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Found 3 results

  1. Here is my medieval landscape from HUNLTC's recent exhibition in Budapest, Hungary. Only about 150 out of my 700 soldiers were present, but this time the emphasis was on landscaping. This 35-baseplate display is just the first step: I'm planning to expand it to 60 beseplates by next year. Inspiration & ideas for this came from a multitude of great builders here, among others Derfel Cadarn, Sirens-of-Titan, DNL, Mark of Falworth and Jojo. Thanks, guys!
  2. narbilu

    Lord Nar Bilu's Army

    Narbilu With the knowledge that the elves pull back and accept the fact that the Avalonian Lord is returning, Nar Bilu has taken up arms. Ready to face the elves and whatever menace is taunting Hemresa, Avalonia and the other lands of Historica. The numbers of his army is growing by the day, cheerful men and women who are loyal to their Lord, walk with him, fight for him and even die for him when necessary. Nar Bilu is back to his old self. Green Shade and Biter The future Narbilu has taken on a new name, when he decided to stay here in Avalonia for the time being. No-one knows his real identity, him being the far descendant of the Lord himself. His former profession as a scout and explorer for Kawashita makes his skills exceptional for leading the rangers or taking on spy missions. The new army has no real cavalry, except for a few biters which the rangers use to travel large distances in short time. Nobleman Thungsen and Rothger The most loyal servants of Lord Nar Bilu are both the Nobleman Thungsen, who kept an eye on Hemresa in the Lord’s absence. Not that he could do much against the reign of the elves, but he tried his best to keep everything at bay. His task is clear, be the voice of the Hemresa folk and local affairs. Rothger was the shadow of Lord Nar Bilu, following his steps all over Historica, from a distance. Keeping track of where the Lord was fighting, writing the tales and reporting to the nobleman. Axemen When the word was spread that the Lord will be returning to Hemresa, a hand full of commanders recruited, trained and prepped full sized armies. The most hardened men will be on the front line, armed with axes and shields. Versatile, agile and bloodthirsty. Real men of honour. Bowmen As a support group and one of the Lord’s favourites, a large amount of men are trained in the longbow. Ready to strike the incoming adversaries with a dark cloud of arrows and thinning the raging front line of the enemy. Never leave without them. Rangers The Green Shadow trained a small group of men to be his additional eyes and ears on scout missions. Intelligence is most important for every battle, if it is even necessary to go into battle. They will be the judge of that, or at least advise the leaders in what they can expect. Still, Nar Bilu isn’t ready growing his army, more will follow. For now he is confident that his strong arm can claim his lands and assist Albion where necessary.
  3. Prelude: Prelude 1: Chapter II of the Quest for the Alleenridders Prelude 2: Evacuation in Mpya Stedor Prelude 3: Changing Clothes Prelude 4: March to Mpya Stedor (by Niku) Prelude 5: The Battle of Mpya Stedor - 4 O'Clock in the morning (the old title can be found in the spoiler) => Queen Valsharess with her bodyguards, given by Victor Revolword. On their way to Mpya Stedor, they held a small competition to kill as many peasants as possible. You may all guess who lost the competition and what the consequences was for him => Defending the Gate The Battle Of Mpya Stedor - 5.55 O'clock in the morning The Battle Of Mpya Stedor - 6 O'Clock in the Morning - The Blinding Moment => Counter Attack of the army of Mpya Stedor => Arrival of Lord Damaximus in the South => Unexpected help from King Dragonius XXV, King of Drakrydar, on his legendary Golden Dragon! Aftermath There are around 40 pictures of this event on my Flickr!!! All waiting for you!! Check it out here: Thanks for viewing (and reading!) C&C ofcourse welcome!