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  1. Core Rules Introduction Shadows of Nar Eurbrikka is a building RPG set during the Shadows of the Empire time period, between The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi. Builders can join one of two factions, the Empire or the Rebellion, and participate in 'episodes' (challenges) to earn in-game XP, tags, and other rewards, both digital and physical. Builders advance their character through their participation in these episodes. Getting Started Create your character and choose a faction. You'll be starting as a Stormtrooper or TIE Pilot for the Empire or as a Rebel Trooper or Rebel Pilot for the Rebellion. See below, "Factions and Ranks", for more details on what your character should look like. Your character should have the same name as you do on EB. A customized sig-fig is fine, but all your other minifigs and builds should be purist. Introduce yourself in the Introduction and Discussion topic. A staff member will add your details to the Characters post in this topic. Optional: Bob De Quatre has written and released a signature generator, which you can find here, and it will allow you to input your character's stats and return the BBCode that you can copy and paste into your EB signature editor. Where to Post What This subforum, Nar Eurbrikka, is used for contests. As such, you should only post your entries to Shadows of Nar Eurbrikka episodes here. You are free to build in the Shadows of Nar Eurbrikka game outside of the episodes. Post such builds in the Nar Eurbrikka sub-forum. This Core Rules topic contains the rules in this the first post and an index of all the players in the second post. Players should introduce characters in the Introduction and Discussion topic, and staff will add them to the player index. All posts in the Introduction and Discussion topic should be Out of Character. The two faction topics, Alliance's Redemption and Empire's Avenger, are used to discuss and roleplay In Character with your teammates. Announce your free builds in your faction topic. Episodes will be announced in their own topics, and you will be able to use those topics to ask questions about and discuss the specific episode. Building in Episodes (Challenges) You will be given an objective in the episode, and you must build your character attempting to complete that objective. Further details will be given in the episode topic itself. (Including any size limitations or guidelines for what the build should look like.) As with previous contests in the Star Wars forum, all your entries are considered Works In Progress until the deadline. You may ask for critiques from other members and update your entry up until that time. Your build will be scored in two stages, to make it easier on the judges by lessening the number of builds that must be scored in greater detail: In the first stage, the judges will award a score from 1-10, with a '1' being "Minifig on a Plate", a '5' being "Your Average MOC" and a '10' being "Flawless Concept and Execution". In the second stage, the top five builds of each faction (so ten in total) from the first stage will be scored based on basic predetermined criteria: up to 10 points for the concept and appropriateness to the objective, up to 25 points for your execution of the build, and up to 5 points for your presentation of the entry. For builders who make it to the second stage, their second stage total is added to their first stage points, and that total is divided by two and a half. You can earn a maximum of 20 points in each episode. The amount of points you earn is also the amount of XP your character earns. Winning an Episode (Challenge) and Earning Prizes Your faction will receive points based on two factors: Points: The average number of points per builder. Builders: One point for each builder. These two totals are added to each other, and the faction with the higher total is the winner. All the players on the winning team who participated in the build receive a tag commemorating their victory. You can only have one of these tags or one of the Community Build tags at a time, but you can keep a log of all the tags you've earned in your profile in the Characters topic. The player who receives the most total individual points, regardless of team, is guaranteed a spot among the next set of the blog's Showcased MOCs. (This member must still be able to provide a picture big enough and of suitable quality to be used in the Showcased banner.) Details for the awarding of physical prizes will be announced in the episode topics, as they will vary. (Based mostly on the size and quantity of the prizes.) The winning faction will gain a slight advantage in the next episode. This advantage will be defined in the episode topic. The Storyline and the Episodes (Challenges) The objective of the winning faction is considered to have succeeded in the in-game storyline, while that of the losing faction fails. This may affect the story aspects of future episodes, though for the most part, the episodes will roughly follow Star Wars canon. Factions, Ranks, and XP The faction you pick will determine your specific objective in a challenge. For example, if the Battle of Endor was a challenge, the Rebels might need to destroy a shield generator while the Empire might need to eliminate the Rebel fleet. As you gain XP, you rise in rank. This rank determines what your character can look like and do in the episodes. If you reach 100 XP or more, you are allowed to have a secondary character that can feature in your episode and freebuilds. Your original character isn't required to feature in them, as long as one of both characters is in them. The secondary character has to be within the same faction, but can have a different function. Your rank has no effect on your possible score. What you build your character doing and what your character looks like should reflect your rank. For example, a TIE Pilot could be a technician aboard a Star Destroyer or pilot a TIE/ln escorting it, but shouldn't be an officer on the Star Destroyer. A Stormtrooper could work with Storm Commandos, but shouldn't be portrayed as one of them. A Rebel Trooper could be shown attempting to defend a starship from being boarded, but shouldn't be able to hold his own against Darth Vader on the Tantive IV. This is not something that can be enforced in a specific set of rules; it's something that will be taken into account in scoring. Builders of the final four ranks (50 XP and up) can build their characters however they want doing pretty much whatever they want, with the exception of a managerial role, which is reserved for those of the final two ranks (100 XP and up). The possible ranks (and their required XP amounts) are: Empire - Stormtrooper/Tie Pilot (0 XP) > Imperial Survey Corps (10 XP) > Imperial Security Bureau (25 XP) > Storm Commandos/Shadowtroopers/Dark Troopers (50 XP) > Imperial Department of Military Research (100 XP) Rebellion - Rebel Trooper/Pilot (0 XP) > Alliance Support Services (10 XP) > Alliance Intelligence (25 XP) > SpecForce/SpecOps (50 XP) > Starfighter or Army Command (100 XP) Building Outside of Episodes (Challenges) Feel free to show character progression (within the rules, of course) outside of the episodes in other MOCs. You should post these builds in the Nar Eurbrikka forum. There is a limit of four free builds per player per episode. (This count resets to '4' after each episode concludes. Unused 'allowed free build opportunities' do not carry over or stack after the count is reset.) However, if you wish to build more free builds than allowed, but receive no XP for them, for the purposes of character progression and storytelling, then that would be fine. You get to decide which four free builds are the ones that are judged, but you only get one chance when you first post a free build to state whether or not it should be judged, so choose carefully! Make sure to let us know of these builds in your faction topic (Redemption for the Rebels, Avenger for the Empire) -- they're eligible to be scored on a scale of 1-5 and can earn you up to 5 XP. (Keep your post there In-Character, of course.) Your free builds should reflect your team's status on any given planet. As such, you will be able to earn more XP by building on a planet your team controls than on a planet controlled by the opposite team. If you build on a planet controlled by your team, you can earn up to 5 XP. If you build on a planet controlled by the other team, you can earn up to 3 XP. If you build in a neutral location, you can earn up to 4 XP. At the moment, the planets which are controlled by a specific team or known to be neutral are: Empire: Nar Eurbrikka Nal Hutta and Nar Shaddaa Corellia Tatooine Endor Dantooine Kessel Kashyyyk Coruscant Naboo Hapes Kuat Commenor Bespin Hoth Tython Muunilinst Saleucami Scarif Rodia Brentaal IV Chandrila Takodana Jakku Lah'mu Vardos Alliance: Nar Eurbrikka Nal Hutta and Nar Shaddaa Corellia Sullust Fondor Ord Mantell Felucia Mon Calamari Bothawui Jedha Onderon Clak'dor Ryloth Akiva Talus Wobani Additionally, free builds from both factions built on the planet of an active episode are eligible for up to 5 XP, until the episode ends, at which point control of the planet will be awarded to the winning faction. You are free to build 'non-canon' free builds or free builds that are so ridiculous that they are deemed by the judges to be non-canon, disregarding the rules related to location and character rank. However, such builds will not be eligible to earn XP, no matter their quality and no matter whether or not you want them to be counted among your four judged free builds. Members You Should Know Erdbeereis, Piranha, Brickdoctor, Stash2Sixx -- Your Star Wars staff. They also organize and run this game and its factions. Bob de Quatre, Lobot, Nom Carver -- Members who helped conceive and develop the game. They help work on the rules and help decide how to proceed with the game's storyline and mechanical features. M<0><0<DSWIM, Rook -- These MOC Experts are tasked with helping builders improve their skills and compete in the episode challenges. FAQs Q: Isn't this a rip-off of Guilds of Historica? A: Yes. Members have been asking us about something like that for the Star Wars forum for a while, and their concept was too good not to use. We did check with the Guild leaders to make sure it would be okay with them, and we cannot thank them enough for their help on this program. Q: Do I have to participate in every episode/challenge? A: No. We know everyone has other responsibilities and commitments as well, both on and off of EB. Q: Why did Brickdoctor use yellow minifigs for his introductory photos, and do I have to as well? A:Yes! All hail the venerable yellow minifigs! Down with fleshies! It's a matter of personal preference. You can use whichever you like. Q: Can I post a digital MOC? A: As a free build, yes. (You can also do free builds in whatever scale you like.) In an episode, you have to follow the rules of the episode, which may or may not allow digital builds. Q: Does my sig fig have to appear in all my free builds? A: Your free build must be related to your character's roleplaying progression. There might be some situations where it doesn't make sense for your sigfig to physically appear, such as in a miniature, or communicating with other minifigs over hologram or comlink, etc., but it must be clear that your character has some part in the action taking place in the free build. Q: What does Nar Eurbrikka look like? A: As a general guideline, it's Hutt-like, swamp-ish, maybe a bit gloomy, some outdated technology, with very practical designs and nothing too elaborate. But, ultimately, it is up to the players to interpret and flesh out the design and details of the planet. Feel free to be creative with your free builds set on Nar Eurbrikka! Thanks to: ACPin, Bob de Quatre, Brickdoctor, Erdbeereis, I Scream Clone, Lobot, M<0><0<DSWIM, Nom Carver, Piranha, Rook, Si-MOCs, Stash2Sixx, Z Cerberus