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Found 7 results

  1. Themiddlebrick

    [moc] R2-D2 & C3P0 mosaic

    Hi Everyone, I'd like to present my mosaic artwork titled "Old Friends" First off a couple of disclaimers! #1 I know mosaics are not everyone's cup of tea, so if you've made it this far thank you! #2 You may have already seen this on my Flickr or Instagram pages, if so I apologize. I'm pretty proud of the way this one turned out so I want to share it with as many people as possible! The piece consists of 3911 parts and sits on a 4x4 base of 16 x 16 technic base plates (or bricks if you prefer). I worked hard to eliminate as many rare parts as possible. I managed to source most of the pieces from used art sets and LEGO bricks and pieces. I only used BL to acquire the 4 x 4 curved macaroni tile in yellow, 3 1/2 round stadium tiles in orange and some of the frame elements which are far less expensive there. If one was so inclined it would be possible to replace the technic baseplates with flat 32 x 32 baseplates and forgo the frame for a decent savings. Like my Boba Fett mosaic, this one comprises 3 layers of plates and tiles over baseplates. This is to give more definition to the shapes, allow for some more subtle color through layering round tiles and square plates and to add a bit of dimensionality to the image. I've been enjoying trying to get better photos of my mosaics and trying to capture what they are actually like to see in person (as opposed to the original renderings, or a straight-on shot). the frame follows the typical LEGO art technique with an integrated frame using modified 1 x 2 bricks with pin to connect the frame to the technic base plates. It also includes the technic pin connectors that acts as picture hangers to hang on the wall, though I quite like the leaning look. Instructions are available on Rebrickable. I enjoy the unique challenge of creating instructions for these mosaics. The options in aren't quite flexible enough to create user-friendly instructions so I spent a long time thinking about the hurdles and designing a solution that would work within the format we are familiar with. In the end, I came up with a simple looking matrix of part/color however accurately transcribing the data (number of pieces, style of piece, and color) was incredibly time-consuming and tedious, which involved outputting a separate model of each mosaic step, creating a parts list .xls and entering that data by hand into thee page template. I have included an example below so you can get an idea. In the future, I hope to have my wife help me code a script to do this automatically. I'm always open to constructive feedback so please do let me know what you think!
  2. Flameo my fellow Avatar fans, I’m a huge fan of ATLA and I need your help. Recently I have submitted a project on LEGO IDEAS, it's the Spirit Oasis from Avatar: The Last Airbender. As you might know LEGO IDEAS is a website which allows users to submit ideas for Lego products to be turned into potential sets. So If my project reaches 10.000 supporters it may become an official LEGO Product. Many Avatar Fans including me would love to purchase another LEGO ATLA Set since the original sets from 2006 are not available anymore. Check out my project: The Spirit Oasis Project on LEGO IDEAS All you need to do is press the support button and create a free LEGO Account if necessary. Thanks a lot, Every supporter counts!
  3. The last nights were short but here is the result: The second prototype for a sand table. A sand sculpture based on #LEGO #MindstormsI will keep you up-to-date on the further development :-)#Mindstormsmagic
  4. (Drawn today and not many years ago: a Leprechaun and his pot of Transparent NYCC Haus) Lucky, the Matoran Leprechaun: Some background: This is technically my very first MoC. Ever. This is what I made before I even knew what MoC'ing was. When I was a small kid growing up with BIONICLE and LEGO, I would anticipate every St Patrick's Day. Despite them not truly having anything to do with the day in honor of a saint, I would attempt to build traps to catch leprechauns. Usually the level of complexity of these traps was a bucket, a stick, a tripwire, and some bait (pennies). It was one of the things I did to celebrate every holiday as a kid. One year (2004, I think) I got a big surprise. Sadly the Leprechaun had escaped and I did not get his gold. For some reason he did leave these: (My mom is a crafter, and a very skilled one too!) I was told there wasn't much I could do with them, but I was convinced that I could use them with "Bionicles". Quickly, I set to work planning how it should work. I am not sure what exactly went on in my head, but it was apparently effective. I was very frustrated in a younger age that I had not gotten a Lewa Mata. Instead I had gotten over time three Lewa Nuvas. I figure after the third Miru Nuva, I was sick of how they looked so I used this mask pack Kakama instead. Coincidentally, that green Great Mask of Speed is perfect for speedy Leprechauns on the run! In order to get the arms on, they had to be slipped into the sleeves first. Then they had to attach to one of the green torsos that were not part of 4-armed Lewa Nuva (yeah I know, but his story isnt as cool as Lucky's). The real feat of ingenuity came from this piece: This lets him wear the hat, but it also gives it a bit of framework at the top to keep the hat flat and not pointy! The Technic beam from the Nui Ramas I had also gave the hat a cartoony tilt. At some point I am pretty sure he had a shillelagh, but with the very limited poseability of his build I had to use that extra long axle and ball end for something else. Other than that, Lucky's form has stayed mostly preserved for the last ten years and is one of my favorite creations. I am currently planning how to use Protector of Jungle (and maybe a new green Kakama) to rebuild him with a little more poseability (and a shillelagh to club spiders with). This MoC has also got me interested in the idea of non-plastic parts for MoCs. Maybe it wouldnt make sense for something like leather pauldrons on a BIONICLE character, but maybe custom capes or tabards with insignias could add a new dimension to some of my ideas. Thanks you forum-goers for viewing! Thanks, Mom for the awesome Leprechaun accessories! If I had to rate this as a set in its current form: Overall: 10/10- Could inspire me to go hunting for Leprechauns once more! Final Image:
  5. Kalhiki

    Cookie Tahu

    "It looks like he ate a bunch of cookies and forgot to swallow them, so they're stuck in his cheeks forever."
  6. I'm so sorry... Before he masters it, he must taste it.
  7. Studs Not On Top

    Studs' Art Topic

    Hi all! I'm trying to get back to the EuroBricks community, so here's a thread to post all of my Hero Factory and Bionicle artwork in. You might remember "Natalie" from a while back: Here is more of her that I did today: I'll be doing a lot of sketches like the one above to improve my own style. Maybe a comic or two! C&C always appreciated :) UPDATES: Stormer: