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Found 8 results

  1. Any brickfilms you remember watching thats impossible to find these days? I have this memory of a Johnny Thunder crossover with Indiana Jones, i think it was called "Indiana Jones and the island of" something, but i cant remember. It was 6 maybe 7 parts in total. It was released around 2008 when lego Indiana Jones was brand new and it featured a lot of music from monkey island. Another one i remember was a brickfilm about a minifigure, a cat and computer, it ended with the minifigure chasing the cat up the roof and falling off. Looked pretty good for the time If anyone have any recollection of these Brickfilms, i would appreciate if you would share it, or information on any Brickfilms you cant find yourself.
  2. Hi everyone. I recently joined these forums because I'm trying to connect with other people who make and/or enjoy brickfilms. I've made a handful of stopmotion animated videos by now and, let's just say that I've come to realize that brickfilms have a very niche audience. I was wondering whether you guys have struggled to find an audience on Youtube as well. With the exception of a Lego Kingsman video I made back in 2015, most of the videos I post tend to get buried by the algorithm. Any tips would be more than appreciated. Thanks! Here's some of my work:
  3. Otto Films

    Otto Films Presents

    Hey everyone, Otto here!! Just wanted to say hi. I'm an AFOL. I make lego stop-motion videos for my Youtube Channel. You can check out my work from the link down below, I'd really like to have some feedback from you guys. Lets inspire and get inspired by each other. [media] [/media]
  4. Brickstudio Films

    Hello, I am Brickstudio Films!

    Hello I am Brickstudio Films, a brickfilming youtube channel dedicated to producing monthly brickfilms! I upload on the second friday of each month, sometimes with modular buildings or a special event such as a Halloween brickfilm. I am still a fairly new channel so please check out my videos on my youtube channel. I tend to post most behind the scenes images, lighting images, and updates on google +. I have a few modular buildings on Lego Ideas @NikBrick2000 too. Please tell me how Im doing on my brickfilms so that I can make better ones in the future. Thanks :)
  5. You thought the life of a young vampire was like Twilight? Think again. Happy Easter! -Cast- Ostea Latrodex - Audrey Bacon Edwin Stokes - Jack Rizzo Harvey - Bentley Michaels Check out the rest of Vampire Town series here! Just a very quick little Easter special, set in the Vampire Town universe. Quite happy with how this turned out, aside from the set (I was away from most of my Lego, so was very limited on bricks), and a few dodgy angles. But I'm happy I got this out on time, and there's more Vampire Town coming very very soon! Consider supporting me on Patreon? Want to see more from Jam Pot Studios? YouTube: Facebook: Blog: Instagram: Flickr: Twitter:
  6. Looking for a unique convention of LEGO fans held en français* ? CinéBrique is THE original event combining a convention of LEGO fans AND a brickfilms festival! The third edition of this already popular event in Quebec will be held on November 18-20, 2016, at Champlain College, in Saint-Lambert (South Shore of Montreal), Quebec, Canada. Attendees who register before September 1st will get a $10 discount. For more info: * Although the convention is held in French, most of the organizers and attendees will gladly translate anything you need to know in English.
  7. LegoPercyJ

    Failed Brickfilms

    This is a collection of unfinished, abandoned cut scenes of brickfilms. I was going to create a Christmas Special, narrated by Vitruvius Vitruvius: Vitruvius and Advent calender: Vader: Miscellaneous: Generic guy with cloak 1:\ Generic Evll guy with cloak 2:
  8. Techno_Knight

    Best sets for stop motions?

    Hello and sorry if this thread exists but i couldn't find anything related by using the search function. Anyway, here goes: For the past two years i'm trying to make some stop motions. I bought a dslr nikon camera, a tripod, the latest photoshop and after effects and all that. I wrote dozens of scripts ranging from 1,000 to 3,000 and even 5,000 words but i could never figure out the scenery. I live in Greece so Lego sets are seriously overpriced so i have to buy them online. I gave my old lego bricks to my cousins so now i have to start again. Now, my question is: Which of the sets thta can be found in lego's website would you consider pffer the best amount of useful bricks that can be used to make the scenery? I have a budget of around 300-400 euro (or 390-520 dollars) with shipping icluded. I will have lego sed the sets to a friend of mine in America and then he will ship them loose to me. Anyway, i'd love to hear your opinions and any help is appreciated!