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Found 5 results

  1. Marooned Marin

    [MOC] Warty Crab + COMIC

    Dear all, It all began one night, I believe this summer, as I roamed the vast oceans of Internet something small (simple) but utterly genius caught my eye on Classic-Pirates blog. I’m talking about “Caribbean Ribbit” by Legostein, a wonderful creation which immediately posed an old challenge for me: Can I Do More With Less? I decided to put on hold work on two mayor vessels and go out and try to find the answer. I gave it my best, and so here I am. DESCRIPTION The Warty Crab is a two sail – single mast vessel which resembles more a medieval cog than your single mast pirate sloop. Built mainly for quick light transport, with no cannons onboard, it gives the appearance of an easy target. However everything of what it lacks in heavy firepower it gains in unparalleled speed. The best description of this vessel is ‘Catch me if you can’. Despite its size vessel contains two compartments; first a clearly visible cabin on the stern which can be used for cover during the rough weather. And the second in the bow, convenient to hide smaller sums of gold. I went at some length to make the creation exceptionally sturdier than it looks. It is sturdy alright, as far as I’m concerned, but it is not indestructible, i.e. it will not survive unplanned drop test from the table (if it does, let me know). RARE PARTS The use of rare/unique parts is minimal and only one part represents a challenge: 3x pieces of 2736 Technic, Axle 1L with Tow Ball in BLACK for bowsprit. I obtained the same part in gray and painted it black. Yes, I’m aware that now somewhere some purist can’t sleep at night because of this abomination, but it had to be done. QUICK INFORMATION Parts: 191 parts (without minifig) Dimensions: W: 10.3cm L: 22.1cm H: 18.4cm Weight: 107 grams Estimated Cost of Parts: 24-30€ (on BrickLink in 2021) Instructions available at at this LINK BACKSTORY Before I log-off, I would like to point out my deep admiration for the massive amount of work you all do at this forum and on the Classic-Pirates blog. It is mind-boggling how much useful information and ‘know-how’ is accumulated. Bravo! As I was marooned for a long time from LEGO and brick-world I was not aware of this community and can only regret I didn’t joined earlier, but that’s the price for being marooned. Since I’m a new member I come to you bearing a small gift in a form of a short backstory. Enjoy.
  2. Those who saw my long Whale Rock outpost-post might remember a black hooded figure more or less haunting the fortress, and later assisting the dead prisoner in his escape. The Briney Brick 73 (c): The Great Escape... by Jan Kusters, on Flickr When I came up with this figure, I had no idea who it was, but over the last few weeks the figure appeared again. The Briney Brick 75: Things that go splash in the night... by Jan Kusters, on Flickr Here the figure assists (or leads?) a few skeletons while they made a withdrawel from their bank (what else could this giant skull on an island be!). I also had a few figures stowed away that I still wanted to add to my Pirate display... And then it hit me apart from pirates and islanders and Imperial soldiers, another faction in my part of the world! But then I needed a bigger boat; bigger than the regular rowing boat, but smaller than a full ship... The Briney Brick 76(a); who are they?!? by Jan Kusters, on Flickr Enter 'The Black Ship'... 'Right where she was supposed to be. Steady now boys...' Black sails in the moonlight Black patch on your eye You shiver your timbers, baby And I'll shiver mine... (Harry Nilsson, Black Sails for those wanting the background music... ) The Briney Brick 76(b); who are they?!? by Jan Kusters, on Flickr 'Well, you took your time!' 'Ah well, it's getting busy in our little sea here. The fortress has a new crew! I managed to get the prisoner out, but they already took the dead soldier away. And remember that trader we chased onto the rocks some time ago? It has been fixed and is afloat again, I saw it at Skull Island. Seems to be in the hands of pirates now, they were all over the island, partying with the natives. I thought it wise to take our money from the bank for a while, it will be safer with us.' The Briney Brick 76(c); who are they?!? by Jan Kusters, on Flickr The Briney Brick 76(c); who are they?!? 'Oh, and another thing; I think Princess Kahiki has a suitor now. There was this young lad at her side who could not take his eyes of her...' So here she is, my small MOC ship or big MOC boat based on the 18 x 8 x 2 1/3 hull piece... (corrected after Legostein gave the right dimentions below, thank you!)
  3. Hello everybody! This is my first topic started in the pirates section, and I hope everything will be fine. My main interest are playsets from the "classic" pirate era started in the year 1989 (and goes until 1997 in my pirate world). This is why I like to create additional playsets that resemble the style of this era. I am happy to introduce the "Caribbean Ribbit" to you. It's a small supply ship that goes along the larger "Caribbean Clipper" (set 6274). It features comparable design elements to suit well as a playset for the other sets of the series. It features also a full rotating cannon. As figurehead a small yellow frog was used (yellow animals are somewhat rare to find) which also gave the vessel its name. Thank you for your time, and have a great day! I am glad to be here! ~ Chris Here is an updated image:
  4. Hello everybody! Let's finish the series of small hulled support ships for their larger official flagships. As usually, they're designed with the classic pirate sets style in mind to serve as playset additions to the pirate theme. We will start with the "Imperial Support Ship" sialing along the "Imperial Flagship" (set 6274). The only sails possible to get the correct colors for the flagship's sails are those of the Imperial Trading Post Vessel. Rotating cannon included of course! We will then conclude with the "Snake's Tooth Sloop" assisting the "Skull's Eye Schooner" during its pirate adventures. It had a white snake as figurehead and two latin sails of different size. The color scheme is the same as for the flagship vessel. Thanks for your time and interest, and have a good time! ~ Chris
  5. Hello again everybody! Here is another smull hull boat called "Dragon of the Black Seas". The name was given by the yellow figurehead dragon, and the flagship it is serving (the Black Seas Barracuda 6285). It is a fast attack and capure vessel that usually accompanies its larger flagship. Colors and design elements were chosen to make it look like an additional playset for the original classic pirates theme. The boat also features a rotating cannon mounted on its bow. Have a good start into the new week! ~ Chris