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Found 3 results

  1. ER0L

    MOCs: LEGO Aviation

    Hi all, as you might know I’m a car builder mainly, however, I’m interested in practically everything in the Lego City world, boats, trains (and monorail, of course!) included. One of the subjects I’m very fond of is Lego aviation. Of course, we won’t see those heavy brick-built aircraft fly high in the sky. But even grounded planes are quite interesting, especially passenger and cargo planes, just because of their size which allows lots of special functions you won’t be able to include in smaller vehicles. Plus an airport is in fact a place where lots of different vehicles can be watched: crash tenders, pushbacks, pallet and belt loaders, jet air starters, refuelers, extra-wide buses etc. etc. Since there are quite a few MOCs now concerning aviation I will put them together in this thread. This can also be regarded as a contribution to the idea of a more technical Lego city where any space available is used to include functions or light to get more interesting Lego City layouts. #1 Faun 8x8 Crash Tender (ARFF/FLF) 8w ARFF, equipped with 3 flashing lights (9 Volt Light & Sound) plus battery box. Fits 2 minifig firefighters. The Faun has its own thread: http://www.eurobrick...showtopic=96949 #2 Canadair Waterbomber CL-215 Wingspan 80 studs, weight 1050 g, equipped with 3 PF M motors (2 for the engines, 1 for the flaps), battery box and IR receiver. The rudder is coupled with the nose wheel. Fits 2 minifig pilots. Since 2014 the Canadair has undergone some changes, e. g. it has smaller propellers nowadays. Also the Canadair has its own thread: http://www.eurobrick...showtopic=95522 #3 Turbofan A possible design of a spinning turbofan with PF M motor I've developed some years ago: Sorry, I only have this blurry video of it. This design hasn't been used on an aircraft model yet, maybe I'll build something around it in the future. #4 Pushback/Tow Tractor/Aircraft Tug “Goliath” Not the most beautiful vehicle I've ever built, but it does its job: moving relatively large aircraft on a Lego airport which is rather rare to be seen, I guess. Equipment: PF M motor, IR receiver, battery box + Light & Sound flashing lights. Plus it has a storage compartment to keep the tug bolts. The pushback has a front wheel drive (with worm gear) and is able to push or pull Lego aircraft up to 1,5 kg (tested), maybe more, on a straight path - I wasn't able to build in a proper steering. More pics: Fixing the engine: Video: Thanks for looking, more to come (there's another aircraft in the pipeline). [Edit, 26 June 2016] #5: Sea King Coast Guard Helicopter PF motorized The chopper has its own thread: http://www.eurobrick...26#entry2596441
  2. thun712

    MOC: Rosenbauer Panther

    So I guess I'll finally post one of my MOCs after lurking the site long enough. I have made a couple of airport tenders ever since LEGO released that little one years ago, but was never satisfied with them. I have, for the longest time wanted to make a Rosenbauer Panther because that is probably the most amazing Firetruck, ever. I kinda liked that LEGO finally gave us a better airport tender this last vehicle release, but I haven't bought one and found it still lacking. I finally, finally, put one together and I got something I both hate and love. My biggest drive when making models is playability. I want to make something great, but still be minifigure scale and have playability like a released set. This MOC has that, but I could not get it small enough for "proper" minifig scale. EDIT: Album View Real Truck This is also my first ever 8-stud wide MOC. I tried designing a 6-stud one, but I could not get enough detail in there. It felt wrong for such a beefy truck, plus the latest LEGO is 8-wide, so meh. This a rear shot: The big yellow slope piece doesn't really belong there, but I have absolutely nowhere else to use that piece (because of the sticker) so it's just there: The cabin doors open but in reverse: There is equipment storage on both sides and space for more behind the crew. There is also an auxiliary hose that I forgot to get a good shot of. Not all space is being used because most of my equipment is in my SAR Firetruck so I have to get more for this one. This is still a WIP, I guess: The entire cabin windscreen lifts for easy access to the crew and equipment space behind. Just in case, it also removes entirely. Anyway. There are lots of awesome builders in the site, so if anyone has some tips to improve it or fix it, let me know. When I build I tend to just stick pieces together with little to no planning (Except for my other Firetruck chasis which I prototyped in LDD First). This tends to leave my models really messy, or with poor piece placing at the end. I'll come back and revise this truck so feedback is welcome. There are some pieces that I didn't have in the right color so those will get update too. ~Cheers
  3. Hi all, this is my second take on this iconic truck of the seventies, see http://www.eurobrick...showtopic=60500 Because of the Jumbo Jets larger and more powerful Crash Tenders were needed also on European airports. One of the monsters of that time is this 8x8 ARFF, built on a Faun base with coachwork and firefighting equipment by Metz, propelled by a tank motor with 1.000 HP. The truck is very known in Germany because of the famous die-cast model by SIKU, which was owned by many German boys. The original model has been overworked several times, but as a 10w vehicle it was much too wide for the actual purposes. And since airport stuff becomes more important with the LCS and moving planes on an airfield it was the right time to rebuild the Faun. Some specs: 8w, equipped with a 9 Volt Light & Sound battery box and three flashing blue lights. Fits two whole firefigs with helmets. 100% Lego. Another perspective: The 9 Volt battery box can be taken off to change the battery: First pic is courtesy of Martin Bopp, whom I owe a big thank. Thanks for looking!