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Found 4 results

  1. Dannylonglegs

    [O-H04] Before Too Long

    Tags: Civil Buildings, Science Sector: Last recorded in H04 "where.... am I?" "This is impossible... am I dreaming?... if my eyes indeed do not deceive me, it would appear that I'm Traversing through a star studded void upon an ethereal spiral of light... gravity is meaningless apart from the fact that my feet meet the hard light every step. I lack a helmet, and my surroundings are void yet I am capable of breathing... I... I think I'm breathing..." "The last thing I remember is the vacuum ducking me out of the Rod 69 after Pombe's psychic powers blasted a hole through time and space... perhaps this is the void through which our vessels travel while within the anomalies... but yet... this seems... weirder still...." "What is this? before me I see a blurry image... I feel... familiar things?... nostalgia?... why am I feeling this...." "Is this... me? my childhood?... my stars, I remember this... my holographic starmap. my robot... the one that..." <<Mama! Mama! Cecile reprogrammed my robot!?>> <<"That's nice dear. Glad you're getting along with her finally.>> <<"No! She reprogrammed it to attack me whenever I turn it on! she's always picking in me and she never shares! Why do you make me play with her?! She's not my friend!">> <<"She is your friend. her parents are very important people with Kawashita, and other than Octan they are our greatest rivals... so you'll play nice with her and be her friend. Or else.">> <<"Mama? what's an 'Octan?'">> <<"Octan is a big scary monster that eats smaller monsters. now hold your sister, Mama has to make a work call, and your lazy caretaker is late.>> <<"Come here Abi, Danny's got you...">> "Wow... that memory... it was so real... I.. felt it like I was there. the childish frustration... the... coldness...." "What is this place I've come to?... And how do I get out?... wait... is that... another past event?..." <<"Bob, did I ever tell you the first time I saw a star was when my bama took me with them on a business trip to mars? I was in the window seat of the shuttle, and I still remember the awe of that moment to this day...">> <<"hah. you did tell me that one.">> <<"Heh. They're so beautiful.">> <<"Yeah, Danielle, they're the most beautiful thing in the universe. And I want to visit them all.">> <<*Snort* "Ha! You could hardy pass your Astrophysics II Final last semester!">> <<"Hey, no one cares how well you do on the exams, as long as you can fly the escort ship in the Final Simulation... And you know as well as I, I can fly that ship!">> <<"My mother cared...">> <<"Hey, my bad. I didn't mean to remind you of that.">> <<"Yeah. It's OK. it's not your fault she withdrew her financial support from me. Well, I'll show her. I'll be the most published scientist this galaxy has ever seen.">> <<"And I'll visit every star there is.">> <<"You know... if someone truly unlocks the secret of GATE generation, that might not be such a far-out dream.">> <<"Yeah.">> <<"Maybe I'll do that. Just imagine all the amazing variations out there. the diversity of evolution, and the miracle of life repeated endlessly in every system in every galaxy... Our universe is so full of beauty...">> "... Why is this happening?... am I dying? is my life flashing before my eyes?" <<"Dad, Don't tell Ma I came by. I just needed to grab a few things.">> <<"If you like, Danny... but remember, you are our daughter. You're welcome home anytime you like. we're so proud of you, you know. Your scores are fantastic... You could certainly join Explorien as a scientist and you'd have a fine career.">> <<"Thanks Baba, but I plan on joining Octan... but... Thanks... thanks...">> <<"Danny, you would have made a wonderful architect.">> "Why must I relive this! Oh great... another vision..." *several visions later* "This is not a memory.... this vision... is this... my future?... it's cold... I feel... betrayed. Hatred... I'm unconscious. I don't know what will happen to me..." "And the lid is closed upon me...." "Another vision..." "I feel... nothing. Victory is mine and yet I am not pleased. I've... done something... something... unforgivable. Perdition." "By the stars... What will I have done?!"... "Are there no more visions to be seen?..." "I've wandered now for hours! where are the visions? where are the rest of my futures? Where is the wrinkled and grey haired danielle, skin warm from the heat of a new sun? Where is the frail but dignified white haired danielle gazing up at the stars surrounded by loved ones? Where's... where's the hospital bed? The sad eyed croud gathering over my body like vultures?... where's. .. where's my future?... "Where is anything?!" ~Insectoid Aristocrat
  2. Dannylonglegs

    [O-H04] Into the Great Beyond

    Tags: Science, Civil Building Sector: H04, nowhere near any planet. Build is a reference to Deus ex Machina... Aboard the O.C.S. Rod 69.... "Hello, Pombe." "Danielle," "I take it you are well?" "I'm still reeling from the sheer numbers lost in the war between Turkeys and Reindeer, to be honest. if only the two could arrive at a compromise regarding the disputed time period... I wish they could just get along." "Sure. Whatever. So, Anyways, we're going to be testing an experimental GATE drive today... One powered by... special... Octan employees. Employees such as yourself. Employees who display... advanced... Willpower... And you of all employees have demonstrated this trait repeatedly. So, I requested your assistance with our trials here. This is Project Birthday Boy." "Cool!" "Indeed. Now please... have a seat, sir." "Don't mind if I do!" "now just let me hook up these wire to the back of your head..." "Oh! Your hands are cold." "Comfortable?" "Not particularly..." "That makes both of us." "I might feel better if I took off these restrictive undergarments." "Yeah, I'd rather you didn't." "As you wish." "Alright. Let's initiate the reactor. Here we go. Prometheus?" Prometheus: "Control room is 'Go'." "ERT?" ERT: "ERT is 'go'." "Excellent. Prometheus, the status on the stabilizer array?" Prometheus: "Stabilizer array performing at peak efficiency." "Wonderful. Ok. Pombe, I would like you to do something for me... "Yes?" "I would like you to concentrate, if you can, on opening and maintaining a rift, of sorts. I want you to... create a fissure in time and space." "Ok!" "Prometheus, Activity the emitters." Prometheus: "I've never seen anything like it. it's like they have a life of their own! Overhead Capacitors to one oh five percent. One one oh. One two seven. Doctor, this is highly irregular! " "You're telling me." Prometheus: "The phase arrays are completely anomalous. at this rate... we may..." "Shut it down. NOW!" Prometheus: "I... can't. The streams... they're crossing." "Impossible!" "Evacuate!" "My gods... what have we done. Pombe! What are you?!" Prometheus: "Emergency shutdown Failure. Ejection... Failure." "fuck." To Be Continued... ~Insectoid Aristocrat
  3. Dannylonglegs

    [O-H04] The Fruit of Knowledge

    Tags: Civil Building, Science Planet: deep within the bowels of Crofter's Ridge "Hello, Dr. Long. You look well." " I'm fine, Dr. Bernier. You're looking slender. Have you lost weight?" "Here, I brought you an apple. You really must eat." "I'm not hungry, but thank you for the offer." "That was not an offer." "I've already eaten..." "Not according to your guard you haven't. Eat the apple. I want to watch you eat the apple." "I... no.. I can't. I won't." "Look. I need you healthy right now. We are at the cusp of a breakthrough. You showed me this. your experiments with these psychic children could open doors we never even knew were locked. You know this, don't you? I need you to hold on to whatever it is that motivates you... because Octan needs you. Think of the profits your work will bring to us when we have teams of special forces operatives capable of reading minds and practing telekenisis.... Think of the glory you'll garner yourself if we manage to generate permanent Gravitational Anomolies sustained by merely the will of a psychic worker... or a machine capable of mimicing the electrochemical power of a psychic brain... you'll be as famous as Rhumkomf and Brikowski! Think of the Knowledge you will uncover in your research. You'll pioneer a whole new uncharted field and discover not only how these "psychic" brains actually work, but why we've only recently come across them. Has Andromeda itself had a hand in this mutation? We don't know... but you could help us figure this out.... Or instead think simply of the order[I/] we can impose on the galaxy with this power. Just imagine a galaxy under complete control of our benevolent corporation's forward thinking and efficient oversight... But whatever it is that keeps you going..." "We all need to eat to live." *Five tense minutes later* "That wasn't so hard, was it? Now. Take your pills, then tell me what you've found out about Ms. Kolai from the data I gave you.." "Feeling better?" "Yes... So... the data you gave me on Patient Kolai... it was very strange. It is similar to the thought patterns that individuals exposed to Subject Three for prolonged periods of time displayed. She is likely experiencing altered perceptions of reality..." "What did we learn from subject three?" "Not much, I'm afraid. Subject Three vanished along with Subject Ten during "the Incident."" "Yes. A tragedy that. At least all involved had signed their waivers. That alone saved us from millions in legal fees." "But Subject Three was next in line to undergo the test. he was a class I Reality Warper." "I think, then, that we may still get our test in. I'm Greenlighting Project Birthday Boy. this is exactly what I wanted to hear." "SK-M0, Inform CEO Pombe that it is time. We're going to see if Corporate's dream can be made reality. If anyone can do it, it's him." ~Insectoid Aristocrat
  4. Dannylonglegs

    [O-H04] Double Blind

    Tags: Science, Land Vehicle, Civil Building Planet: Crofter's Ridge (in orbit) "Ah, Dr. Black. Funny how we coincidentally were walking down the same corridor of the Axle at the same time, considering how truly immense this vessel is. Why is it that you're all by yourself?" "Hello, Dr. Long! You mean why I'm not with Dr. Hawkins? He's on a tour, actually, with..." "No. I meant to ask where your defense drone and robot dog had gotten to?" "My robot dog? ED just took Gidget on a walk..." "Hmm. I was concerned, because, the last thing I saw was it being viciously attacked by your defense drone." "I'll have to look into that." "Please do." "That does seem odd, though..." "I thought so too. Your robot dog isn't programed to be confrontational, after all." Moments later... "Major Alcock. I'd like to thank you in person for all your hard work preparing the Lab for project Birthday Boy and Suburban Soccer Mom. I take it you have brought with you the machine I requested?" "Your thanks are unnecessary. Corporate pays me well." "I know." "Then you know I'm not your lab assistant. I serve Corporate." "I do too." "And you believe that Kodan doesn't know the nature of "the lab"? It is suspicious that his dog has gone offline." "I have the utmost faith in Dr. Black. He, in a way, is a model Octan employee. He asks appropriate questions... and accepts the answers he is given. Let's get going then." Several rooms over, in the health wing. "The Doctor will see you now..." "Oh boy! I hope they ask me to cough a few times! Hee hee hee!" "Hello Ms. Kolai." "Dr. Long? I thought this was just a well check!" "Well, in a way it is." "No offense, but I didn't think you were a medical doctor!" "I'm not. My father used to refer to me as 'the kind of doctor that doesn't help people.' he stood by that joke for years before I started paying his medical bills. That made him quiet. No, I'm not a medical doctor, but I am here to help. I want to ask you a few questions." "Okay! Gosh I can't even remember the last time we met, it's been so long!" "Interesting... doesn't remember last meeting. So, Ms. Kolai, you've served as our CEO's aid now for well over a year... and I have a few questions to ask regarding your... work relationship. "Alright! Ask away! I've had a lot of character development under his direction!" "I'd like to know if you've noticed anything... abnormal about Pombe or events that occur around him." "I'd be hardpressed to point out anything abnormal about my time with him! everything totally normal! infact, this scenario right here feels more abnormal than anything else! I mean... why does this room only have 2 walls?" "two walls? you mean you don't see the third and fourth wall? huh. are your glasses on straight? I will admit I did approve of your being hired personally, considering you displayed pragmatism and logical thought patterns during your probationary period... but you mean to tell me you haven't noticed anything... strange... about Pombe?" "Nope!" "Nothing... supernatural?" "Apart from his superhuman fashion sense?" "Hmm. So you are saying to me very clearly that you have not noticed him displaying... subconscious powers capable of warping the very fabric of reality and space to suit his his eccentric tastes?" "I can't seem to think of anything..." "huh. by the way, why are you wearing a helmet?" "because we're in space! duh!" "I see. Well... thank you for your testimony. We're going to run a few tests on you now." "!!!" "we're going to need you to remove your helmet and lay down on this slab please. Remove any metal you may be wearing, such as glasses, and hand them to my armoured assistant. We'll now conduct several minimally invasive test to analyze your mental health." "But you haven't even taken me out to dinner first!" "We don't have to. It's in your contract." "What if she doesn't survive? She's no use to Corporate dead." "She will be fine. I'd be more worried about permanent damage from her time enduring Pombe's psychic backlash. But we will see. We will see." ~Insectoid Aristocrat