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Found 4 results

  1. Hi everyone! This is my MOC for the real life high speed train Frecciarossa 1000, a train made by the Bombardier-Hitachi consortium, which they call the “V300 Zefiro”. It currently runs in the Italian high speed network (operated by Trenitalia) and on the Spanish one too (operated by Iryo). The train itself is simply a well designed and made high speed train, with an operational speed of up to 360 km/h (although they never reach those speeds commercially) with a maximum designed speed of 400 km/h. The Italian national railway operator names it the “Frecciarossa 1000”. As of the MOC, it’s a 7 stud model. The nose was pretty challenging but with some very interesting techniques I managed to make it work. Sadly though, I cannot make the full livery on the nose (with bricks) as its design doesn’t allow it.
  2. Hi, 10 years ago I made this with some left-overs: I Improve some skills and Lego also made a lot of new parts, so I remade from scratch this locomotive: 7wide, 50studs long, 2L PF motors, and the fan on top spins when it runs. This is a render, I don't have enough parts yet to build in real life. Hope you like it.
  3. Some of you might remember that several years ago (end of 2014! Wow that's long ago) I wrote a topic about my ongoing tries to build a Bombardier Traxx F140 MS2 loco in the Fyra livery of NS Hispeed, the -now defunct- brand of Dutch high speed trains in 1:45 scale. Well, here it finally is! NS Hispeed Fyra Traxx F140 MS2 - 3/4th view by raised, on Flickr Back then, I never managed to finish the build, due to several reasons. The major one being a lack of motivation to build a loco that looks so simple in real life, but is so difficult to get right in Legos. Luckily for me, there are nowadays several amazing builders in this community that every time that I was feeling down about ever finishing this loco, came up again with their version, and thus gave me again and again a kick in the back to re-start. The list is definately not complete, but included are BigDaeady, Dennis aka TECHNO, Beck, StefanEris, dutchtrains and Ashi Valkoinen. NS Hispeed Fyra Traxx F140 MS2 - 3/4th front view by raised, on Flickr Some small details: The Traxx is powered by two L-motors, geared 1:2 for some extra speed. Controls come from a PFx brick (with the possibility to swap it out for a IR reciever) and I have build in a XL Speaker. There is still some room available for the FX Bricks LED board, but due to a lack of LED knowledge I haven't tried incorporating it. Stickers are printed with a Dymo MobileLabeler Labelwriter, which is a perfectly fine machine if you don't like to outsource printing your stickers. As long as you don't need fancy multi-coloured stickers (it's only available in white, black, blue, yellow and red on transparent) it get's the job done very well. NS Hispeed Fyra Traxx F140 MS2 - Sideview by raised, on Flickr The whole album, including some WIP pictures of failed previous attempts, can be found here. As part of this model I made a post over at Brick Model Railroader, discussing my model and the at the same time released model by BigDaedy. During these five years we have quite often inspired each other, but still, the end results are pretty different due to different design choises. Definately worth a couple of minutes to read! Thanks for checking it out, hope you enjoyed it! -raised
  4. mapimi

    Bombardier C-Series

    Hello everyone I would like to introduce my model for the Bombardier C-Series (both the CS100 and the CS300) which is the newest narrow body plane being made by the Canadian giant Bombardier to take on Airbus and Boeing's duopoly on the medium sized aircraft market. My model for the CS100, the smaller of the two members of the family comes in the colours of Swiss Global Airline, which is the launch customer for the type. The aircraft features retractable landing gears and opening doors. It can seat 6 passengers. The tail is this way until I can justify ordering two 3x3 cross plates (15397) which I still have to do. DSC04420 by Maxim Pieuchot, on Flickr DSC04442 by Maxim Pieuchot, on Flickr DSC04437 by Maxim Pieuchot, on Flickr DSC04427 by Maxim Pieuchot, on Flickr My CS300 is 4 studs longer and comes in the colours of my custom airline Nova Airlines. The aircraft features the same retractable landing gear and door system. DSC04460 by Maxim Pieuchot, on Flickr DSC04467 by Maxim Pieuchot, on Flickr I hope you enjoy these two airplanes. My goal is too bring more details into the lego aviation world. I hope you find these creations achieve this. All comments are welcome :) Happy Building -Max