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Found 7 results

  1. Welcome and thank you for checking out my MOC, i really appreciate it. As the name implies, this MOC features a "subtractor mechanism". If you don't know what it is, a quick search online will answser your questions, show various versions and what it is used for, but in a nutshell, it allows tracked vehicles to take on curves very smoothly and be remote controlled the same way as any regular RC car: one lever to go forward/backward, and another to steer (check the picture below for reference). I decided to do this MOC because there are plenty of subtractor mechanism examples and variations on the internet, but not many MOCs actually taking advantage of it, so here's my contribution. The set 42095 was the main source for parts, so you're up to a good start if you have it, only needing additional liftarms, gears and some miscelanious pieces. Since this MOC is intended to be a racer, i wanted it to be as fast as possible, but the subtractor mechanism requires so many gears to function, that it generates a lot of friction; the MOC itself is somewhat heavy for its compact size (760g) despite several design optimizations. Keep in mind it's only one l-motor pushing the vehicle as the second l-motor is dedicated to steering (unlike conventional tracked vehicles in which both motors push the vehicle). This means i had to reduce the motor to wheels gear ratio (which is 1,667:1) to give it some extra torque. I don't consider it to be slow (check the video below to get a better idea), but would love to see someone powering it with a buwizz on ludicrous mode as i don't have one. This MOC was interesting to develop. As always, for anyone interested, parts list and building instructions are available at MocsMarket As you might guess, it took several tries, optimizations and redesigns before achieving the final design and functionality you see here. I don't usually share any of my preliminar version MOCs as their quality is subpar, but i decided to share the first complete beta version i built while developing this MOC. I forgot to take real pictures, but here are some studio renders of it. Enjoy!
  2. A simple and fast buggy controlled by BuWizz, driven by 2 RC motors. Features drive, steering, double wishbone front suspension and independently suspended rear wheels. Functions/features: Drive (2x RC motors: inner outputs geared 3:1) Steering (PF Servo motor) Full Suspension (front: double wishbone; rear: independently suspended wheels) Instructions available on Rebrickable: Photos: Video:
  3. Some of you may remember my Azure Racer from a few years ago. It was a small simple buggy that was meant to be a leisurely build after my BrickFair VA projects of that summer. It had only one L motor for drive, but had decent speed. This model will be a sequel to that - it'll be larger (with Unimog tires), dark azure instead of medium azure, and powered by BuWizz and driven by 2 RC motors. In fact, this will be my first MOC to use BuWizz and RC motors - something I wanted to get for years and finally obtained two of them. The front axle will be a double wishbone independent suspension using shocks from the 9398 set. I haven't used them in years, and it's nice to bring them back again. The rear suspension will also be independent, but it'll be the RC motors themselves that are part of the suspension. Each motor will be connected to one wheel that'll be mounted on its own pivot point and shock absorber, essentially creating an independent suspension. I'm really looking forward to building this model. With the BuWizz on ludicrous or fast powering 2 RC motors driving a relatively lightweight model, I anticipate getting A LOT of speed out of this thing. Photo:
  4. *Your entry has earned 10 XP (x2 for limited challenge)* After the rule of Empire ended, the young began getting brave again. Much as their parents had before them, using the Archipelago's Atolls and reefs as their course markers, the swoops's and speeders roared into service once more, making for the open sea again. The noise reminding the parents and other adults of a happier time and their own time well spent - taken from them as the Empire set their curfews They all set off as inexperienced, novice, riders and return as hardened racers waiting for the next race... Closer looks at the bikes for review, below.
  5. *Your entry has earned 3 XP* The Broker had told Olen of an imperial dug-out on Azure; he had once paid good money to stay in the graces of the Empire, but now they had fallen it was time to reclaim that investment. The squadron of troopers were holed up underground like rats hoarding what remained of an imperial bunker. Inside, Olen found the cache: weapons, munitions, rations and credits. The money was nothing compared to the Broker's wealth, but to Olen it was impressive. And on the back shelf, perhaps the greatest prize of all - two camtonos of imperial Beskar.
  6. *Your entry has earned 5 XP* Olen was searching the plains of Azure for an old imperial bunker. Supposedly, since news had reached them of the defeat at Jakku, a small squadron of storm troopers had holed up underground with supplies and credits Olen's employer dearly wanted. So far the imps had eluded him. Luckily for him, his new bike wasn't quiet. It drew the attention of the imps who made the mistake of thinking they had a chance...
  7. Finally, I got myself to build a 42050 C-Model out of the second set I bought purely because I liked the A-Model too much to tear it apart. Had some general ideas, but couldn't decide between a Hot Rod and Dragster, so I built both in one package. It has a hidden function of "adjusting the stance" which is purely for style and, if exaggerated, makes the car, uh, "un-dragable", but some moderate amounts of adjustment make for nice change of style. Features: ► V8 engine with moving pistons ► twin carb adorned with velocity stacks + hood tach ► radiator + cooling system + front lights ► ribbed hose headers and dragster-style Zoomie exhausts ► rigid transmission w/o differential ► steering connected to HOG ► cockpit with a (non-functioning) steering wheel, dashboard and gear shifter ► adjustable "stance" ► wheelie bar (adjusted with stance) ►namesake "Lightning Rods" in the back of cockpit for decorative purposes