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Found 3 results

  1. soccerkid6

    Leanan Manor

    This was built as part of the InnovaLUG collab, Ye Old Merry Battleground, for Brickfair Virginia.Check out the full collab here. Given the colorscheme and landscape, I thought this would fit well in Avalonia. I enjoyed getting to use some of our new sand green parts, and small castles/manors are always fun to build. There is no interior as when building this, Nordheim was still altogether and I was short on parts and time. Sir Ruari Leanin leads some of his soldiers out on a tax collecting tour. Meanwhile, some Forestmen take advantage of his leave-taking... There are a few more pictures on brickbuilt. Your comments and suggestions are always welcome
  2. de Gothia

    The perfidy in Varlyrio

    The streets in Illyria where empty. The only ones left were de Gothia and Lena. They saw Cymro, de Gothias best friend, on the other side of the canal. -Cymro! There you are! We been looking for you! said de Gothia. - My Lord, trust me, I´ve been looking for you aswell! Cymro walked over the little bridge. -So, what have you been up to all day? laughed de Gothia. -You will soon find out. I must take you and Lena to safet... de Gothia and Lena heard how the throat of Cymro was cut of. -Don´t bee afraid my Lord de Gothia! said the young girl in front of them. -You have just killed my closest friend! How could I not be afraid?! -My name is Iago, sworn soldier in the army of Benoic! I´ve been watching Cymro since he drank form the founta... -He drank from the fountain of Wisdom and Strength?! -Yes, his minds have darken since that day. He was in Varlyrio to betray you and give you up to someone I haven´t figured out yet! -But where will we go then? Where is this someone? -I don´t know my Lord. But we have a ship waiting in the harbour ready to sail to Mitgardia now! -Lead the way Iago! de Gothia could smell the ocean when they ran down the streets of Illyria. Soon the ocean was in front of them. -Who is he? asked de Gothia. -The captain of the ship. answered Iago. He may look rough but he is one hell of a sailor! -Sound´s great! -So, my payment isnt cheap, the Captain said and smiled. -Well my Lord isn´t poor so that will not be a problem. Let´s get out of Illyria now! -Isn´t it very silence here, my love? Lena was nervous and whispered to de Gothia. -You´re right answered de Gothia. Something is wrong... very wrong. The discussion between Iago and the Captain was intrerupted by sounds from the large building in front of them. -Well well! I thought Cymro was the one who would lead you here my dear de Gothia! But apparently the little girl did the work just as good! -Who are you?! asked de Gothia. de Gothia leaned to Iago and whispered -Take Lena out of here. Sail to Mitgardia and head to Ondylion where Lord Chorian will keep you under his protection. Tell him averything about what happened here! -Yes my Lord! Iago took Lena and started to run with the Captain and his soldier. -Let them run my dear guards! It´s de Gothia I want! Where were I?! Oh yes, who I am? I´m your biggest nightmare.. Inspiration from SOT! C&C most welcome!
  3. PenPlays

    Cristil Bloom

    Before the song of the bards was ever sung, there was a war. Royal King Richard of the Lions had become desperate. His father, King Leo, was killed simultaneously with their enemy, Cedric the Falcon (once of the Bull) The King of Cedrica. Now a King, he had to find a way to better the war effort. When it was brought to his attention that there were five magical gems that could enbed into a sword and give it lightning properties, he set off to find them all. The most common was a blue gem. So common that it was simply dubbed "The Blue Sword Gem." Richard had never gotten around to name it before he passed. The lesser common were a red gem and a green gem. The red gem could home upon the heat of a man's body. Being that it was a hot-headed knight who discovered this, the gem was named after him. It was dubbed the Caltar Sword Gem. The green gem was unique. It uniformly divided and conquered it's target, much like how the King's elite guard would do to protect. By their group name, the gem was dubbed the Reynar Sword Gem. Even less common was the orange gem. Once mined from the earth, the gem lightning was fired on collapsing stone, hoping to burst the rock to dust. However, the rock was frozen, suspended in the air with nothing holding it up. This gem was named after Richard's wife who passed just after their son, Orlan, was born, simply because she would freeze the King in his tracks with her sheer beauty. Thus it was dubbed the Dalios Sword Gem. The rarest of them all, the purple gem, led to near tragedy. Orlan ran into Richard's throne room just at the time the king fired the lightning from his sword. The lighting dispersed into separate random groupings and homed in on the poor boy. He survived, but to warn his knights of the devastation this gem can cause, he dubbed it the Orlan Sword Gem. Unbeknownst to the King, there was a sixth gem. A boulder was hurled at a pile of sword gems to crush them during a fight with the Black Falcons for a massive Gem mine. Days after the battle, after the stone was removed, fivesomes of the gems were slowly merging together, forming a sixth yellow gem. It was discovered later that if one were to simply set the five stones near each other, they would merge without difficulty. When the Gem was imbedded into the sword, all of the five forms of lightning could be fired from it. On the day of the final battle between King Richard and The Black Monarch, the son of Cedric; the sword fired a beacon of yellow lightning toward the Monarch. He, along with all vegetation and creatures within a focused mile's distance was enveloped in the beam of pure lightning. This gem was unstoppable, when fired upon the most evil, much like how Richard thought of his Kingdom. Thus the gem was dubbed the Denitor Sword Gem, after the Lion Kingdom itself. During the tests to forge Denitor Gems, it was discovered that when certain gems merged, they would bloom like a seed. These Flowers signified the location of seams of the Gems, but low, in the days of Historica, these gems are long forgotten, so the blooms are just a sight of unsurpassed beauty that withstand the moving of mountains, as a flower that cannot be picked. The first bloom ever discovered in Historica lies just inside the small forest at Burrium, Avalonia's center. And thus is the story of the sword gems. Thanks for reading. C&C welcome.