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Found 3 results

  1. mishtron

    [MOC] Cutlass Blacktron

    Hey Eurobricks space! Posting my second MOC to this site. I really like to focus on playability and would love to hear your feedback on my designs :) This one is based on the Cutlass Black from the upcoming Star Citizen game. Though I do not play the game's current alpha, I love some of the art concepts. In the Star Citizen lore, the Cutlass Black is the model of Cutlass ship ideal for pirating - a balance of guns, maneuverability, and storage. A conveniently named model to be employed by Lego's leading space antagonists! Rugged jack-of-all trades. Armed with two smaller front guns and two pivotable cannons for the gunner on top with fully pivoting powerful engines. I really wanted to make the top turret spinnable, but adding that function would have taken the main gunner area further out of scale. I settled with pivoting up or down and giving the gunner access to the station from the main hold. The ammo boxes for the main guns seemed like a good place for a hit of yellow. I went through a few iterations on the front cockpit, this combo felt appropriate for a narrow but tall front area. I had a lot of the black 8x4 wing pieces from my childhood and felt that this would be a good opportunity to use them for the "belly" shaping of the ship. Really wanted to incorporate functional landing gear and compact axles felt appropriate. I wanted to get some playability in the engines and went with a gearbox rotating them in opposite directions, accessible from the rear middle of the ship. I felt this captures the feel of a very maneuverable craft which excels at dogfighting despite having a decently sized cargo hold. Plenty of space inside, even to take a nap. The side panels include rotating thrusters and removable for easy access. Blacktron mercenary team left to right: Earl the Engineer armed with laser cutter for breaching spacecraft during pirating. Sniper Stacey takes care of those pesky defense drones and spacewalking troops deployed by a target ship. Wally the Warlord bosses everyone around, worries about finances, and holds a ceremonial weapon. Assault Andy armed with a shield, laser shotgun, and intimidating helmet. First one clearing rooms during a breaching operation. Heavy Weapons Helga armed with rocket launcher and heavy machine laser for when things get dicey inside a target ship.
  2. SpaceMan Nathan

    [MOC] Blacktron

    All right, I posted Futuron, so now Blacktron I. Obviously the Futuron theme had a lot more sets, so that means I didn't feel the need for as many Futuron MOCs. But Blacktron never had enough more MOCs. And sorry, I haven't gotten around to photographing any of the Blacktron MOCs yet, so just renders. "Defender" "Cargo Pod" (based off set 6894) Alternate build 1 for set 6876 (back of box) Alternate build 2 for set 6876 (back of box) "Batwing" (cockpit from set 6941 with new wing section) "Hyper-Cruiser" Base extensions on set 6987
  3. SpaceMan Nathan

    [MOC] Fututron

    Good evening all. I thought I would finally get around to posting my sci-fi/space MOCs. So far I have just been over in the the digital forum for LDraw. Every MOC I make is done in LDraw. So renders for everything, and what I have built in real bricks or actually taken time to photograph I have pictures for. Everything is over on my Flickr role, and files in LDraw are over on Brickshelf. The biggest thing for me when I am making an official themed MOC is that I stay as close to original design as possible. This means that I limited myself to the parts that were available at the time and try to keep my build techniques like those used in the original sets. I hope I do them justice. So, Futuron to start it off... "Winged Attacker" This MOC is "Midway Station," meant to bridge the Futuron and Unnitron monorails.