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Found 15 results

  1. *The "Cookie" in this story is no relation to Captain Cookie of @Captain Braunsfeld fame. My apologies for any confusion. -------------- The sailors and soldiers in Captain Janszen's expedition to the New Haven Sea had now spent weeks on Maldria as they built up Eslandola's initial settlement on the island. Up until now their building efforts had focused on foundational needs: fortifications, followed by a brick kiln, a blacksmith's forge, and a sawmill. It was time to establish some basic facilities for the men who were working here every day. And so, rather than assemble by open campfires or return to the ship galleys for meals, Janszen order the construction of a mess hall. Built from locally produced bricks and freshly cut timber, it was more refined than the previous open-air or log structures erected so far. The men quickly took pride in the new facility. Fish and fowl were plentiful on the island, providing far better meals than when they were at sea. When several barrels of grog were also moved from the ships to the mess hall, the men were soon treating it as a tavern, assembling there whenever they weren't working or sleeping. Various ship cooks took turns manning the cooking fires, but one known as "Cookie" was the men's favorite, and soon the mess hall was referred to as "Cookie's Place". The men loved Cookie, but Cookie wouldn't take any guff. When one soldier complained loudly to his sergeant that there was a funny smell to the food one day, Cookie threatened him with his cleaver! As it turns out, perhaps it wasn't the food that was the problem. --------------- This build was based on a simple drawing of a colonial structure I came across in a book, and it seemed like it could serve the purpose of a mess hall for the troops. All C&C welcome.
  2. Eslandola’s new settlement on Maldria continues to work toward self-sufficiency. With the brick-making factory established, the new bricks could be used to build the forge for a blacksmith. The quartermaster from one of the expedition’s ships discusses what they need. Workers take a wagon wheel around to the side of the shop. The blacksmith at his workbench. Working on a sword in the forge and at the anvil. ------- A blacksmith for the Eslandolan settlement of Interlagos on Maldria. All C&C welcome.
  3. Some of the natives of Ferro Azure have developed a very entrepreneurial spirit, in keeping with their Eslandolan friends. Here in the New Town sector of Salida Este is a boardinghouse owned and operated by a native family. Hasan is the family patriarch. He spends much of his day sitting on his bench, greeting passersby and providing a low-key pitch for his boardinghouse. His daughter Natalena makes sure everything is in order in the boardinghouse, including cleaning of common areas and cooking meals. Here she has taken a break from her chores to say hello to a passing town guardsman. We also see one of the boarders heading out for the day. Hasan’s son, Budi, is helping his sister with the garden, and is picking vegetables for dinner. Hasan hopes his son will find a paying job with the Eslandolans to provide more income for the family. Here’s another look at the boardinghouse. To be licensed as a medium artisan. All C&C welcome.
  4. Not all the development in Salida Este is happening in "New Town" -- the increased activity is having an effect all over town. Outside the new city gate, Suharto, a native craftsman, has set up shop. Soldiers stationed on Ferro Azure for the past couple of years have discovered the skills of some of the locals smiths. Suharto has had a steady flow of Eslandolan soldiers to his smithy seeking his sword-making skills. Now Suharto has set up shop near the new city gate to be closer to his customers. Here we see another happy customer admiring his new sword. Suharto's pet, Tiger, also appears to be admiring his handiwork (or maybe he's just dreaming of what he'd do if he were a "big" cat ). --- A small artisan for Salida Este. All C&C welcome.
  5. Location: Mesabi Landing Type: Large Artisan It was evening in Mesabi Landing. Shadows stretched across the sand as Princess Isabella, Countess Agnes Mesabi, and Mordo walked to a pub. Waterfront in Mesabi Landing by North White, on Flickr "The Count has returned to known territory, and he has an... interesting... proposal." Said Mordo, not revealing his thoughts on the matter. "Yes, but this won't change anything with our plans for Gondova, will it?" asked Isabella with concern. Waterfront in Mesabi Landing by North White, on Flickr "No, and we're agreeing to his proposal. We just need the Queen to agree. If that's even possible..." Said Agnes. "We leave for Gonda tomorrow. We take the Red Queen, The Icarus Returning, the Destroying Angel, and as many troops as we can raise." Waterfront in Mesabi Landing by North White, on Flickr The three entered the pub. The pool players took one look at who had walked in, and offered their sticks to Agnes and the Princess. Waterfront in Mesabi Landing by North White, on Flickr "Tomorrow, Namere will begin a new chapter. but tonight? We get wasted!" Said Agnes. "Didn't you say that yesterday?" asked Mordo Continuing the story is @Drunknok... Later on the same day, Princess Isabella had already left, Agnes Mesabi was still playing billard, with a WTC crowd gathered around the table. And while Agnes enjoyed herself, Mordo had some other business to do right behind the pub. Agnes playing... ... Mordo leaving through the back door. . "Listen you two, this must not fall back on me. You get paid well, and you keep your mouths shut - if you know what is good for you. Take care of that thing with the guy in the place... make it look like an accident. You know... the usual." "Aye, Mr. M.!" Later on, the crowd left one by one, Agnes Mesabi was still playing, getting more drunk by the minute, slowly losing patience with the balls: . In the end, the game was still not finished, but the evening ended well for Lady Mesabi, snoring loudly: FIN Thanks for viewing my build. C&C appreciated. Also Mesabi Landing has elevated Rails now.
  6. Location: Mesabi Landing Type: Large Artisan "So this is Mesabi Landing... ...We've passed 3 bars since we got in the carriage." Said Princess Isabella. "And 4 Horse meat Markets!" The Yellerbelly Inn by North White, on Flickr "I'm just glad we found a taxi! This city is huge!" Said Antonio The Yellerbelly Inn by North White, on Flickr The Cab reached their destination, the YellerBelly Inn. The Yellerbelly Inn by North White, on Flickr "Here's your stop gente." Said the Cab Driver in a near incomprehensible Eslandolan accent. The Yellerbelly Inn by North White, on Flickr The Street was busy, Mesabi Landing almost was, but at least this section of the town was free of the rail shipping system. The Yellerbelly Inn by North White, on Flickr The taxi pulled up to the Inn. The Yellerbelly Inn by North White, on Flickr Antonio Paid the man, and he and Isabella walked to the door of the Inn The Yellerbelly Inn by North White, on Flickr Inside, the Inn was dingy, and smelled of cheap beer. The Yellerbelly Inn by North White, on Flickr "And... Ace means the Countess takes the Cash!" Yelled Agnes Mesabi, the other player exclaimed loudly and stomped off. The Yellerbelly Inn by North White, on Flickr Isabella sat in the chair where the other player had been. The Yellerbelly Inn by North White, on Flickr "I am Princess Isabella of Namere, the rightful heir of Gonda. And I come to you with a business opportunity." Said Isabella, but she wondered why it had been so easy to track down the de facto mayor of Mesabi Landing. "way to put all your cards on the table." muttered Antonio The Yellerbelly Inn by North White, on Flickr "Good enough for me!" Said Agnes Mesabi, extending a hand. TO BE CONTINUED thanks for viewing my build. July was a busy month for me, I recently got an apartment, and spent the week getting stuff moved in. This was the last build I did at my old place, and it sat for about 2 weeks before I finally found the time to post it. This build was my attempt to recreate @Ayrlego's "Twin Palm Inn" I think his was better though... Anyways, with a new larger Lego Space, you can all expect a new era of Lego from Count Mesabi . Unless school is super busy.... Entire shot of the build.
  7. Location: Mesabi Landing Type: Medium Artisan The people of Mesabi Landing, (Melanders?) were an industrious people. Fishy smell by North White, on Flickr Today, a fishing crew rowed it's way around the bay, nets in hand. Fishy smell by North White, on Flickr After catching an absurd amount of fish an oysters (but not crabs), they rowed their way back to headquarters. Fishy smell by North White, on Flickr There, they disembarked, hauling in their fresh catch. Fishy smell by North White, on Flickr Everything was brought inside the off shore building, (because of the smell of Fish) for processing Fishy smell by North White, on Flickr There, the fish were to be processed and put in barrels from the barrel factory to be used for a variety of purposes. Fishy smell by North White, on Flickr FIN Thanks for viewing my build, I hope you like this one, I had fun building it. I also tried to capture the essence of Mesabi Landing with the scenery. C&C appreciated!
  8. For more than a year, ship building had been a stable part of the King's Harbour industry. Until recently, this had mostly been done on slipways on the beach on the Eastern coast of the bay. While still a thriving industry, the slipways leaves the hulls (and workmen) susceptible to the weather of the tropics. Hence, piers and quays have started being built radiating out from the settlement itself, into what will probably become an entire shipyard complex in time. On these quays, local boat wrights have erected boat sheds with internal slipways in which they can work unaffected by wind and rain, which has led to the boats built being of significantly higher quality. These boats are being used for both local trade and fishing, and for the Royal Navy. Will be licensed as a medium artisan. Thanks for looking - C&C welcome. This was a fun build - nothing special, but I like how it turned out and continues the narrative of King's Harbour as a centre of naval construction.
  9. Carloni BENEDETTO studied with the most famous master glazier of Eslandola, before leaving for Tortuga, after a small (but deadly) trouble with the local governor (in fact with his daughter). On the road to a new life he met a banned doctor they became friends, and both finally head to Tortuga, soon to be caugh up by Carloni's Brother, Camillo, leaving Eslandola too (a trouble with the governor's wife as it seems ) Carloni and his brother decided to settle here and to go back to their art. And Carloni started to blow again : the molted glass is taken out of the oven and quickly but carefully blowed over a marble plate first chiseling second blowing, more longer this time and the final chiseling the final casting, in a marble bowl, now the piece is almost perfect and will wait on the top of the oven to finish the firing (note the sand supply next to the oven and the pigment on the shelf) if the firing must me more smooth, there's a smaller oven just beside, near the coal. the finished pieces wait on the table near a crate of crap (everything is not always a success and Carloni will trash any piece which is not perfect) second oven and craps The workshop will be licenced as a small artisan for Tortuga
  10. While the Department of Time generally ensures close watch of time for all citizens, some prefer having personal access to the hour of the day. Such access can be ensured by the use of a clock, but as a clock is a piece of fine machinery, it needs an expert hand to keep it running accurately. Recently, such an expert hand has arrived in King's Harbour and has set up a respectable establishment in the centre of the commercial district. On the ground floor, his wife handles the customers, both those who are looking to buy, and those who needs a mechanism serviced. And on the top floor, he services the clocks in peace and quiet in the well-lit room with his special tools and worktable. A small artisan for King's Harbour. It was fun building those clocks. C&C welcome:)
  11. Thaum's Doctor's Practice... Settled in Bastion, since the Doctor finally land here a few years ago. A la carte Medicine/surgery/allround minor injuries near Bastion's docks. (So an artisan built) And Bastion is the place to be when you're a doctor... There's always someone in need.
  12. Acropolis Tavern by Brandon Stark, on Flickr The Dubois Tavern in Acropolis is a relatively new addition. The tavern was bought by Brandon himself about a year ago, who leased it to a man named Pierre Dubois, the youngest son of a tavern owner from Valduria in the Old World. Seeing as he had no chance of inheriting, he moved to Acropolis, where he rented a property from Brandon, a building in close to the center of Acropolis with beautiful views of the sea. There, he established the Dubois Tavern, one of the first businesses in the settlement. Since then, he has married a local girl, and he has been making good money. Though the settlement is still small, the tavern is always bustling with the city's workers looking for a nice refreshment at the end of a work day. As he is currently exploring, Brandon has not been able to visit the tavern, but the account summaries have proven that the tavern is doing quite well.
  13. As the Island of Windfall is slowly but steady growing into a lively town, people have been opening up shops. One of these People is Alfredo, the other inhabitants of windfall tend to call him the Gatekeeper. But that's mainly because he happens to live in the gatehouse, he's not an actual gatekeeper. ...Although he does keep an eye out for shady characters entering Windfall through the main gate. In this sense he might as well be some kind of gatekeeper. (Alfredo is the grey-bearded character) Anyway, Alfredo is an old geezer, his days of wild adventures are over. He now spends his days using his extended experience to correct and draw sea charts. When it comes to maps, Alfredo is known to be most accurate. Countless cruises through the Prio Sea have earned him a valuable knowledge about the geography of the area. That brown door is Alfredo's front door...his only door as a matter of fact. The gatehouse is one of the smallest houses on Windfall but Alfredo finds it to be big enough for his needs. Most of the time he's outside, selling his charts or conversing with fellow Windfall inhabitants. - - - - - - - - I hope you like it, there's more to come later. This Island is consuming a lot of resources and time but I'm happy to finally be able to present something.
  14. Saga of the Sea Rats, Volume 1: Piraat Rhys in Bastion Previous: A new arrival in Bastion... Next: "Le Dindon" |~+=@&@=+~|~+=@&@=+~|~+=@&@=+~| Log Entry Capt. Rhys Flaidd DeTaillefer Bastion, Day 134 License type: Artisan (small) Despite my suspicions to the contrary, old man Plantagenet made good on his promise...17 days after we arrived in Bastion, the supplies he promised, and more, arrived. Brit and I found an abandoned set of walls that made for a great workshop...It appears the structure may have burned at some time in the past...but the walls are stone and masonry...and as sturdy as an ox. After another few weeks of scrounging and bartering with our new neighbors, The Sail Company opened her doors.... Moonraker Sail Company Repaint by Christopher Briggs, on Flickr Lady Marcia has hired a few talented locals to assist in the cutting room... Moonraker Sail Company workshop on Flickr The Plantagenets' personal carpenters made, for us, a superb cutting table of the finest quality. We surely will have much work out here upon the great sea, I worry what favors will be asked of us by the family down the road.... Planning the cut - Cutting Table - Moonraker Sail Company on Flickr The shop has become somewhat of a "place to be seen" for the local ladies....(of the night, that is....) Ladies of the night about town on Flickr As a matter of fact, this guy has been here for days...... Lazing on a Sunday afternoon by Christopher Briggs, on Flickr ============================== Thanks for visiting!
  15. In every Corlander settlement, where sound scientific principles guide all aspects of everyday life, knowing the time of day is all-important. It guides meals, working hours, arrival and departure of ships and post-chaises, and sets the framework upon which meetings and the like can be coordinated. However, as timepieces are a costly affair, and often unwieldy to carry, most Corlander settlements have an office of the Department of Time, including Arlinsport on Tiberia. To outsiders, typically those from Oleon, these offices are often mistaken for temples, giving rise to many a surprise when seeking spiritual stimulation. Each office has appointed one Keeper of Time (a most respected position in Corrington culture), as well as a number of assistants, tasked with keeping the time. This is done through a series of measures, the most important being the daily noon-reading, where the sun reaching is highest point in the sky indicates noon. The clocks, timepieces and hour glasses of the office are then all reset according to this. However, the fine timepieces of Corlander engineering rarely needs adjustment, and the diligent attendance to the hour glasses of the assistants ensures great accuracy, so that even in periods where no reading of the sun can be made, time is kept close to perfect. Each hour is heralded by ringing of the big bell, while the small bell denotes the quarters. By these measures, Corlander settlements can be managed in a timely, scientific manner. _____________________ Thanks for looking, C&C is welcome. This is just a small build to utilize the free property license - I am going to license it as an artisan building, I think, considering that this is sort of a craft, more than a commercial service. It is mainly inspired by the church facades of so many small churches in Italy and Spain.