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Found 6 results

  1. This is the Asteroid 7 Gas Station, run by ex-Black Hole gang members Squidman and Squidtron inside the shell of the old burned-out Squidman's Pitstop. The Asteroid 7 is part of a small chain of gas stations that are independent from Octan Corp, using a competing brand (also called Asteroid 7) that has slipped through Lord Business' finger's more times than he'd like to admit. As the two Squid-beings built the station on the wreck of their old hideout they were able to incorporate some carry-over features such as hidden weapons systems, a top-notch defense grid, and a self-destructing reactor, just in case. Here is the repair bay, where Squidtron stores his tools to work on customers hover vehicles. As he is a cyborg, he can access schematics for any make or model from the internet directly to his brain, and then work on the car just as well as any seasoned expert, even if he'd never seen the car type before. When he is done, all he has to do is store the info in the station's main super-computer, and delete the local file from his head to save space for the next job. The pay desk has a wall-mounted computer screen to help keep track of who is where on the ground premises or airspace at any time. As the station is on a back-water hyper-way, it is not well used. The only ones who travel by are either those who should be there, as in refugees seeking shelter from Space Police IV officers, ones who should not be there, as in the hated SP officers seeking runaways, and finally, lost travelers looking for some way point they missed. True travelers who are not lost are a rarity indeed. The fission reactor provides the fuel for the customers, making Coaxium in three different refined qualities for customers to buy, much like gasoline was bought in three types back on old Earth. (The reactor makes Coaxium as Nuclear waste, which is used in hover engines as fuel.) The Coaxium fission reactor provides three different varieties of hover fuel for cars, trucks, and speeder bikes. The difference between trucks (white) and cars (green) is determined by engine rating, while speeder bikes is kinda obvious. (yellow) In reality, I was inspired by set 5980 (Squidman's Pitstop) and a set of tile alphabet (that I used for my double-sided GAS sign) by Steve Throm as showcased on New Elementary here. I plan on using this 4 x 2 tile for the "Asteroid 7" logo, with the word "Asteroid" spelled out in 1 x 1 tiles above on the other, smaller sign next to the "GAS" one. This may be built sometime next year (2019), if possible. Comments, suggestions, questions, and complaints welcome!
  2. A Gallifreyan Cat

    [M D10] We really need more coffee...

    ***Bridge of the MSS Marauder, somewhere in the Hamilton Belt*** Gosh this patrol mission is boring. I spy with my little eye, something black. Is it the vast, endless, black expanse of space? Yup. Could you get them to send up a bit more coffee? They're all out. This is going to be a long, long day. Not so fast, looks like we've got a bogey coming in on the radar. Looks like the Kawas have sent one of their interceptors over. The gunnery station's got him. He's going down. Poor bloke. So, still no more coffee?
  3. This is small two person vehicle that can split into two independent craft. The craft can separate near an asteroid that may be in a place that cannot easily or safely be mined and take the asteroid back to a safer location. Comments and criticism welcome. Additional angles and photos can be found in Flickr
  4. Location: H08 - Sinden's Run Tags: Civil, Vehicle, Spaceship, Exploration --Weekly Explorer's Transmission-- --Log of Eagle-Eye Silver-- --23 Augustali 3815-- I was instructed to head back to Sinden’s Run last week, apparently some other explorers were indicating biomass in the asteroid field. After Dr. Long chewed me out for missing biomass readings (Why was she concerned anyway? sector H08 is known for awesomnium, not biomass!), I went and chewed out the engineers for what were clearly mis-calibrated sensors! After putting around in an exploration pod for a while, the (properly calibrated) sensors picked something strange up. As I came within visual range, these crazy mushrooms appeared in the scope. If I were to guess, I’d say they use the awesomnium veins as a sort of nourishment with the weird neon-green phosphorescent bits converting the awesomnium to fungus food. I picked a few samples and dropped them in the collection basket for the scientists to confirm the food source and to figure out what the odd red things do. --End-- As always, C&C is appreciated.
  5. Hi, I'm new to Eurobricks! This site was recommended to me by an employee at a LEGO store - what better recommendation can you get than that? I visit Brickset pretty much every day, but am going to start using Eurobricks too. I'm an AFOL from Minnesota, USA, and have been enjoying building with LEGO bricks since I was a small child. I'm huge into Classic Space, but frankly it's hard for me to think of a type of LEGO that I don't like (other than maybe Jack Stone). My son is 10 years old and he loves playing with LEGO bricks too, so this is a hobby that we can enjoy together. The main thing I'm working on right now is my LEGO Ideas project inspired by my favorite book, "The Little Prince": Only 75 days left to get another 4,281 votes.... Yeah, I'm stressing! Any ideas on how to promote the project? And, of course, if you like the concept, please vote for it! :-) Hopefully I did alright on my first post! Take care, Colin23 p.s., I should mention that I've partnered with glenbricker on the project. p.p.s., I should also mention that on my Flickr page the awesome custom minifigs come from Minifigs.Me.
  6. A top and within a spinning asteroid in the system that once housed the peaceful planet of Alderaan, a secret Imperial base receives its newest visitors. The AT-ST sentry once again turns its attention outward, ready at all times for Rebel incursions or hapless miners who inspect its home asteroid too closely. The asteroid base survives its tumultuous environment through the combined effort of a shield generator and reversed tractor beam buried in the rock. The base’s two docking bays are currently full; one holding the new visitors; the other holding their payment, a scrubbed Lambda-class T-4a shuttle. The new visitors are a combination of Imperial officers and smugglers led by ISB officer Goatm An. Using their Nubian light freighter, the crew bypassed Imperial, Rebel, and cartel checkpoints, blockades, and scavengers to make it across countless systems to their current port. Their contact on the base is a somewhat familiar face. After their run in on Bothawui, Goatm soon discovered that his (h)armless friend, Rom Mohc, was a renowned engineer and driving force of the Empire’s Dark Trooper project. The program’s current configuration is housed at this facility and is jealously guarded by aging and deteriorating clone troopers. Those troopers that are left completely rely on the lab and work of Mohc to stay alive; as such, they are mortally bound to the base and his current project. Goatm greets Moch as his crew unloads the supplies. Goatm’s unorthodox crew has been hand-picked for missions such as this because of their unique self-interest. Unlike the countless cadets coming out of the Imperial academy, these men are loyal only to themselves, a quality Goatm can appreciate and exploit. Bay 2 by goatman461, on Flickr Once their business is complete, Mohc shows Goatm his latest prototypes. The first two prototypes are of little interest to Goatm. Droids; mindless automatons designed to follow orders no matter what. But the Phase III prototype has promise. Though too big for any kind of real battle in space, the potential for this beast on land was staggering. Goatm politely logged his compliant about the size and its practicality fighting through the narrow corridors of a Rebel or Imperial cruiser. Mohc agreed and they concluded their business. Thank you for checking out my latest freebuild. C&C are always welcomed and greatly appreciated. I would only like the docking bay judged. Thank you in advance.