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Found 8 results

  1. Brick-Wombat

    MOC Starcraft Battlecruiser

    Starcraft has remained one of my favorite strategy games, and I don't think there's a more iconic ship in the game than the battlecruiser. This was built at the 1:2600 scale, which I've become rather enamored with after building Kristof's Venator Destroyer (as seen on Rebrickable: Time will tell if I build this IRL. I don't think all the pieces are available in the colors shown below.
  2. Hey folks, this is my first time doing a proper scale model that isn't a train, so I wanted to get some thoughts before progressing. Don't see too many ship models either, so hopefully adding some variety too! Kongo was one of four battlecruiser-turned-fast-battleships that served in the Imperial Japanese Navy in World War I and II. The lead ship of the class, Kongo was built in Britain between 1911 and 1913, upgraded many times throughout her life, and ultimately sunk by torpedo in late 1944. The prototype I am referencing is presumably of the ship as she looked around the time of her sinking: I'd been reluctant to try my hand at a ship because the complex curves of a hull appear to be very difficult to model well, but I've also been playing World of Warships for the past few years, and it's inspired me to try my hand at this. The Kongo is of course The Best Ship in The Game. Worrying about the shape of the hull seems to be unfounded so far... once I decided to build it studs-out, I just traced my drawing in plates and the curvature seems pretty smooth (warning this is a big picture). I've made a first pass at everything above the waterline at this point sans some internal structure. I'm building the upper and lower hull separately such that the ship can hopefully be displayed as a waterline model or as a complete model depending on the setting: Overall, most of the features of the ship are probably slightly too tall, but I'm generally pretty happy with the result so far. Any thoughts are appreciated!
  3. Frankfurt class patrol cruiser by Sunder_59, on Flickr
  4. Col. Brik

    [K-B06] "Fleet Command Ship"

    Mission: K-B06 Fleet Command Ship Tags: Kawashita, Sorn, Spaceship The day has arrived, Third Branch Excecutive Col. Brik has been given the reigns to his new command ship. The KSG-99 is ready to take on any mission the CEO requests. Weapon attachments and radar keep the ship safe from any foe. Two Vipers are attached to the top, pilots can come from below and load in space. The landing and take off is controlled by the Bridge. The rear hatch can allow supply ships to dock and resupply the KSG-99 so it can keep flying. Interior wide view Engine room, the FTL engines keep the ship ready for quick jumps and main thrusters allow it to fly in atmospheric conditions. Enlisted personnel bunk and kitchen area. Medical Bay and Cloning Vat for Redshirts Officers quarters. Cargo hold. Bridge, and Col. Briks quarters. Pilot ready room and ladders to flight deck C&C Welcome, I have been working on this ship for a solid month and hope you enjoy it.
  5. This is my second SHIP ever, it measures in at 106 studs long, and just under 6 pounds. It's quite sturdy and features an interior, opening missile bay, rotating turrets, and working missile launchers. Plus a there's a docking location for a small speeder. The MANTIS corp. has been rapidly producing a heavily armed fleet of spaceships. The Stinger is only a mid sized battle cruiser, but it packs plenty of firepower with it's laser turrets, various missiles, and heavy ion cannon. Standard crew consists of just 6 men thanks to advanced technical systems. Plus it's powerful plasma engines make it one of the faster ships around See lots more pictures on my website: link Thanks for looking
  6. Hello there, here is my latest moc, a more than 100 studs long spaceship, the cayman class battlecruiser. Cayman class name is due to his shape, looking like a cyaman's head. By visiting the flickr gallery, you'll be able to see WIP pictures of this moc, showing technics used to build it. IMG_9608 by dorian glacet, sur Flickr IMG_9607 by dorian glacet, sur Flickr IMG_9609 by dorian glacet, sur Flickr
  7. title: microspaceship description: Helios class battle cruiser "Times of war are upon us" The helios class is a heavily armed capital ship design to deliver a extraordinarily amount of fire to the enemy. while having the speed and agility of cruiser. it is equip with a twin link main battery for long range combat. and an array of micro gun batteries for close in ship to ship and air battle. Armaments: 4x twin link Main D12 Laz Canon 12x Pulse laz Battery Armor: Classified
  8. Hey guys - thought I'd share my Starcraft Terran Battlecruiser "Norad II" MOC - I thought I'd give the BC another try, simply because it's always been my favourite unit from the SC universe. So, here goes: Terran Battlecruiser "Snout" by Octav_spot, on Flickr Ah yes... the "snot". Those familiar with the original SC cinematics, you may remember the angular nose of the BC as an iconic (and somewhat ominous) visual characteristic. Terran Battlecruiser Side by Octav_spot, on Flickr With my earlier efforts of rendering the BC, I tried to keep it closely familiar to the original SC version - this time, I kept to the same idea, albeit with a few aesthetics borrowed from the SC II version of the BC. Now, a bit of background on Norad II. In the SC universe, it is the Terran Confederacy flagship of General Edmund Duke, (hence the flag) - the ship appears several times as a playable unit throughout the SC I and Brood War campaigns. I chose Norad II, because it was an important catalyst to several events that take place early in the SC storyline, and symbolized the fall of the Terran Confederacy's empire. And, even though technically, in the game Norad II is Teal (light olive green) I chose blue, since I thought it looked better with it. Terran Battlecruiser Profile 2 by Octav_spot, on Flickr Terran Battlecruiser Rear by Octav_spot, on Flickr Terran Battlecruiser Engines by Octav_spot, on Flickr As you can hopefully tell in the last photo, I've added some functionality to it, simply because I didn't want a completely stationary model. It features spinning turbines, a "functioning" Yamato cannon (the BC's greatest weapon) and "working" atmospheric thrusters. I'm still putting together a video demonstrating all these features, so look out for it soon! ;) In any case, enjoy, feedback is welcome, looking forward to connecting to any Starcraft fans here on eurobricks! :)