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Found 8 results

  1. When I heard Eurobricks was holding a contest to build combat robots, I knew I had to join and give it a shot. This is my attempt, THUMPER - a completely Power Functions-driven bot with a spinning disc capable of approximately 1500 revolutions per minute. I was originally going to build a version of the BattleBots competitor HyperShock and call it HyperSuck, but eventually I decided on two wheels rather than four, and the rest of the build grew from there. Unfortunately I have a serious lack of Technic panels, so the armour mostly comprises of Bionicle parts. Thanks for taking a look!
  2. Hi everyone, First off, I'll do a little introduction. Even though I've been a member for many years I've mainly just lurked in the shadows, probably because I've felt I don't have the time to build or the expertise to make a contribution. But there was something about this competition that has me really excited, and so far I've followed all of the participants closely. Then at the weekend when the first entries started being posted, I thought "what the heck, why not". So (if I manage to complete within the VERY short time frame I've allowed myself) this will be my first MOC in nearly six years and my first ever posted to this forum! I've been building for just four days now, but nevertheless, meet Mr Cuddles. The drive is already working, except I haven't worked out where the IR receivers are going yet. It is very dense and compact; a total of 15 box frames so far! The ground clearance is less that 0.5 studs to protect it from flipper bots. I eventually hope for it to have two large pincers/claws on the front, powered by the LAs, to grip the opponent. This is where the name Mr Cuddles comes from. Then when they are caught and can't escape, a hammer mounted on the top will smash them from above. Wish me luck!
  3. For this competition I wanted to build the most advanced bot, packed full of features: - Mecanum wheels, they allow the bot to go in ANY direction, even sideways. Each wheel is powered by 2 M motors, therebye totaling at 8 M motors for drive, combined with a flippable design which allows the bot to drive upside down - Liftable spikes to raise the opponent and siable them in the front, powered by 2 L motors and at the sides, powered by 2 M motors - The rear has a very fast spinning weapon, which tops at some 4000 rpm, powered by an RC motor - to top it all off the whole rear spinning weapon is on an arm which can pivot upward, therebye delivering a powerfull blow. For that action I used 4 XL motors. - And finally some corner rubber guards make it very hard for this bot to be picked up and dragged: Squeezing 17 motors, 2 Sbricks and 2 battery boxes in a robot of less than 8 studs tall and 45 x 45 studs wide and long was a challenge, but in the end I succeded. Because it looks like a rather squarish looking pancakge I decided to simply call it that - square pancake. Specifications: - Powered by 10M, 2L, 4XL and 1 RC motor for a total of 17 motors - Controlled by 2 sbricks - 45 x 45 x 8 studs large - weight is around 2,5 kg Here's spikes and the weapon are suppose to work in together to disable and smack the brick ouf of the opponent: To control the robot I made a custom Sbrick profile for my phone. Controlling all the motors and ways of movements can be quite a challenge And here is the nightmare of cables, motors, gears and bricks which hides under the armor: Please enjoy the video showcasing all the functions: In the end I know this may not be the toughest or nicest looking battlebot, but I think it compensates with a very large amount of unsual features and techniques. Building this model was very fun, among other things it inspired me to continue developing my mecanum wheels for future models. A big thanks to everyone for inspiring me
  4. Hello everyone! Just finished my batllebot - Black Egyptian! Before building the bot, I thought - what can inspire me? And thought came to the Egyptian pyramids - they stood for centuries, therefore, they were built very competently. The shape of the pyramid is attractive to me, so I decided to embody it in my future battlebot. All I had for this bot was a few motors, a battery box and a SBrick. I wanted the battlebot to be mobile, but it could also bring significant destructions, so I made the upper part of the pyramid detachable in order to cause powerful hits. The destructive effect of the hit is also enhanced by the fact that the entire impact force is applied to the small edge of the pyramid, and not to a large area, as in the case of a simple hammer. The robot's design is very solid, its wheels are hidden deep inside, like the power button, which is a great advantage in the combat. Specifications: Dimensions: 25 x 25 x 25 studs; Drive - 2 XL-motors; Hit mechanism - 1 M-motor; Power supply - 1 battery box; Remote control - 1 SBrick. ---------------------------------- UPDATE #1: In accordance with the recommendations of the moderators, I edited the main demonstration video (cut off the ending, the original version is still available on the Youtube channel). Also, according to the proposals of the forum members, I played with the gears in the chassis - a pair of 12- and 20-teeth gears is not reliable, but a pair of two 4-teeth is reliable enough (you can see it in the video below). The bot's speed became slightly higher. Also, at last two balls from the Mindstorms series arrived to me. I planned to use them as supports, but they lift the bot a few millimeters more than necessary, because of what the wheels just spin in the air. A more precise adjustment of these supports will take a long time and lead to a total redesign of the model. So I will not put them into the construction. UPDATE #2: I finally edited the main video and replaced the 20- and 12-teeth gears with 4-teeth gears for greater reliability and speed: ----------------------------------
  5. This is my entry, I call it "Blackout". Here is a bricksafe page with all WIP photos It's based around a spinner that reaches in all directions. I had some problems with the weapon being too heavy (it's powered by a geared down RC motor). I also wanted to make it driveable upside down, but it was unpractical and heavy, so I added a self-righting mechanism instead. It's powered by two PF Large motors with one linear actuator each. The body has a design so that the robot can't get stuck on it's side, if it would get flipped. The battery boxes are powered on by special "pull buttons" to make them impossible for another robot to switch off. Look at the end of the video to see how it works.
  6. Yesturday finally inspiration returned, so the thing like this came out. BeatBox - because it's like box and beats others when spins. Functions - drive and spin. Picture from top, which is also sexiest part - bottom. More details and video later.
  7. My entry for the contest is Bucket Wheel Terminator Signature move: Bucket Saw. It's powered with the Buggy Motor through the gears and a chain. Besides, it has an additional move: 'boom' lift. M-motor and a small actuator do the job. Despite the optical illusion, the boom is 44 studs long. Drive is with 2 L-motors connected directly to threads. It provides good speed and mobility. IR receivers are put in a comfortable place to control, and fixed strongly. Check out a short video demo (be careful of agressive music): Can't say the weapon is strong enough for a real action, but I liked the idea itself.
  8. hi! this isn't my newer MOC and due to have posted some photo into facebook it can't be an entry for the TC6, anyway jim suggested me to start a topic and there is! FEATURES: -L motors for tracks drive, they are covered due to protect the tracks and to use the space inside them -XL motor to power the winch, it is needed to reload the flipper :3 -old squared motor for the winch control, you can disconnect the winch from the XL motor trough a little gearbox to release its power instantly -2-times-twisted-green-rubber-band-powered (muhuhahahah) flipper -simple 4 channel remote control -LiPo battery box designed with the lowest ground clearance and with covered tracks to make it unflippable and resistant to spikes, however its flipper can work as a srimech unfortunately I have only this picture but tomorrow birckshel should opent its file and I'll link there, and also the lfx file :3 also I have some videos in the facebook group called "lego robot wars (LRW)" it could be perfect for sbrick because it allows to make battles between more than two robots, and also the electronic works better with the 2 L motors that sometimes stops this is a link to a short video on Facebook in the LRW's group hope is possible to see it https://www.facebook...727476340692630