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Found 8 results

  1. *Your entry has scored 6XP* (...) and I need another squadron of Tie-Fighters from your forces here, to secure the sector. - former imperial Captain Byron Varrasin yelled at the screen- You both are perfectly aware how crucial is my supremacy in this sector to your plans, are you? The dialogue was cut short by the sound of metal doors being opened in the back of the room. Damned Stormtroopers! - thought Verrasin. - What is the meaning of this interruption? - yelled while turning to see who entered the room. But those interlopers were no stormtroopers. Two, fully armored figures clad in Mandalorian armour entered the room, encircling Verrasin, with blasters pointing at him. Who the hell are you. You will pay for this insolence! - Varrasin growled, then grabbed and activated his bow-sword and gritted his teeth. Shocked imperial officials on the monitor made no sound, and stood in shock. Mandalorians stopped, still aiming guns at Verrasin, and one of them spoke. Calm, deep voice, filled with confidence - This party is over... Verrasin smirked, ready to lunge at the confident Mandalorian, but the momentarily silence was disturbed by a rifle shot. The last thing imperial captain managed to do, was turn his head towards the source of the sound. The moment of silence dragged on. - Spike! What the heck? - The Mandalorian said, his voice not as calm and confident as before. - Neh... Boring conversation anyway. - Shrugged Spike, the Mandalorian rifleman. Full Scene shot:
  2. *Your entry has scored 6XP* ####################### Location: Planet Teth. 56°39'N B'omarr Monastery Local time: 18:22 ####################### The wind howled on top of the enormous mountains where the gigantic sanctuary was located. Not only would it be dangerous to walk from the foot of the mountain to the main gate, it could be fatal. Dangerous paths, crumbling rocky arches, and deadly wildlife everywhere. However, the two Mandalorians climbed the mountain the traditional way to avoid unnecessary detection. - Are you sure it's the right place this time?- Iana Gruss asked. There was a recognizable hint of mockery in her voice. - Yes. I am. Stop tormenting me! - Rokk Latern grunted. - Exactly what you said in previous monasteries. Are we there yet? - Iana continued to mock her partner. - Can't you be silent for at least five minutes? You're almost there. - Spike's annoyed voice sounded in their helmet earpieces. - Keep it up. I think I saw movement in the main room. It will be difficult to get a clean shot. - Spike had loved this contract from the moment he heard where it was going. Mountains and lots of open space. The perfect environment for a sniper, with high terrain. And of course you don't have to climb the mountains on foot. Soon after, Rokk and Iana reached the top of the mountain and were greeted by an ancient monastery with high walls and impenetrable gates. - Engage the climb ropes. - Rokk ordered, pulling out his blaster and pointing Iana at the walls. - I don't think they like visitors - she said casually. - Why do you think so? - Rokk asked. - I don't know ... Just a hunch. - More photos: Part 2:
  3. ####################### Location: Planet Teth. 56°39'N B'omarr Monastery Local time: 18:41 Target: Pou Yaganadle  ####################### The hallways and chambers of the sanctuary were dark and silent, interrupted only by the sounds of sand creaking under the feet of Mandalorian shoes. - Turn on the thermal vision. The Yaganadle must be here somewhere - came the message from the helmet. It wasn't long before the two Mandalorians reached the largest chamber of the sanctuary, which looked like an audience hall. - Watch out for traps. Jabba had several of them in his palace, it may be the same here - thundered Spike in helmets. - Beware. More pics and close ups:
  4. *Your entry has scored 5XP* Bounty_part one In coming message to all of the republic, a bounty has been set for Captain Byron, Last seen on the rings of Kafrene, and know that this si home turf for Captain Byron, he has lots of friends and allies on that planet. Wanted Dead or Alive, but alive would be best to retrieve information out of him.
  5. *Your entry has scored 8XP* +++++++++++++++ Security Camera #523: Landing Pad C44 Voice transmission only. Unauthorised access. Time of the recording: 13:33 +++++++++++++++ Male Voice#1: Alright, remind me what is the plan. Male Voice#2: I thought I've explained it already. You take the long route, and make sure we have a backup if things get messy. Me and Iana go to the provided location and we breach in the building. We either find the target or intel to locate him. Swift in and out. Female Voice#1: Messy? You told me to bring two crates of explosives. Only to be optional? Male Voice#2: Bounty is dead or alive. It have no specifications about casualties. We jut need to complete the mission. This is the way. Male Voice#1: Fine for me. See you on the rendezvous. This is the way. Female Voice#1: <with discontent> This is the way. +++++++++++++++ <Transmission ended> More Pics:
  6. The Gauntlet was a Kom'rk-class fighter/transport owned by the former Mandalorian splinter-faction leader turned bounty hunter Pre Vizsla. Designed and constructed by the Mandalorian starship manufacturing corporation, MandalMotors, the Gauntlet took its name from the Basic language translation of the Mando'a word, Kom'rk. Equipped with powerful engines and twin laser cannons, Gauntlet fulfilled dual roles as a troop transport and starfighter, and was maintained by Vizsla— former leader of the Mandalorian splinter-group known as the Death Watch—as his personal transport during the galaxy-spanning Clone Wars. It was later owned by his son, who used it in bounty hunting during the Galactic Civil War era. The Gauntlet was a Kom'rk-class fighter/transport, and like the smaller models of the Kom'rk-class, measured 52.3 meters in length. Gauntlet possessed broad, angular, rotating wings the rotated to an upright landing position when grounded. The starship was also equipped with dual, forward-facing laser cannons located at the nose of the main body, and powerful engines that made Gauntlet one of the fastest troop transports in the galaxy. (not canon) owner info: After being proclaimed dead (Pre Vizsla faked his death at the hands of Darth Maul), and losing his title of leader of Death Watch to the Sith lord, Pre Vizsla escaped Mandalore on his ship, the Gauntlet. He fled to parts unknown, and had his ship repainted into a rusted colors of browns, grays, and black. Pre Vizsla held out for the rest of the Clone Wars on the desert world of Tatooine, hiding his ship in the bustling space-port of Mos Esiley at Docking Bay 93. It was around this time he found himself a wife, one of the refugees from the further out in the Outer Rim sieges. Her name has never been recorded as she died in child birth, but their son has: Par Vizsla. Around the time of rise of the Empire, the father went into business of bounty hunting, and Pre made sure to teach his son the importance of their shared Mandalorian heritage. When Pre died of old age around 3 years Before the Battle of Yavin ( or 3-BBY for short), Par Vizsla took his father's ship and armor and began bounty hunting full-time. He took this profession as a sort of challenge against Boba Fett, the "top dog" of the bounty hunting world, and another Mandalorian-armor wearing hunter. Their rivalry would go on for some time, until Boba was "accidentally" eaten by the Sarlacc. Par Vizsla then had to fight off several new threats to his "top Mandalorian" status, until finally being lost in the deep core chasing a bounty and was then termed MIA around the time of the Battle for Jakku.... though what truly happened to him and his ship will never fully be known. After all, he was chasing the Millennium Falcon! The cockpit seats two figures, one pilot / owner, and one bounty in handcuffs. The cargo area folds up, (and down) and can store a single crate. The ship, while landed, has the two side arms fold upwards 90 degrees. Builders notes: This model is a color-changed and slightly modified version of set 9525 (Pre Vizsla's Mandalorian Fighter). I liked the model, but not the color scheme, so I changed it to match one of the figures in the new Mandalorian battle pack (set 75267), who is going to pilot this ship. I removed the ability for the ship's cockpit to turn 90 degrees sideways while flying as I didn't like how it looked. The landing function still operates as intended, though. The story I wrote that goes with this model is 100% my own fan fiction. It has been inspired by the Clone Wars TV show and other bits of info from the Star Wars Wikipedia about various topics. Most (but not all) of the ship's info is straight from the Gauntlet's page on that wiki. (This model should be built in real life next year, hopefully by mid-March.)
  7. JeffBuilds

    The Biggest, Blockiest Bounty

    EDIT: Apologies to Captain Braunsfeld, After doing a search on "Brick Bounty" for more ideas and insight after posting this thread, I had found he had done something similar with his MoC Brick Bounty. A glaring oversight on my part as I posted this thread, and apologies to Braunsfeld. To your credit, I feel that yours is the superior build upon reading the thread. ;) EDIT THE SECOND: Another three mast configuration, and the THIRD appearance of Billy the Pirate. Also, I love the extra details BrickOn put into his Bigger Bounty as well, including a bed for the Captain, and Bunks below decks for his crewmen, and a vastly superior Galley build. So looking online, I found a video I fell in love with, Where the Author took 3 of the stock Lego Pirates 2015 set, 74013, The Brick Bounty, and made this formidable looking freighter. Citing the author, specs include room for 14 Cannon fixtures, 8 below deck, and 6 topside, and it's fully rigged... with... rigging... I myself had dabbled with two copies of the Brick Bounty myself, after seeing a thread where some builders said that they had difficulty putting a whole ship together with two sets, because of it's piece count. I have procured a third copy of the set, and conspire to merge it into my own MOC. This thread is mostly for the sake of posterity before I tear it down and build it up again, but more than anything, I want to share what changes I have made to my Bigger, Brickier Bounty. The first thing I want to point out is that I extended the hull by one extra segment, and I gave it a third mast. While it does look impressive, ultimately it's difficult to maneuver the figures during play. Also, the plates on the port and starboard sides flanking the bow was a bit of "Cheating" on my part, those red angle plates serve to conceal the awkward connection between the two bow segments. I made it work, but ideally, I'd have used brown plates instead of the dark tan ones. I would have loved if you could stack multiple bow extenders on top of each other flawlessly, but I was able to use plates and studs to make a sturdy, legal assembly. Also note the added sail at the bow of the ship as well. And the working compass inside the Nest in the bow! I've also modified the Anchor mechanism so that Minifigures can manually raise and lower the anchor as well. "Blast it Billy, quit hitting that bottle and give us a hand!" A group shot of the entire crew, featuring several transplants from the CMF series, a couple special figures, and some customs. My personal favorites are the Captain, of course, and a modified "Cookie" ( He has a hook hand now, and is armed with a Meat Cleaver from the CMF series 6 Butcher, and he also has his hat as well) And the exclusive Minifigure from the 2015 exclusive "Pirate Adventure" set, who I have come to affectionately call "Billy" on account of him/his particular face, while common, bears a striking resemblance to a certain famous Celebrity Pitch-Man. The other pictures enclosed are just miscellaneous shots around the ship. Cookie, hard at work in the Galley located near the bow of the ship, as happy as a clam, while another satisfied customer walks off with his Hamburger "Oh my! But Rodrigo, you know I am betrothed to Captain Roger!" "So you are... But what the good captain does not know, will not hurt him, Chere!" Swordsman Samir, the newest addition to the crew, takes his job as the Captain's bodyguard very seriously. Inside the cabin, as Captain Roger II, esquire is enjoying some surf and turf, Bonnie Lass tells him of Rodrigo's treachery. "Arr, I'm not worried, Lass! Men like him be all spark, and no steel! The only reason I keep him around is for Fodder for the Imperial Guardsmen! Plus, it's funny when Samir stares him down!" Other things of note: I've also, through official stock parts, as well as pieces from my own collection, extended the Captain's Cabin by one whole brick, making Figures with hats and embellishments (Roger II's Captain's Hat with Feather, as an example) able to stand comfortably without hitting the ceiling. I will keep you all updated as I make enhancements and improvements on the ship's design.
  8. Little_russian_AFOL

    [MOC]: Speeder chase

    Hello! I am Little Russian AFOL, and today i am show for You my custom speeder chase! Speeder chase by Little_Russian_AFOL, on Flickr BARC speeder (sort of 7913 and 75012): BARC speeder by Little_Russian_AFOL, on Flickr BARC trooper: BARC trooper by Little_Russian_AFOL, on Flickr Bounty hunter speeder: random bounty hunters by Little_Russian_AFOL, on Flickr Random bounty hunters - Aurra Sing and Boushh: Aurra Sing and Boushh by Little_Russian_AFOL, on Flickr So long, and thanks for fish! The chasing by Little_Russian_AFOL, on Flickr