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Found 3 results

  1. Ladies and Gentlemen, several months have passed since my last posting here. Surely quite a long time. But I was pretty busy in real life. Fortunately I’ve found some time to finish several MOCs for my municipal fire department during the past months. Now I found the time to show you what has left the factory on my desk... Let’s start with a new MPV. It’s based on the short SUV-version as you can in the second pic and it’s mostly used for the daily routine. Generic build with nothing special. Based on longer 4 x 10 studs classical car chassis. One of the newer creations is a new truck for the rescue-divers unit. The truck itself features an airconditioned cabin for the divers to change their clothes, loaded fully with rescue and technical equipment – especially for the rescue on (iced up) waterways. The trailer features a speedboat with a rugged aluminum hull. I also redid my fire truck for heavy technical assistance on railways. I got the proportions much more right by shorten the lenghts about one stud. I redid the bogie underneath and changed the regular train wheels to these little 1/2 smooth technic bush for a more realistic look. Unfortunately it won’t fit on the lego tracks anymore. Well... but I am okay with it. Surely one of the most specialized apparatus is this telehandler. I had it on schedule for almost years. But didn’t manage how get all the significant details and of course the integrated playability into 4wide. Finally I decided to build the cabin segment in 5wide. Thankfully I a spent evening chatting with some friends on 1000steine I got the right influences concerning the telescope arm. I also created abunch of different tools for the handler: a forklift, a lifting platform, a shovel, a hook, a claw and such. The lastest creation is special foam unit. I’ve found an old photo on the internet of a fire truck to be on duty at an Esso oil refinery near Cologne, Germany during the first half of the 1980s. That caught my attention. I decided to build my own version of it. Added specials are definitely the two independent moveable turrets, snotted tank-segment with its hose ports. I also could finish two new trucks for Farnheim Airport Fire Services. The smaller one is a typically RIV (Rapid Intervention Vehicle) and other one is a massive Crash Tender, which was originally in service at the Stuttgart International Airport from the late 1980s till 2003. Both models feature the use of the actual 4 wide mudguards. In addition the bigger Crash Tender has a tilting cabin with a motor replica and a special, unusual tire-on-tire combination to get the typical monstrous appearance as the original. BTW: This year the Farnheim Fire Department is going to celebrate its 30th anniversary. Started as an classical 1/87th scale modelling. The years passed and the hobby rested for almost two decades. Since 2009, when getting in touch with Lego again, I restarted the Farnheim-themed modelling by using bricks instead of glue and paint. I invite you to visit my (german language only blog) to see more pictures of all these MOCs and the whole story of 30 years of Feuerwehr Farnheim Hope, you enjoyed the latest overview a bit. Thank you taking a look. I appraciate your critics and comments. Thanks in advance + Feurio! Farnheim
  2. Hi everyone, this is my usual quarterly post here. ;-) Just kidding. Note to myself: Post more often on EB! Now to something completely different. I did a few new Mocs during the cold and dark december days. Let's start with something for my petrochemical refinery in my town: a dry powder fire truck with 6,000 kg of solid extinguishing agent in two huge tanks. The next one is also part of the petrochemical fire services. It's a huge tanker truck that brings 23,000 liters of foam to the scene. BTW, actual I'm not really happy with parts use of the ladder at the rear end. I have a few ideas, but the required parts are actual out of stock... As a feature it has a tiltable cabin. For those who wonder: the big pipe behind the cabin is part of a portable water/foam cannon. The third one replaces an old van used for technical assistances. This one features, beside an 4WD, a lot more space for equipment in the compartments. The volunteers of the municipal fire department features a special task force to light up scenes at night. Equipped with different floodlights, a power generator and portable lamp posts. The volunteers can be deployed all over the city and its surroundings. Another small truck of the logistics group And finally a small "Unimog"-look-alike truck that is now part of the FD's historical heritage. Built in the late 1960s (note the old paint scheme) to support the firemen in need of technical assistance, e.g. car accidents, incidents on and beside the water. The last point is the reason why it is equipped with wide sand tires. That makes the truck able to drive on loose terrain, like on sand, dunes or mud flat. Hope you like them a bit. Critics & comments are very welcome. Brit red regards!
  3. Farnheim

    MOC - 4wide foam tanker truck

    Hello everyone, time for some retro again . I wanted to show you one of my latest creations. But it’s been a while since I completed it. Anyway. It’s a very special fire apparatus – a tanker truck. This one is in service for a refinery company fire brigade in the city of Farnheim. The trailer is filled with 23,500 liters of foam and serves as a logistic feeder or as a distributor into the water network at emergency scenes. This tractor-trailer is not able to start fire fighting operation on its own, because it hasn't any pump or a water cannon installed. You always need a pumper, too. I used the same building technique for the tank that I used for another small foam truck (shown below). It gives a sleek and clean design to the hull. It also allowes to put on a two-tone paint scheme with some intergrated details like lighting at the rooftop, flashlights a the rear end and side markers. As for a little personal touch I clipped on a german flag (a reminiscence of the Soccer World Cup back in July). And its little brother: Hope you like it. Thanks for watching. Critics & comments are welcome as always. Regards!