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Found 7 results

  1. I build fully functional Battlebots replicas. This is an overview of my latest robot, a replica of Son of Whyachi.
  2. Hamischlammengamen

    BrickCan Bots 2019

    BrickCan 2019 ran a series of robot combat matches over the convention weekend. I present a 25 minute highlight reel of the fighting. It features 12 robots, many of which drew direct inspiration from the competitors from the Battlebots TV show. I've also included pictures of the competitors which competed. A basic summary of the rules: -Two pound weight limit -must fit in a 45x45x45 Lego stud box -Power controllers, receivers, batteries may be third party. Motors and all other parts must be must be Lego and unmodified. -Battlebox is 8' x 8', match time limit is 1:30. BrickCan Bots 2019: The Greatest Hits Axe to Grind Friend Zone
  3. So first off, thanks to everyone who voted for my entry in TC11! There were some amazing entries, so I'm very satisfied with 8th place. ^_^ As promised in my original topic, here's an upgraded version of THUMPER for you (complete with a much better video):
  4. Howdy ya'll Technic folk! I want to present my latest creation, a replica of my favorite battle bot, Son of Whyachi, the rookie which became the Heavyweight Champion of BattleBots back in 2001. It's not built to scale, but I wanted to keep as much details as I can, like the overall shape of the bot and it's rotor, color scheme, internals and abilities. By example, the 3-arm rotor is driven by a single RC motor, but using a tri-star configuration: 24 tooth gear with clutch -> 3 x 8 tooth gears -> 24 tooth gear. If you want to read more on the real thing, go on their official site, it rocks: So, let's see the stats: Category: B (IR) Weight: 1.800 g Dimensions: 45 x 45 x 18 studs Signature Move: 3 arm rotor with hammers Drive: 6 M motors (one/wheel) Drive Speed: Fast Steering: skid steer Rotor Speed: 750 RPM Rotor Diameter: 45 studs Rotor Motor: RC/buggy (5292) Rotor Weight: 180 g Rotor Material: ABS Design Time: 1 Week Build Time: 2 weeks But enough talk, here are the photos and video: Sorry for the low video quality, I accidentally filmed in 480p and I do not have time to re-shoot everything. Enjoy! If you want to see more, head up to my album on Flickr: Thanks for your attention, eagerly awaiting to know your opinion and comments.
  5. heyitsdisty

    [TC11] THUMPER

    When I heard Eurobricks was holding a contest to build combat robots, I knew I had to join and give it a shot. This is my attempt, THUMPER - a completely Power Functions-driven bot with a spinning disc capable of approximately 1500 revolutions per minute. I was originally going to build a version of the BattleBots competitor HyperShock and call it HyperSuck, but eventually I decided on two wheels rather than four, and the rest of the build grew from there. Unfortunately I have a serious lack of Technic panels, so the armour mostly comprises of Bionicle parts. Thanks for taking a look!
  6. Erik Leppen

    [TC11] Wimbledoom

    I guess it's time to share my works for TC11. To be honest, I started building almost on day 1, so this means I tried out a lot of things that didn't work, and that I won't show all. Anyhow. So, my first plan didn't work because it didn't fit the box (remember the diagonal question? It was a long thin design.) Secondly, I didn't want to do a spinner. A spinner seemed boring to me. I wanted to do something bit more technical. A lifter? A slammer? I built a lot of (non-functional) battlebots back in the studded age, when I was still a nerdy teen, but I don't have those photos anymore (which is a shame). A few bots I do still remember, so I chose a design from those that I always liked. The concept is this: So, it's a "horizontal dual hammer" bot. I think there are very few horizontal slammers, and I think it's cool. The original was named "Wimbledoom" because it had a flat top with some sort of a stadium with two figs and a tennis net (white fence) and some minifig audience. So let's use that as a working title for now (even though the tennis theme won't return) The idea is that there will be some sort of force built up and then released to slam the hammers forward into an enemy that's in between. The high speeds and sharp ends of the hammer will damage the enemy. Then, a slow return mechanism should bring the hammers back in their original positions. So, how to build up force? The frist thing I thought was "wprings are too weak, I want something better" and I was thinking about a flywheel approach, where a motor tries to let a wheel spin really fast and then somehow make a sudden connection with the weapon. This idea got quite far: The idea was that the orange axles move the gear racks so the green gears mesh with the red gears. If slid back, it meshes with the blue gears, which would be the return mechanism. It didn't work. It had far from enough force, and most energy was lost to the drive train anyway. I tried mechanisms with fewer gears (and using tires as gears) but they all didn't work. So I went back to the idea I originally rejected: Springs. These are all long springs I have except for some black ones from a motorbike set. As if it was meant, the dark-gray ones are half as strong as the other ones, which are about equal. Which means this is the perfect spring: As energy is distance times force, this spring, with a distance of 6 studs and a force of two 8466 springs, should store quite some energy (remember, this is the suspension from three large sets added together). So, now the hammer itself. Of course, this is a mock-up. It needs to be strengthened with plates and tiles, because, well... one particular piece didn't survive a test version... (it was already slightly damaged) OK, so I needed a mechanism to rotate the hammer about 180 degrees (preferably slightly more), and a frame to hold it. For the frame, I learned: if it needs to be strong, make it triangular. This is not exactly Pythagoras correct, because the straight sides are 7^2 + 24^2 = 625, where the diagonal is 25^2 + 1^2 = 626 (due to the 2x2 corner plates at the pointy end), but this difference is so small that noone will notice. To rotate the hammer more than 180 degrees, you can't just attach the spring to the hammer directly - you need a system of beams to amplify the motion in some way. This was a long puzzle and I eventually came up with (the red axle is where the spring will attach) The idea is that this is one half of the bot. It will eventually look like so: which gives plenty of space in the center for PF material and a drive system for some wheels. Doubling the frame gives which, as you can see, stays in place without me having to hold it, so it has an automatic locking mechanism due to the geometry of the beams (it locks over center). Moving the yellow part a little makes it blast away with quite some force. I'm happy! Dimensions of this unit so far: Width 17 (which is half, so width will be 35 or so) Depth 34 Height 8 Well within the limits. Next challenges are: fitting some drive mechanism, finding a way to trigger the mechanism, and maybe most importantly, building the return mechanism (which is where the 40t gears come in).
  7. luukietechnic

    [TC11] The Mammoth

    [TC11] CAT A The Mammoth Hello! I'm back with an entry for this contest. I have created something that should like a sort of mammoth. I have still some problems to solve (more on that later) but it is almost finished. Here are some pics: The bot contains 1 sbrick, drives with two xl motors, and there are two functions: - The spear, wich is pulled back with help of a string, and a rubber band that keeps the spear on tension. I will show you some close-ups in the final video. - The tusks. These maybe look flimsy (actually they are), but the flexibility comes in very handy, because it closes around a opponent perfectly. Here is a pic of the inside: The gears under the actuator are part of the spear system. When the spear is full back, it pushes against a lever, that set the gearbox in release, and the spear can fire perfectly. When the spear is full in front, the gearbox is in pulling mode. I have made this so I can use one motor for the function. Here is another picture of the belly: Now I still have one problem. The model doesn't turn quit well. Now the model is around 1.8 kilos, it isn't easy to turn, but without the black covers it works just fine for my needs. When the covers are on, the model doesn't turn (the wheels aren't touching the covers). I'm still looking for a solution, but maybe someone does know what I have done wrong. This is it for now, I you have any questions let my know.