier that year at sea in a run-in with Sea Rats. With no family, the cabin had sat vacant since. Captain Brickleton made a formal offer to the town Mayor and purchased the cabin. He would be immediately adjacent to his men in camp, but would have a roof over his head rather than tent canvas. About two weeks after moving into the cabin, Second Lieutenant Bolton of the Elizabethville militia came by and announced they had received a letter for Captain Brickleton from a passing frigate. As the lieutenant was presenting the letter to Captain Brickleton, two native Onodaga warriors appeared and made introductions. Captain Brickleton was on edge during that first meeting, having never met a native before. However, he quickly realized the two Onodaga were jovial and kind. They shared some cordial and nuts. Once the guests had left, he opened the letter and was glad to see it was from Elsabeth Stockton. The cabin wasn't large, having only one room, but it had plenty of space for the man by himself. He purchased a bed in town and brought it back to the cabin. Captain Brickleton inquired with the Onondaga warriors about their feathers and learned they came from the plumage of a white eagle. Captain Brickleton was pleased by the many windows in the cabin, which would have otherwise been quite dark. The cabin needed a good sweeping, but was in pretty good shape for having sat vacant. Licensed as a small residence
  8. "A Seventeen Point Plan" With the unrest occurring on Terraversa, Captain Brickleton wanted to make sure Elizabethville was prepared for any unplanned action. He detailed a seventeen point preparation plan for Fort di Legno and worked with Second Lieutenant Bolton of the militia to have his militiamen implement it. Along with more strategic defensive improvements, Captain Brickleton and Second Lieutenant Bolton oversee a militiaman scrubbing the palisade walls with soapy water. The difference is immediately noticeable.
  9. After receiving the Brickleton family sword, Captain Brickleton returned to the soiree and introduced himself to Brigadier Stockton's daughter Elsabeth. They made plans to meet up the following day. Having spent nine months living in an army camp in northern Corrington, Captain Brickleton had plenty of unspent officer pay and wanted to buy a new uniform coat. Elsabeth accompanied him to Gerald Of Belson's, the premiere purveyor of officer uniforms in the capital. While perusing a selection of hats, Elsabeth saw a brass compass and bought it for Captain Brickleton to take on his journey to Elizabethville. They promised to keep correspondence. While perusing a selection of hats, Elsabeth saw a brass compass and bought it for Captain Brickleton to take on his journey to Elizabethville.
  10. Recently stationed in the north of Corrington, Captain Brickleton receives orders to gather his company of infantry and light cavalry and to head south to the port at Belson. With the season changing and the cold winds beginning to blow, he is most ready to head south. While he had distinguished himself as a tactician and leader in past engagements, indiscretions with a general's daughter have stunted his career prospects. He looks on his new orders as a chance to get back in his superiors' good graces. He suspects upon reaching Belson he will learn that he is being sent to the Sea of Thieves to support Colonel Sir Dirk Allcock. Time will tell. He also looks forward to seeing his father, a retired general, when he returns to Belson. Captain Brickleton has his men break camp and form up to begin the long march south. "A Messenger Arrives in Camp" "Breaking Camp and Preparing To Head South"