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Found 2 results

  1. This picture is how it looks on my layout right now. All of the following items sit on two 6 x 3 foot folding tables placed in a upside down "L" format. I hope it's okay I included town buildings in this post! Layout Width: 6 feet Layout Height: 9 feet STRUCTURES & TRACK X51 Rail RC Straight X35 Rail RC Curved X2 Train track switch left X2 Train track switch right X1 Victorian Station (Barretts) X1 Victorian Signal tower X1 double track train shed (XL) X1 Water Tower X1 Coaling tower LOCOS & ROLLING STOCK X1 Mikado (2-8-2) steam locomotive X1 Mogul (2-6-0) steam locomotive X1 American (4-4-0) steam locomotive X2 Generic Boxcar X1 Bobber Caboose X1 Flat car with automobile load x1 Gondola with rock load X1 drop side gondola X1 combination baggage / coach (dark green) X2 Passenger car (dark green) X1 Observation (dark green) X1 combination baggage / coach (dark gray) X3 Passenger car (dark gray) X1 Observation (dark gray) X3 Passenger car (reddish brown) TOWN BUILDINGS X1 Saloon X1 Military Surplus store x1 Tudor-style House X1 Bank X1 Tavern X1 LEGO Train Cub building X1 Sinister Mansion X1 Johnny Thunder's office (XL) World City Train Shed I made the shed longer than the original set number 10027 by 4 tracks, and widened both stalls by 1 stud on each side. (This makes it so 8 wide trains can fit) I added a middle section, and threw out the old hinge-open plan. (left side, middle, and right side)The shed is capable of holding the modified 2-10-4 Texas type steam engine, side-by-side with my ALCO FA & FB diesel units. The shed used to be modular in 3 sections (two end segments and one middle), but it was very weak in the center. I then decided to redo the model into one large section, but the problem then became that the storage became nearly impossibly difficult... I have a a big wooden case for it, but it makes if hard to go up / down stairs. Victorian signal tower This Victorian-era tower features a signal bridge, a spiral staircase to connect the two floors and a signal / switch computer from more modern times. It was inspired by my Victorian Railroad depot, and will eventually be built for my layout after the station get finished. Victorian railroad depot (Barretts Station) The station features four removable sections: the tower roof and second floor, plus the left and right platform extensions. The building also has an interior with ticket desk, three seats and a fireplace on the lower floor. The upper room features a desk with chair. Sinister Mansion This classic 90's LEGO-styled model was originally built in 2007 by a Brickshelf user named "Widdi". That user uploaded the instructions which I stumbled upon and built / modified in Lego Digital Designer. I added another story for the tower, put furniture inside and worked a garage into the structure. More recently, I have redone the tower and removed some of the windows. Ironwood Lego User's group (IronLUG) This model houses Iron LUG, the local LEGO Users Group for Ironwood - area residents. It is situated in an old pharmacy that has been renovated into a display area. Stone Bank I took set the Bank from the 2011 Harry Potter LEGO set Diagon Alley (number 10217) and gave it a make over into a more City-like set. First I straightened the columns out, and added a more protected Bank teller area. The vault was shortened width-wise by 1 stud, making it 3 studs thick, (plus the door, of course) to allow it to sit closed next to the teller area. English tavern This English style tavern was built from set 10193, Medieval Market Village, and expanded by my brother to have an inside staircase and a better chimney. Bob's Adventure Supplies This building was originally part of set 10217, Diagon Alley, specifically Ollivander's wand Shop. I added a rear to the building and redid the interior to have more of a Military Surplus store look. The store is currently owned by Bob from LEGO Universe, and was finished in late 2014. Backwash Saloon This model was inspired by set 79109, Colby City Showdown from the 2013 Lone Ranger theme. I turned the 1 story bank into a 2 story saloon, complete with two lift-away sections to access the inside. Tudor house This building was originally the Blacksmith's shop from set 10193, Medieval Market Village released back in 2009. I got it in 2011, near the end of it's production run. It has been turned into my mini-figures house, complete with furnished interior. Johnny Thunder's office Since the last time I uploaded Johnny Thunder's office, I did a Bricklink inventory of the parts list and found that the first model is way cheaper than the following versions I made. It may be not as fancy, but it get the job done and looks okay too. Mikado steam engine The locomotive is a 2-8-2 (two leading, six driving, and two trailing wheels) steam locomotive. Engine number 5916 usually pulls the Meramec River Runner. Combination baggage and passenger car for the Meramec River Runner. Three identical passenger coaches The observation coach lacks the letters BRS (standing for Brick Railway Systems) but it is owned by that line. Mogul steam locomotive The locomotive is a 2-6-0 (two leading, six driving, and zero trailing wheels) steam locomotive. Engine number 4613 usually pulls the Emerald Express. Combination baggage and passenger car for the Emerald Express. Two passenger coaches The observation car of the Emerald Express. The letters BRS stand for Brick Railway Systems, the owner of the train. American steam locomotive This engine is a 4-4-0 (four leading, four driving, zero trailing) steam locomotive. It is numbered 12 and pulls a excursion passenger train. This is the train that is pulled by loco number 12. As a side note, the chains on the car ends have a glitch and refused to bend. They are supposed to sit on the 1x1 clip plates, and not the handrail itself. This post will be updated as time goes on with more real world pictures of trains and buildings. Any thoughts? EDIT: here is my layout as of today, the 21st of May 2015. In this picture you can see my dark green train with 2-6-0 steamer (second track to the back) my freight train with a BR Class 09 in lead (furthest track to the rear) The other vehicles are Bob's 1978 auto, a 1950's double-deck bus, a LEGO Movie police car and a VW bus. (you can't see the bus from here, nor can you see my Ford Anglia, but trust me: they are there!) The Adventurers seaplane is on the extreme left, next to my 7997 style train station. My town is on the right, with the saloon, Dr Who TARDIS and bank on the extreme right, while the Military surplus shop, tavern and Iron LUG are on the mid-right. The black and red models in the center are my current black and red train shed, a water tower, and the tallest object on my layout: the coaling tower. Sadly, the 2-8-2 is not here yet, with only one more Bricklink order that was supposed to arrive today. (It did not show up.) We did receive someone else's package by mistake instead! EDITED 5/27/15: Added the 4-4-0 and a new engine shed. I still need to take pictures of the 2-8-2.
  2. Here is my Victorian-inspired train station and signal tower. If I made a topic about the station before, I am sorry. I'm reposting it as I couldn't find it. First up is the station: Background info: This station was built between the East & West Barrett's Tunnels in 1893 by the Missouri Pacific Railroad. It was used until 1944, when the war-time traffic became too much, and the two single track tunnels were bypassed by a double track cut-through built right next door. The Station and the West tunnel were preserved, while the East tunnel was covered up and buried under a road, which was eventually named Barrett's Station Road. The site of the station was turned into a museum known as the Museum of Transportation. Builder's notes: This station was originally the Toy Shop from the Winter Village series of LEGO sets. In real life, the story I just told you is 100% true. However, the Barret's station was not made in 1893, and looks nothing like the one seen here. The inspiration for the station came from the real-life Kirkwood Railroad Station which was built in 1893, is still used by Amtrak and is located a short distance up the track from the Museum of Transportation. Their are supposed to be printed 1x1 tiles spelling out BARRETTS on the sign on the front on the station. The other version I uploaded yesterday of this station will not work with my budget, so I went back to the drawing board and looked at my original station made from set 10199. I then combined the best of both stations into this model. This station is the fourth station I have made from 10199, and uses mostly parts from the second version from 2013. Here we see the station separated into it's modular components: - left platform - right platform - station building with access ramp (lower level) - station building and roof (upper floor) - station building tower roof The inside of the station features the following on the first floor: inside seating, stone fireplace, and a old-fashioned cash register for ticket sales. (This piece: http://www.bricklink....asp?P=3039pb26 ) The second floor (tower) is a employees-only area and houses some machinery. Here is the brand new street side of the station. This side includes an overhang that protects passengers from the rain.\ Next is the tower: Fictional History: This tower was built in 1893 at the same time as Barrett's Station, to control the single track mainline. The tower was updated in 1928 with modern controls and bypassed in 1944 by a double-track cutoff to avoid the bottleneck of the two single-track Barrett's Tunnels. The tower was preserved by the Museum of Transportation and has been recently turned into a public lookout point for the busy Brick Railway Systems mainline. Builder's Notes: This is a Signal tower that matches the color scheme and design features of my Barrett's Station model. This Victorian-era tower features a signal bridge, a spiral staircase to connect the two floors and a signal / switch computer from more modern times. The story on Barrett's Station is inspired by real life, but the real station was a one story affair and had no tower accompanying it. The Museum of Transportation does exist, however, and there is an elevated platform (at the way back of the property) to watch Union Pacific trains go by every fifteen minutes or so. The first floor features the spiral staircase. The signal arm disconnects from the first floor, and is attached to the second floor. The signal arm is a modified version of the one at the L Gauge website. (Link: ) The second floor features the control panel for the lights, and a desk for dispatching orders to the train crews, or in this case, holding a newspaper. The (updated) LDD file for the station is here: http://www.mocpages....1428338100m.lxf The LDD file for the tower is here: http://www.mocpages....1419790555m.lxf This model was inspired by set 10199, Winter Village toy Shop. The model is up for a remodel into a double sided version with a bigger interior, so I though I'd take some pictures while it's still together in this form. The platform splits off into three parts: left side (which is about three tracks in length) right side, (which is about one track long) and the building itself. (which is two tracks in length) The building is open backed, and features a desk on the top floor and ticket counter with cash register on the first floor. Comments welcome!