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Found 5 results

  1. This is just a concept, and I don't really think there is much physics behind it, but would a lego pneumatic hovercraft be possible? There are lego pressure cylinders, so that would be the air we need to lift it up. When air is forced to come out of somewhere, it has to go out, even if it tears through something. The cylinders, however short-lasting the effect will be, will have air coming out of them, so if the hovercraft is resting on part 99021 it will be able to direct the flow of air downwards, which will build up pressure against the ground, and force the hovercraft up. This part is plastic and rigid, so it won't bend, and if we have at least 4 of them we will be able to support a small hovercraft In theory, this would finally be lego "flight" and the air cylinders would just be fuel. If it works well enough, more cylinders could be added and 2 remote controlled fans or valves that blow air in different directions A ground effect vehicle (hovering vehicle) is the best chance of lego ever flying, so I thought this would be the most practical way for it to work.
  2. Yellow Monster Yellow Monster Truck Features: Working lights Removable body mounted on shock absorbers Opening boot and doors Foldable wing mirrors V6 Engine (with its own motor) RC steering RC movement Movable steering wheel Movable gear stick Tow cable 4 wheel drive It uses mainly pieces from 8110 Unimog and 8043 Excavator It has 3 M-motors and lights, and one battery box in the boot, and IR reciever Here are some photos: Shows front wheel suspension and steering ^ Shows tow cable and IR reciever ^ Shows rear wheel suspension ^ Front view ^ Shows boot opening and doors opening ^ Side view ^ Shows lights working ^ Rear view ^ Underside view ^ Top view ^ Shows body detachment ^
  3. Ok, I don't expect to win the competition with this as it is, but I've only just started. I added a pullback motor because it makes it much more fun to play with if it drives by itself. The steering is good, and connected to an easy access gear. I didn't gear up the pull back for longer drive time because it's a racer, and it needs speed, but offroad so it needs torque Please give me some suggestions, because I need some extra features to put in this.
  4. I was looking at TheItalianBrick's post about the modular gearbox, and I tried to make it. This is too big for that topic, so I made this my own topic. I failed, so I tried my own way. It uses a linear actuator to make a really thin, long gearbox, though I could make it normal with just one tiny gear. It allows smooth movement back and forth, for each of the 4 functions. I wouldn't recommend this in a short vehicle, because it widens and shortens, best used in like a crane or something. It uses 1 motor for drive, 1 for change, and has 4 functions. You could use just one of these gearboxes to power 2 more, and those to power 4 more, then 8 more, then etc. You'd need a lot of torque, but it could work, eventually to 64, 128, 256 even, functions for just 2 motors, if you have enough bricks. I could build about 2 more, so 8 functions for me.
  5. A while ago I made the 8110 Unimog, and it has an awesome base for cars. I made a few modifications to make it better for power functions, and stripped it down so it drove faster. I was mainly doing Mindstorms back then, and I knew that to get anywhere, you have to start by making your models look good. I'm really terrible at that but this time I managed. I put a lot of cool features in there, tow cable, lights, antennae, wing mirrors, steering wheel, etc. I made a 'few' pictures, and now that I got a Brickshelf account I started putting stuff on there. I rediscovered this model, and now I feel is the time to finally post the pictures. Edit: Jim said my images are too big , here are the ones Some of them were vertical and I forgot to rotate, so they got squashed It's 1024x768 now, every image