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Found 12 results

  1. Functions/features: Steering (controlled via the steering wheel) Full live axle suspension 4-speed transmission (controlled via a shift lever by the driver's seat) V8 engine Opening side door Removable interior elements (dining table, benches, bed, range and sink) Removable body Video: Photos:
  2. Hey guys, here's a MOC I've been planning to make for quite a while now: the 1972 Winnebago Brave. RV's have gained virtually no attention in the world of Lego Technic, so I'm pretty excited to see what I could accomplish in this MOC. I also plan on bringing this MOC to BrickFair Virginia this summer. I decided to do a Winnebago for this project because my friend back in Iowa has a passion for Winnebago RVs. Out of the many Winnebago RVs out there (Cheftain, Indian, etc) and model years, I settled on the Brave because her favorite model is the 1972 Brave. Despite it being an unusual subject for Technic, I nevertheless plan to include all those "traditional" Lego Technic supercar functions on this MOC, such as steering, suspension, and transmission. Currently, the chassis is about 2/3 of the way complete, with most of the mechanical features now in place. In between the seats is a fake V8 engine connected to a massive 4-speed transmission shifted using the rotary catches from the 42083 set. The transmission is shifted using the paddle to the right of the driver's seat - it uses a rubber band mechanism similar to the one on the 42083 to rotate the catches 90 degrees for each press of the paddle. The gear ratios are 2.08:1, 1.33:1, 1.25:1, and 1:1.25. Both axles will have live axle suspension, and the steering mechanism includes a working steering wheel. This MOC will have no motors, and it is in fact my first MOC without any motorized functions. To increase visibility of the mechanics, I plan on incorporating a removable body and floorplan to expose the chassis down to its bare bones. I may also include a customizable floorplan to increase playability (like the Creator Ford Mustang set with all its customizable features). I may also include some accessories to go along with the model, such as a canoe or kayak. PS - shoutout to my friend for providing me brochures of the RV. Had all the information I needed to get the building process going. Photos:
  3. Functions/features: Drive (AWD) Steering (with working steering wheel) 4-speed transmission Motorized gull-wing doors Full independent suspension Flat-6 engine Adjustable seats (recline/slide) Illuminated headlights and taillights (with Brickstuff LEDs) Video: Photos:
  4. Hey guys, here's a project I've recently started working on. It's been a while since I built anything as I've been quite busy for the past couple months. Anyways, this will be a supercar project. My 4th supercar so far, hence the name "Supercar IV". To be honest I've run out of creative names after giving "Red Beryl GT" to my BrickFair 2018 MOC, so I'm happy to take suggestions if any of you have a better name in mind. From the photos below this may seem like a mere rebuild of my Red Beryl GT, but this MOC comes with several upgrades: A 4WD drive system A 4-speed gearbox, controlled remotely This will be my first supercar to contain such features, and if everything turns out well this could be my most mechanically advanced supercar MOC up to date. The presence of a 4WD system makes it easy to install a 4-speed gearbox, as I took advantage of the two gears of different sizes on the old differential serving as a central differential. I wished that I was able to make the shifting mechanism smaller or use a stepper mechanism for it, but a stepper mechanism is a bit too big and complex to fit in the available space and there is too much structure around the gearbox to make the shifting mechanism any smaller. Although the mechanism appears obstructive as of now, building seats and a roof over it should help conceal it. I am also planning on installing Brickstuff LEDs to this MOC, as well as potentially adding a 4th motorized functions (such as motorized doors or a motorized rear wing). If you guys have any suggestions for me, please let me know. EDIT: I've decided to name the MOC "Red Beryl X", as it's essentially an upgraded sequel to my Red Beryl GT. Photos:
  5. I have built two Lego Technic supercars in the past - both of which were motorized and featured SBrick control. Since both proved to have an interesting building process, I decided to make my second MOC to this year's BrickFair Virginia a mid-engine supercar. The building process involved lots of Trial-and-error, the most apparent being completely redesigning the chassis from scratch and streamlining the chassis in its early stages. I've also changed up the interior many times, especially the seats, dash, and underside panels. The car is driven by 2 PF L motors located very close to the rear axle - giving it a very efficient drivetrain. The drive motors are also connected to a V8 piston engine which can be accessed by opening the rear hatch. Steering is done by a PF servo motor, and I decided to use the newer steering hubs in the front. The car also features full independent suspension, with 1 shock absorber per wheel in the front and 2 per wheel in the rear. The power source is the 8878 rechargeable battery, located conveniently behind the rear axle. As for the aesthetics, this model contains plenty of angled connections - most of which are done by angled connectors. This was especially true for the front end, where plenty of angled connections were used to get the smooth, rounded shape of a supercar. I also used plenty of flex axles in the bodywork, especially for the wheel arches and windshield. The roof used 3x13 curved panels to get a more rounded shape, and since they are currently not available in red I went with black which resulted in a two-tone body I'm very happy with. The only part I'm not so happy about is the rear hatch, since the black panels seem to be just placed on there randomly. I also felt like the interior could have used a bit more detail. but overall I'm happy with how the model turned out aesthetically. This MOC was a MOC full of trial-and-error but ultimately turned out to be something I'm really happy with. Comparing it to my earliest MOCs (and even my previous supercars), I see that I have come a long ways over the past 5 years. Looking at the results, this model seems to resemble most closely an Acura NSX even though I didn't really have a "goal" car in mind as I built it. Although this was a MOC primarily concerned with aesthetics, it isn't so lacking in functionality either as it is not only motorized but also features the opening rear hatch which I never planned to include in the beginning. Overall it was a great MOC and building experience and I'm excited to display it at BrickFair Virginia this year. Video: Photos:
  6. This MOC started out as an inspiration from the 42078 Mack Anthem: I wanted to build a truck of similar scale but with better functionality and power functions. Seeing how the 42078’s trailer had no PF or gearbox whatsoever, I saw this as a point for some development. I actually started the building process with the trailer as it was to be the more functions-dense part of the MOC, so the actual Kenworth component didn’t come in until halfway through the build. The trailer includes a central distribution gearbox where one switch controls between the motorized functions and the pneumatic compressor and the other selects 1 of the 2 motorized functions, which are lowering the front stabilizers and rotating the crane. The boom and jib are pneumatic, and both the extension and the winch are controlled manually. There are also manually deployed rear stabilizers that keep the trailer stable while the crane is in use, and the entire rear bed can be removed by pulling out several bushes (not seen in the video). As for the actual Kenworth T600 part of the build, its scale is nearly identical to the 42078 Mack truck. The truck’s functions include steering via a knob behind the cab and a 6-cylinder mini piston engine, which I made in yellow to represent a Caterpillar engine. Inside the cab there’s a steering wheel and 2 seats, and there is a bed with a TV above it in the sleeper. The part I’m most happy about with this part of the build was the hood - nearly half of it was built with System pieces to capture the shaping of it. Overall I felt that, despite its simplicity compared to the trailer, the truck portion managed to capture the design of the real Kenworth T600 very well. This MOC was a breakthrough in that this was essentially a MOC composed of two independent MOCs: a truck and a trailer. The building process was one of the most interesting I’ve had among the MOCs I’ve made, and it was very interesting looking at the two independent parts come together. All the functions worked as intended, and the pneumatics operated with pretty good speed. I’m definitely looking forward to exhibiting it at BrickFair Virginia this August. Video: Photos:
  7. Hey guys, here's a project I've been working on for the past couple of weeks. It will be my second MOC to BrickFair Virginia this summer, along with my Kenworth T600 that I just finished. This MOC will be a sequel to my V6 Supercar from 2017. As you can see the V8 piston engine is already in place. It will, of course, be a mid-engine supercar, with the engine clearly visible from the rear window. It is going to be a motorized MOC, as seen by the two L motors already in place. It will also include SBrick control, although I don't plan on motorizing anything other than drive and steering as it could make things more complicated. At this point the rear of the chassis is pretty much complete, with two L motors connected to a 2-speed gearbox that will be controlled manually. The gearbox's output bypasses the engine via u-joints and connects to the rear differential, while the engine is connected directly to the drive motors via a gear train behind the rear axle. As of right now, my plans for this MOC include: Red body with black roof Red rims with low-profile tires Full independent suspension Servo steering SBrick control Obviously, with less than two months to build this MOC, the building process will go pretty fast. Also because this is a more straightforward build than the Kenworth, I might not do as many WIP updates but the updates will cover more progress. Photos:
  8. Hey guys, here's another project I've been working on alongside the Monster Bike. This is going to be a much bigger project, and will very likely be my first MOC going to BrickFair VA in August. It will be a truck and trailer MOC - the trailer will have several motorized functions and a pneumatic crane, and the truck will contain no electronic components - it will be all about the details, just like the 42078, and it will be built at a similar scale. At this point I have finished the distribution gearbox that will control all the motorized and pneumatic functions. The gearbox is set up similar to that of the 8110 (or 42070) - the "main" side will determine whether the motor drives the pneumatic compressor or the 2 motorized functions, and the "dependent" side will determine which of the two motorized functions the motor will drive. The motor is only connected to the main side, as the dependent side requires the main side to direct drive to it. As for the truck, I'm planning on a Kenworth T600 in black. The trailer will have a platform made of 5x11 panels in light bluish gray. The functions of the trailer will be: (This plan is tentative) Motorized functions: Trailer stabilizers Crane rotation (will have a worm gear somewhere in the gear train as this prevents manual rotation) Pneumatic Functions: (all will be on the crane arm) Elevation Second Section Extension (if space allows) Grabber If you have any suggestions, let me know in the comments below. Photos:
  9. Had a lot of fun this year at Brickfair Virginia. It was an absolute blast. In addition to all the great loot, MOC's, and friendship, I was the head collaborator for the Lands of Roawia MOC's. Lands of Roawia, is a free, online, fantasy based LEGO Roleplaying game found on The story revolves around 4 factions that are constantly at odds with one another. It has a pretty nice following and is a lot of fun. At Brickfair VA, a group of us thought to make a big collaboration. The end result is this massive battle, "Locklear's Siege." Two factions (Lenfald and the Outlaws) are besieging a Loreesi (faction is Loreos) port city. Unfortunately the Garhims (faction Garheim) had an embassy built in the city which is caught in the crossfire. The battle is taking place at land and see, with the Lenfels and Outlaws easily ransacking the city. Here are some pictures for your viewing pleasure! There are over 40 pictures altogether. Please check them out. You can see all of them here, in this FLICKR album: Enjoy! ------------------------------------- The main Battle Lands of Roawia BFVA2015 Collab by Schmidt, on Flickr ------------------------------------- Outlaws in Formation Lands of Roawia BFVA2015 Collab by Schmidt, on Flickr ------------------------------------- The embassy is under attack. Lands of Roawia Display by Schmidt, on Flickr ------------------------------------- The battle at sea. Lands of Roawia BFVA2015 Collab by Schmidt, on Flickr
  10. Bricknave

    Steam Workshop

    A large Steampunk creation displayed at BrickFair VA 2014! I used Mindstorms NXT to motorize the doors, the airship, and the winged flying machine. Previous Steampunk creations of mine took inspiration from the orient and the wild west. For the Steam Workshop, I wanted to capture the essence of Victorian England. The above image is linked to a video of the Steam Workshop in motion! A gentleman and his robot await the unveiling of a new airship! He is also having a picnic! Inventors and workers toil away in the workshop, working around the clock! Ladies and gentlemen watch their progress from above. Test pilots are always needed! Next to the steamy industrial workshop is a refreshing garden! A Steamcopter rests on a special landing pad. The Steam Workshop was Nominated for "Best Steampunk"! I hope you enjoyed this tour of the Steam Workshop!
  11. Hi there, Here are some photos of my newest model I displayed at BrickFair VA this past weekend, a diorama depicting the set of the classic BBC Two sitcom Fawlty Towers. The hall tree with dual umbrella stands in the vestibule at the back of this photo can be seen in better detail here. Here's another shot from the con showing the reception desk, the fire bell, and the moose head with a broken antler. Here's a work-in-progress picture showing an alternate corbel design in light grey and some of the winder stairs. Here's what the whole diorama looked like from the front sitting on the table, which provides another view of the staircase. I plan to modify this and post another set of photos once I get some parts I don't yet own and will maybe even build the upstairs or exterior. Thanks for looking, Nathan
  12. SmoothJazz

    SCM-541: The White Viper

    This MOC is my entry for BBC contest 68 on BZPower. I made it in June. This was voted a finalist, and is currently at Brickfair Virginia 2014. Main image: Back: (Click either of the images above to view the gallery on flickr.) (Also, if any of you are on BZpower or at Brickfair, votes for this entry would be greatly appreciated.) Comments and Criticism appreciated.